Why must wisdom teeth be extracted? When should wisdom teeth be extracted?

Why must wisdom teeth be extracted?

Why must wisdom teeth be extracted? Wisdom teeth, also known as teeth number 8, are the last teeth and the latest to grow in the dental arch. Although wisdom tooth extraction is no longer strange, it will never be redundant if you know the detailed information about wisdom tooth extraction to not only ensure safety but also to protect and take care of your child’s health safely. most complete.

And the question that many customers ask is “Should wisdom teeth be extracted when they are inflamed and painful?”, “When should wisdom teeth be extracted?”. Join BeamDental’s experts to find the answer immediately with the information below:

Why must wisdom teeth be extracted?

As you know, wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow and are located near the throat in the dental arch, and usually each of us will grow wisdom teeth during adulthood from 18 to 25 years old.

When you are an adult, the jawbone and soft tissues are closely linked together and occupy the position of tooth number 8. That is why, when tooth number 8 grows, part or all of the tooth will be stuck. in the jawbone.

  • In cases where teeth are partially erupted, they are susceptible to infection due to food sticking to them. At the same time, when you chew food, it can cause tooth number 8 to tilt into tooth number 7, this is one of the causes of tooth number 7.
  • In the case of tooth number 8 growing deep inside the jawbone, cleaning becomes difficult, creating conditions for bacteria to attack and multiply, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis.

Therefore, doctors often recommend that you have your wisdom teeth extracted before serious complications occur.

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What causes wisdom teeth to become inflamed and painful?

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Why must wisdom teeth be extracted? When should wisdom teeth not be extracted? Reputable address for wisdom tooth extraction

The duration of wisdom tooth inflammation is different for each person. Inflammation and pain can occur suddenly or last for a long time. Therefore, you need to clearly determine the cause of painful inflammation of your wisdom teeth to decide whether to have your wisdom teeth extracted or not.

  • The first cause of pain and inflammation when wisdom teeth grow is due to the tearing of the gums at the root of the tooth. At this time, you will feel a burning pain similar to a mouth sore. Tearing the gums is a natural process required when wisdom teeth grow, helping the teeth emerge from the gum surface, and you will no longer feel pain when the gums heal.
  • The second reason is that when the jaw bone does not have enough space for wisdom teeth to grow, it will lead to the situation of wisdom teeth growing left or right, or more seriously, growing and pressing on adjacent teeth. In some more dangerous cases, wisdom teeth are stuck under the gums and cannot grow to the gum surface because there is no space. During this stage, you will feel swelling and pain in the gums and jawbone.
  • The third reason is because wisdom teeth are located in the last position in the oral cavity, causing poor oral hygiene, leading to tooth decay, gingivitis, abscesses, etc., which is also one of the causes of toothache. wise. If you do not treat it promptly over a long period of time, it will cause inflammation and cavities to spread and spread to neighboring teeth, causing pulpitis.

Should I have my wisdom teeth extracted when I have pain and inflammation?

Why must wisdom teeth be extracted? When should wisdom teeth not be extracted? Reputable address for wisdom tooth extraction
Why must wisdom teeth be extracted? When should wisdom teeth not be extracted? Reputable address for wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is a must when encountering cases of impacted or impacted wisdom teeth causing painful complications.

However, whether or not wisdom teeth can be extracted when they are inflamed and painful requires reviewing the exact level of inflammation and swelling to be able to draw the safest conclusions.

To answer the question of whether you should have your tooth extracted if you have inflammation or not, experts say: If your wisdom tooth is showing signs of swelling, pain, or severe infection, you should not have your wisdom tooth extracted because of the risk of bone inflammation. jaw is very high, this can affect the nervous system and the whole body.

At this time, there will be a lot of parasitic bacteria in the oral cavity. If wisdom teeth are extracted, the infection will spread to the entire tooth.

And instead of removing wisdom teeth immediately, the doctor will prescribe complete treatment of the infection with antibiotics, pain relievers, scraping of infected tissue or other procedures until the gum area is no longer swollen. Pain and inflammation are completely controlled before wisdom tooth extraction can be performed on the patient.

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When is the best time to have your wisdom teeth extracted?

Here are the times when you should have your wisdom teeth extracted:

When wisdom teeth grow in the wrong position, it causes pain and swelling

The phenomenon of wisdom teeth growing in the wrong position such as growing crookedly, growing in the gums, growing under the jawbone, etc. accounts for more than 60% of current dry tooth extraction cases.

If teeth do not grow in the wrong position, they will not affect health, and will not create situations such as gaps that create opportunities for food to accumulate, so there is no need for wisdom teeth.

When wisdom teeth grow incorrectly, it can greatly affect the nervous system and cause nerve root inflammation and infection. When wisdom teeth grow in the wrong position, they will cause discomfort, swelling, and discomfort when moving the jaw muscles.

When you encounter this situation, you should go to dental experts for advice and treatment of infection and then proceed with wisdom tooth extraction.

When wisdom teeth decay, it affects the dental pulp

Cavities in wisdom teeth are not uncommon in oral health. Wisdom teeth are located inside and over time, the food you eat every day accumulates and sticks to the wisdom teeth, causing tooth decay.

When wisdom tooth decay is detected, if there is no timely treatment, it will spread to other teeth, affecting the tooth pulp and leading to tooth root damage. Therefore, the best way is to remove decayed wisdom teeth combined with regular dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups to keep teeth strong and healthy.

When wisdom teeth have gingivitis

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When wisdom teeth do not grow normally and get stuck in the gums, it will cause the gums to become swollen and painful. If not detected early, it can form foci of infection in the tooth root and pulp, causing ectopic jaw bone.

If you observe unusual signs such as bleeding when brushing your teeth, sore gums, etc., you should see a specialist directly to have the infection completely treated, then have the tooth extracted. 

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When should wisdom teeth not be extracted?

Not all wisdom teeth should be extracted, so in what cases should they not be extracted?

When the body is weak or sick

When you are sick, your body will tend to be tired and your immune system will be weak. At this time, you should not remove your wisdom teeth because it will greatly affect your body and oral health at that time.

Before removing wisdom teeth, you need to restore your physical strength by doing light exercise, eating moderately and resting properly to increase your body’s resistance before you can have your wisdom teeth removed.

When women are pregnant

If wisdom teeth are removed during this time, it will not be good for the health of both mother and baby, because during pregnancy, the calcium content in the mother’s body is often unstable and constantly changes.

After wisdom tooth extraction, you need to abstain from certain foods to limit swelling, sore gums, etc. and other dangerous complications. This causes the mother to lack nutrients, affecting the fetus.

In addition, during the wisdom tooth extraction process, a significant dose of anesthetic must be injected, which greatly affects the health of the baby in the womb.

During menstruation

At this point, your body has lost a significant amount of blood during the menstrual cycle, and your body condition and health are not stable at this time. If you decide to remove your wisdom teeth at this time, your health will be weaker and the wound will heal slower than normal.

Wait until your health is stable, meaning your monthly menstrual period has passed, before you can proceed to remove your wisdom teeth.

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When is the right time to remove wisdom teeth?

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Why must wisdom teeth be extracted? When should wisdom teeth not be extracted? Reputable address for wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth that grow straight do not necessarily need to be extracted. If we always know how to clean them properly and regularly, it will help your teeth avoid plaque sticking between the teeth, causing swelling, inflammation, and lasting pain.

For wisdom teeth that grow in the wrong position, grow crookedly, or grow underground under the gums. You need to go to a reputable dentist to have the doctors examine you and advise you on solutions for safe and quick treatment. Avoid many bad complications that can affect your oral health.

Depending on whether the inflammation or pain is severe or mild, there will be different treatment methods. We should not let this infection occur repeatedly and for a long time and we need to consult a doctor. When wisdom teeth grow ⅔ is the most appropriate time to have wisdom teeth extracted:

  • From 18 to 25 years old: If you detect signs of wisdom teeth growing, you should go to the dentist for examination and check the progress of teeth growth. If complications occur, handle them promptly to avoid letting the condition continue for a long time causing unnecessary consequences.
  • At age 35: removing wisdom teeth will be difficult because the skeleton is hardened and the healing process also takes longer.

Dental care after wisdom tooth extraction

Taking care of your teeth after extraction helps prevent gingivitis and helps the wound heal quickly after extraction. You need to follow the steps below correctly:

Take medicine as directed by your doctor

Normally, after wisdom tooth surgery, the doctor will give you a prescription and instruct you on how to take the correct dosage. This medicine, also known as an antibiotic, analgesic, has anti-swelling, anti-inflammatory effects and some other common complications.

You should follow your doctor’s instructions. If there are no signs of fever or inflammation, you still need to drink it to ensure good health.

Apply ice to the painful swollen side

After the anesthetic wears off, you will feel sensitivity and pain in the newly operated tooth socket. At this time, you can use an ice pack outside the wisdom tooth extraction area.

Applying ice constricts blood vessels, helping to reduce swelling and pain. You should apply ice for about 20 minutes, then rest for 20 minutes and then apply ice again, repeating until the pain is gone.

Brush your teeth gently during the first period of wisdom tooth extraction

Even though wisdom tooth extraction is very painful, you should still brush your teeth 4 hours after the tooth extraction, combined with rinsing with salt water to clean the gum surface. This helps limit bacteria from sticking to the oral cavity, causing gingivitis and sore throat.

You should only brush your teeth gently, do not touch the wound, and rinse your mouth with salt water. After 3-4 days with no signs of inflammation, you can brush your teeth normally.

Have a scientific diet after wisdom tooth extraction

During 24 hours, you should not eat because at this time the jaw bone cannot move strongly or maybe while eating you bite your tongue and gums without knowing, damaging your gums.

You should only choose soft foods, not too spicy and hot such as porridge, eggs, soft cakes, smoothies, puddings, etc. to soothe, avoid choosing foods that are hard, chewy and crunchy or meats that are too tough. If you have to use your teeth to eat, you should avoid it.

In addition, you need to have regular check-ups at the dentist for oral hygiene, to prevent plaque on the gums and teeth that cannot be cleaned with normal home remedies.

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Reputable address for wisdom tooth extraction

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Why must wisdom teeth be extracted? When should wisdom teeth not be extracted? Reputable address for wisdom tooth extraction

In cases where wisdom teeth are decayed, forming deep holes in the gums, causing prolonged pain and swelling, or gingivitis, you should go to a reputable dental facility for timely and complete support and treatment to avoid complications. lasts too long.

Coming to Beamdental, you will receive quick, in-depth dental support through 4 steps:

  • Taking X-rays of wisdom teeth, consulting and providing solutions is completely free
  • Blood test & oral hygiene before tooth extraction
  • Perform anesthesia and wisdom tooth extraction
  • Give prescriptions and reminders to take medicine after tooth extraction

The above article has helped you answer the question: “Why must wisdom teeth be extracted?“. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to have more precious information, we will provide free help 24/7.



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