Is it necessary to have teeth extracted with braces? 3 benefits that wisdom tooth extraction with braces brings

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Is it necessary to have teeth extracted with braces? A wisdom tooth is small but has a huge impact on jaw structure. In certain cases, the dentist will prescribe the removal of tooth number 8.

Although they want to be beautiful, they seek orthodontic treatment, but because of fear of pain, many customers still hesitate to get braces. Does wisdom tooth extraction have any serious effects? Can I have tooth number 8 extracted while wearing braces? We will answer these questions in detail in the article below, please read along!

Is it necessary to have teeth extracted with braces?

The issue of whether braces without removing wisdom teeth is dangerous or is it truly necessary is always a concern for many customers when intending to have orthodontics. In fact, not all cases require tooth extraction to get braces.

To determine whether wisdom teeth should be extracted while wearing braces, you should see a dentist. Through the process of examination and assessment of oral condition at that time. The doctor will offer the most optimal solutions to help you have beautiful teeth with the least amount of intervention.

Specifically, cases where tooth number 8 needs to be extracted during braces include:

  • Your teeth are protruding or underbite: in cases where wisdom teeth make the overbite or underbite phenomenon more complicated, wisdom tooth extraction is really necessary. Because only when tooth number 8 is extracted can space be created. This helps bring the teeth to the correct position on the jaw where they should belong.
  • Your teeth are crowded together: the jawbone is too small compared to the number of teeth growing inside, causing the teeth to grow crooked and crowded together. Meanwhile, growing wisdom teeth cause the molars to become misaligned. For effective orthodontics, the optimal solution is to remove wisdom teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth grow crookedly or in the wrong position: in this case, you should have your wisdom teeth extracted to avoid this tooth number 8 from growing into the adjacent teeth, destroying the entire effectiveness of the braces.

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3 benefits that wisdom tooth extraction with braces brings

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Is it necessary to have teeth extracted with braces? Can I have my wisdom teeth removed while wearing braces? Benefits that wisdom tooth extraction with braces brings

It is no coincidence that the dentist instructed you to remove tooth number 8 when getting braces. In fact, wisdom tooth removal brings many benefits. Not only does it help make the braces process safe, but it also ensures future aesthetics.

Here are 3 great benefits that wisdom tooth extraction brings:

Wisdom teeth are removed to create spaces to help the teeth move easily

Inherently, each of our jaws has a certain size. If there are too many or large teeth, it will cause the teeth to jostle for space. Meanwhile, tooth number 8 grows, making the tooth buckling phenomenon even more serious.

Removing wisdom teeth will help create a fairly large space, convenient for the orthodontic process. When braces are applied, under the influence of tension from the wire and braces, the teeth will be pulled back into the correct position. Previously misaligned teeth can be rotated in the correct direction set by the doctor. Of course, when the jaw frame is wide enough, the process of moving teeth will be much easier.

Wisdom tooth extraction helps avoid many dental diseases

When wearing braces, you will have to face many risks of dental diseases. Understandably, teeth that are resting in one place are pulled to another position by the impact.

In addition, wisdom teeth grow in a rather hidden position. If you only clean with an unprofessional toothbrush, it will easily lead to tooth decay or gum infection. In addition, if wisdom teeth grow crooked or impacted, there will be many potentially extremely dangerous complications.

Therefore, getting braces without removing wisdom teeth is something that most dentists do not support. Because removing wisdom teeth will make the braces process much more convenient. At the same time, it helps prevent complications or dangerous dental diseases.

Wisdom teeth extraction to protect the best braces results

Wisdom teeth not only grow last, but they also grow freely, without any rules. You may have previously had braces with satisfactory results, but by the time your wisdom teeth grow, they can still destroy the entire braces result.

Therefore, you should extract tooth number 8 before getting braces. Because this is the most optimal way to absolutely preserve your teeth in the future. At the same time, extracting tooth number 8 also prevents other negative effects on the jaw and protects the best orthodontic results.

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In what cases do braces not require wisdom tooth extraction?

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Is it necessary to have teeth extracted with braces? Can I have my wisdom teeth removed while wearing braces? Benefits that wisdom tooth extraction with braces brings

Not everyone who has or is planning to get braces needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. After the dentist checks and finds that your oral condition is in one of the following cases, tooth number 8 is not necessary to extract:

  • You have a jaw arch wide enough for braces and orthodontics: because the jaw has enough space to place dental instruments to help straighten teeth to the desired position, wisdom tooth extraction is no longer necessary.
  • You get braces early, at the age of 12 – 16: at this age, most wisdom teeth have not grown yet. Therefore, there will be no wisdom teeth to extract. And at this time, the gaps in the jaw are wide enough for orthodontic treatment.
  • You have quite spaced and small teeth: when the teeth are spaced and small, it means that the space in the jaw frame is enough for orthodontics. Therefore, in this case, removing tooth number 8 is not necessary.

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Can I have my wisdom teeth removed while wearing braces?

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Is it necessary to have teeth extracted with braces? Can I have my wisdom teeth removed while wearing braces? Benefits that wisdom tooth extraction with braces brings

No one can know exactly when wisdom teeth grow. Usually we only know they are growing when the body has some reactions such as pain in the inner jaw, fever, etc. Or when we get a dental ultrasound, we know they are growing.

Therefore, in many cases, after customers have completed braces, their wisdom teeth show signs of growing. So if I’m wearing braces, can I have tooth number 8 extracted? What are the consequences of wearing braces without removing wisdom teeth?

According to experts, you can still have your wisdom teeth removed while wearing braces. This is really necessary because not only does it help you eliminate the pain caused by teeth growing, but extracting tooth number 8 also helps preserve and maintain the results of braces. If not extracted, when teeth number 8 grow, they may push the neighboring teeth and make the previous orthodontic process meaningless.

With today’s modern technology and machinery, you can completely rest assured when having your wisdom teeth extracted even if you are wearing braces. The extraction process is quite gentle, smooth and has as few complications as possible.

Instructions for caring for wisdom teeth after extraction while wearing braces

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Is it necessary to have teeth extracted with braces? Can I have my wisdom teeth removed while wearing braces? Benefits that wisdom tooth extraction with braces brings

Normally, wound care after wisdom tooth extraction is very difficult. With braces, care must be much more meticulous and careful. Therefore, you need to have a scientific plan to care for wisdom teeth after extraction while wearing braces:

Wound care after wisdom tooth extraction during braces

Wisdom tooth extraction while wearing braces requires special care for open wounds. You need to strictly follow your doctor’s instructions below to recover faster and with fewer complications:

  • When the wound bleeds: you need to clearly distinguish between oozing and bleeding. Because slight bleeding, coming out with saliva, is a normal phenomenon that most people who have teeth extracted will experience. You should clean carefully, avoid spitting vigorously or using foreign objects to probe the newly extracted tooth to avoid affecting the blood clot inside. When there is heavy bleeding that cannot be stopped, you need to go to a dentist for a check-up.
  • Pain after tooth extraction: pain, fever, chills, etc. are just normal symptoms. You don’t need to worry too much, just use the medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Usually in the first 24 hours, you can use a cold compress on the outside of the cheek area to reduce pain and swelling. Note, you need to wrap the ice in a towel or cloth bag and do not apply the ice directly to the skin.
  • Swelling and bruising: when you see swelling and bruising in the cheek area in the first 1-2 days, you can use the hot compress method.

Oral hygiene and rest regimen

Oral hygiene is essential. However, on the first day after tooth extraction, you do not need to rinse your mouth with antiseptic water. Instead, use specialized antiseptic water with chlorhexidine or physiological saline.

On the second day, you can brush your teeth but must be very gentle. Avoid impacting the wound, causing it to tear or pop the stitches. Besides, you can gargle 4-5 times a day, but only gargle after the bleeding has stopped.

Regarding rest mode, you should avoid vigorous exercise. You can absolutely go to work normally but you should avoid doing heavy work. When sleeping, put your pillow high and line it with a towel to avoid blood from leaking onto it, making it difficult to clean.

Separate diet after wisdom teeth extraction and braces

Diet also greatly affects the speed of recovery from open wounds after tooth extraction. In particular, with braces on teeth, what foods to eat and abstain from are even more strict.

Food groups you should eat:

  • Soft foods: you should eat foods that are soft and easy to swallow to limit chewing. For example, vermicelli, noodles, porridge,…
  • Cool foods: after about 2-4 hours you can eat cold foods to reduce pain and avoid edema. Besides, cool foods can help stop bleeding. However, you should avoid eating ice cream with seeds to avoid getting it stuck in braces or open wounds.
  • Nutritious foods: you need to supplement a lot of nutrients for faster wound recovery. Food groups you should eat include: soup, porridge, eggs, ice cream, pudding, yogurt, smoothies, noodles, vermicelli,…

Food groups should be avoided:

  • Hard, chewy and crunchy foods: when eating these foods, the jaw muscles will have to work a lot and can cause damage to the wound. You should also not eat cookies because they can get into the wound and cause infection.
  • Hot and spicy foods: will cause the wound in the oral cavity to spread, stimulating swelling. Or cause the blood clot to dissolve, causing uncontrollable bleeding.
  • Sour foods: acidity in sour foods such as lemon, grapefruit, tamarind, etc. can cause prolonged inflammation.
  • Alcohol: stimulants will make wounds heal longer. At the same time, it reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics against swelling and pain.
  • Tobacco: tobacco contains many substances that slow down the wound healing process. It can even cause serious complications and infections.

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Tell you a reputable, cheap address for wisdom tooth extraction with braces

Is it necessary to have teeth extracted with braces?
Is it necessary to have teeth extracted with braces? Can I have my wisdom teeth removed while wearing braces? Benefits that wisdom tooth extraction with braces brings

Wisdom tooth extraction with braces requires high expertise from dentists. Because even though it is a minor surgery, incorrect technique can cause many dangerous complications. Besides, you will not feel sharp pain or fear of complications when performed by good dentists. So what is a reputable place to safely and painlessly remove wisdom teeth with braces?

BeamDental is one of the leading reputable, low-cost dental addresses for wisdom tooth extraction services when braces can be consulted. You will be consulted directly about whether it is okay to get braces without removing wisdom teeth and the option to remove tooth number 8 is safe, effective, painless, and without complications.

In addition, BeamDental also applies Piezotome ultrasonic tooth extraction technology to provide absolute safety, avoid soft tissue invasion and minimize pain. Wisdom teeth, even if they grow abnormally or are in difficult positions, can be removed quickly and gently. In particular, a team of good dentists with orthodontic experience will help both extract wisdom teeth and create the most beautiful orthodontics.

The above article has helped you solve the problem of whether it is possible to extract wisdom teeth with braces and if you are wearing braces, can you extract tooth number 8? Is it necessary to have teeth extracted with braces? Hope this information will be useful to you. Contact BeâmDental immediately to receive specialized advice from leading doctors.

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