5 Causes of a broken dental bridge

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Causes of a broken dental bridge. After a long period of use, the dental bridge begins to appear deformed, cracked, etc… makes customers feel very worried and not sure how to solve the problem. So what are the causes of damaged dental bridges? What should I do if I have a broken porcelain dental bridge? If you are interested in this issue, don’t rush to read the article below.

What is a broken dental bridge?

5 Causes of a broken dental bridge 
What is a broken dental bridge? 5 Causes of a broken dental bridge. How to preserve porcelain dental bridges?

Porcelain dental bridges are a restoration method that is currently being used by many customers. The process of making a dental bridge is quite quick, you only have to go to the dentist about 2-3 times to complete the restoration process. Not only does the above method improve aesthetics, it also helps restore eating and chewing function.

However, the hardness of porcelain dental bridges is not high. After only a short period of use, the porcelain bridge will be damaged and may crack or break for the following reasons.

A cracked dental bridge is a phenomenon in which the porcelain crown fails to fuse with the gum tissue and tooth crown. You can observe with your normal eyes and you will also see the gap. The above situation also makes it difficult to clean and care for customers’ teeth. That is also the reason why when a dental bridge begins to shake, you should find a solution soon.

Dental bridge is exposed

Making porcelain teeth is a cosmetic method that is considered highly safe and has no complications after treatment. However, there are many reasons why the results of making porcelain teeth are not as expected, leading to serious complications, including the phenomenon of porcelain teeth having exposed roots. The causes for this phenomenon include:

  • A gap appears at the tooth root position where the porcelain tooth meets the gum line. The gum line also does not hug the tooth roots as tightly as before.
  • Around the gum line at the root of the tooth there are many small black streaks.
  • The gums tend to slowly slide down to reveal the real teeth inside.
  • Food often gets stuck in these cracks, causing nausea and discomfort.
  • A cracked dental bridge will make you feel thicker and unsafe to eat.
  • When eating food that is too hot or too cold, you can feel pain or mild sensitivity on your face.

Dental bridge is chipped

Chipped porcelain dental bridges often happen unexpectedly while eating, drinking, and chewing, causing great pressure. When a porcelain dental bridge is chipped by inertia, it will also cause the tooth root to break, in some cases causing pain or a broken tooth socket. Besides, when a dental bridge is chipped, bridge debris can easily cause soft tissue breakage in the mouth.

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Does a broken dental bridge have any effect?

Damaged dental bridges pose many risks to customers’ oral health. Especially with metal dental bridges, when detecting damage, it is necessary to remove the old stainless steel bridge to avoid causing dangerous consequences and making it difficult to completely treat.

Below are the consequences of old dental bridges when damaged:

Causes serious loss of aesthetics

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What is a broken dental bridge? 5 Causes of a broken dental bridge. How to preserve porcelain dental bridges?

When a dental bridge breaks in this position, it will easily expose the real teeth. If not handled soon, this position will get bigger and bigger. Therefore, while talking, it will be easy for outsiders to notice and make you embarrassed and shy.

Causes bad breath

When food plaque accumulates in these slots, it will cause dry mouth. In addition, cracked tooth roots also create good conditions for mold to grow. Leaving it too long will cause pus and bleeding around the tooth root.

Causes pain and discomfort

A chipped or damaged dental bridge, if not treated early, will cause a decrease in daily eating and drinking. There are even people who chew food and feel pain and discomfort, making eating and drinking no longer as delicious as before.

Creates conditions for oral bacteria to thrive

Bacteria in leftover food will grow and create dangerous oral diseases such as cavities, tooth inflammation, gingivitis, etc. .. Or real teeth will be damaged if not treated early.

Chewing function is affected

When the dental bridge is worn out, the bridge chain will be deformed and the chewing joint will be inappropriate. This unintentionally makes the intestinal system vulnerable and requires more vigorous exercise, which can cause stomach pain.

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5 Causes of a broken dental bridge 

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What is a broken dental bridge? 5 Causes of a broken dental bridge. How to preserve porcelain dental bridges?

There are many reasons why dental bridges fail after a period of use. Specifically:

Dentist skills are not standard

Whether or not porcelain tooth restoration brings high results will depend largely on the dentist’s skills. Only if the doctor does it carefully and properly will it help you increase your aesthetics as well as be able to eat and chew well. If the doctor violates the procedure or uses the wrong technique, the porcelain bridge will wear out and become loose.

Not having a jaw model or placing porcelain in a wrong bite can also cause the porcelain crown to grow backwards compared to the bridge. Not only does it lead to misaligned tooth sockets, but it also causes the dental bridges to easily become loose. It even causes skin peeling and bleeding in patients.

Not only that, poor doctor skills also cause serious consequences for oral health, specifically damaging gum tissue. From there, other serious diseases in the mouth arise.

Choosing porcelain teeth that are the wrong size compared to the tooth abutment

The close fit of the porcelain crown to the tooth column plays an extremely necessary role. Normally, after grinding is completed, the doctor will make an impression of the jaw model to get the porcelain tooth. Therefore, during the jaw sampling stage, the doctor must measure carefully so that the technician team can choose porcelain teeth of the appropriate shape and size to prevent the porcelain crown from being too large.

When the fit between the two tooth posts and the porcelain bridge is uneven, the rapid deterioration of the bridge is unavoidable. The wrong size of porcelain teeth is because the dentist’s technique in making the teeth is not standard or there is no help from advanced machinery and equipment.

If the porcelain bridge is too large for the tooth abutment, the porcelain crown will not be securely attached and will not fit tightly. If the porcelain tooth size is too small, it will damage gum tissue and cause pain and discomfort when used. That is also the reason why tooth impressions need to be done carefully and accurately. Because doing so can bring you the most satisfactory new set of teeth.

The quality of porcelain teeth used does not have a long lifespan

Another reason why dental bridges deteriorate quickly is the quality of the porcelain. Choosing cheap, poor quality, non-origin products will cause harm to oral health.

If you choose to use plastic, the lifespan will certainly be much shorter than porcelain-coated teeth. Because over a long period of use, metal-ceramic teeth often self-oxidize the inner metal frame, blackening the gum line and the dental bridges will also deteriorate more quickly than expected.

Therefore, you should carefully study the characteristics of porcelain teeth models to clearly know which type of porcelain teeth is most suitable for you. Avoid using bad porcelain teeth that can easily irritate the oral cavity.

Using glue or ceramic cement is not guaranteed

Porcelain dental bridges do not need to be treated surgically. The doctor will use dental cement to reinforce the porcelain tooth. However, if you use dental glue or cement that does not ensure quality, the risk of tooth damage is very common. Dental bridges often bend or fall out when chewing.

Eating and oral hygiene are not guaranteed

Porcelain bridges are damaged earlier than expected, possibly while eating and drinking or taking poor care of your teeth every day. If you have a habit of brushing your teeth a lot and using a lot of force that affects the porcelain bridge, without cleaning your teeth regularly, you will also encounter this phenomenon. This is the reason why the lifespan of teeth is decreasing.

Although porcelain bridging can restore chewing function, if you regularly use tough, hard objects, the risk of scratching or breaking the bridge is difficult to avoid.

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What should I do if I have a broken porcelain dental bridge?

No one wants a dental bridge to be damaged again. However, due to objective and subjective reasons, the bridge was damaged. So if you encounter the above situation, how will you handle it?

If a dental bridge is broken, cracked or has its tip falling out, it is necessary to treat it with a professional dentist. You should not arbitrarily reattach or straighten your teeth because doing so will make the condition even worse.

Depending on the specific level of damage, the doctor will diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment methods. Specifically:

  • If the bridge is damaged a lot: In case the bridge is slightly damaged or cracked or broken, the doctor will need to repair it further with glue or cement to help make the bridge stronger.
  • Severely damaged dental bridge: In case the dental bridge is seriously damaged such as broken, torn, first tooth root falling out, etc. .. then the doctor will have to replace the dental bridge with a new one.
  • Tooth bridge with blackened gum line: Mainly occurs in cases where customers use resin-ceramic teeth. At this time, the doctor will replace all new teeth because the metal frame in porcelain teeth has often begun to oxidize, so there is no other more effective method for treatment. To avoid recurrence of black gum lines, you should refer to a new porcelain tooth model.

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How to preserve porcelain dental bridges for a long time without being damaged

When a dental bridge fails, you will experience impacts both in your daily life and in your overall health. However, you can preserve porcelain dental bridges for a long time in countless different ways, including:

Maintain a reasonable diet

Avoid chewing very hard and tough foods because no matter how solid the porcelain tooth is, when you use it as a chewing object, it will chip. In essence, porcelain teeth do not have a pulp to function every day, so having to bite hard with such hard foods for a long time will easily weaken and crack.

Take care and clean your teeth carefully

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What is a broken dental bridge? 5 Causes of a broken dental bridge. How to preserve porcelain dental bridges?

You need to thoroughly clean your teeth after each meal to limit food adhesion to the gaps between your teeth and the space connecting the porcelain tooth to the tooth root. Cleaning porcelain teeth after eating and drinking is also a way to keep porcelain teeth beautiful and white for the longest time.

Choose the more optimal porcelain dental bridging technique

In the porcelain dental bridge technique, there are many different ways to bridge teeth. Instead of choosing the usual porcelain dental bridge or grafted wing bridge method, you should try a porcelain dental bridge supported by implants.

Porcelain dental bridges supported by implants are considered an important step forward for the most effective treatment and dental care process. If you are afraid of using 3 dental implants continuously, just replacing 2 implants for a dental bridge can bring good results.

Compared to conventional dental bridges, implant-supported dental bridges have the highest durability. Besides, the recovery process after using an implant-assisted dental bridge is also extremely quick. If not taken care of, teeth will last a lifetime.

The above article has helped you know well about: “5 Causes of a broken dental bridge“. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to have more precious information, we will provide free help 24/7.

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