Are porcelain dental bridges good? What is the reason for porcelain dental bridges being exposed or chipped?

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Are porcelain dental bridges good? One of the cases of porcelain teeth that no one can expect is the complication of leaking. This condition will cause loss of aesthetics and seriously affect oral health. So what causes chipped porcelain bridges? Below is some information you absolutely should not ignore when preventing or treating dental problems.

Are porcelain dental bridges good?

This is a common question asked by the majority when choosing porcelain dental bridge service. According to research, a porcelain dental bridge will normally have an operating time of about 5-8 years depending on external conditions. If there is no additional cost, this is considered a temporary measure to replace a damaged tooth. In addition, porcelain bridges will help improve your chewing ability as well as the aesthetics of your jaw.

Quality of tooth pulp

In order for this technique to be applied successfully, you must grind the remaining two teeth as support. Thus, the two adjacent teeth will bear pressure on the position where your cosmetic porcelain bridge is placed. And over time, they will weaken. Although it is possible to maintain teeth for many years, obviously, this will put your healthy teeth at risk of thinning and loosening.

Porcelain crown material is used

Currently on the market there are two types of porcelain crowns commonly used to make porcelain dental bridges: metal ceramic crowns and pure porcelain crowns. Each of these ceramic materials determines the hardness of the porcelain tooth.

With metal ceramic crowns: pure porcelain teeth are designed with an inner frame made of many different alloys, and an outer enamel layer also made of copper. With plastic dentures, the most important advantage is low price and suitability for different purposes. However, the disadvantage is that it is not as aesthetically pleasing and is not as transparent as real teeth. Usually after 3 – 5 years, the tooth bracket will slip out of the gums, darken the edges and become seriously unaesthetic.

Natural porcelain crowns: Also known as porcelain dentures. This type of teeth has an inner frame and outer material that are all 100% porcelain and are not mixed with impurities. Therefore, the lifespan of porcelain teeth will be up to 20 years if you keep them well.

The skill of the performing doctor

Besides the above factors, the dentist’s skills also play a decisive role in maintaining the strength of the porcelain bridge. According to research, if you receive treatment from a good dentist, the process of tooth extraction and porcelain placement will become quick and convenient. But on the contrary, if you do not peel the pulp carefully, it will damage the tooth pulp; and the ability to eat and chew is reduced because the teeth are not protected.

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How to care after making a porcelain dental bridge

Are porcelain dental bridges good?
Are porcelain dental bridges good? How to care after making a porcelain dental bridge? What causes porcelain dental bridges to leak?

If you do not pay attention to proper oral hygiene, food and debris will cause bad breath. This also affects the condition of tooth enamel, making them susceptible to damage or breakage. Ruptured gums also contribute to worsening pulpitis.

  • You should brush your teeth vertically, not horizontally because it will damage both teeth and porcelain, affecting the quality of the entire set of teeth.
  • When brushing your teeth, pay attention to brushing evenly between the inside and outside surfaces of the tooth crown. This will help eliminate bacteria and tooth enamel deposits.
  • You should rinse your mouth with physiological saline or oral hygiene solution to help reduce pain, prevent tooth decay and remove yellow plaque.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the roots of your teeth, especially the area where your teeth meet your mouth.
  • You should use dental floss to help prevent food from sticking to the roots of your teeth. This step will help reduce tooth decay or inflammation and swelling of the gums.
  • Teeth extraction and scaling should be performed periodically every 6 months.

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Why and how does a porcelain dental bridge crack?

Gaping porcelain teeth is a phenomenon that is easily observed with the naked eye with the following signs: There is a gap in the junction area between the porcelain tooth and the real tooth. The real tooth base will stick out when the gums slide down. Feeling of numbness and pain when digesting, especially hot and cold foods.

Signs of a leaky porcelain dental bridge

The process of making porcelain teeth requires meticulousness and caution through every step. To ensure the porcelain crown is restored accurately, with high aesthetics and long-term durability. If there is any negligence, the complications behind will be quite large.

One of the most common complications is porcelain crowns causing tooth root cracks. With typical symptoms as follows:

  • The gum line around the porcelain teeth appears faint black spots.
  • Observe the part of the porcelain crown in contact with the gums and you will see cracks. The gums should not be close to the tooth crown.
  • The gums recede completely, leaving the actual tooth pulp inside.
  • Porcelain teeth feel a little numb and uncomfortable when using warm or cold foods.
  • Porcelain teeth are loose and sticky, making eating, drinking, and chewing difficult.
  • Food often gets stuck inside the teeth, making it impossible to clean and causing a characteristic bad breath.
  • When detecting the above signs of cracked porcelain teeth, customers need to immediately go to the dentist for a doctor to check, find the cause and have appropriate treatment measures. Avoid letting the condition get worse, it will negatively affect your oral health.

What causes porcelain dental bridges to leak?

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Are porcelain dental bridges good? How to care after making a porcelain dental bridge? What causes porcelain dental bridges to leak?

There are many reasons that cause porcelain dental bridges to be exposed due to both subjective and objective factors. Below are the main causes:

  • The doctor is not very skilled

The most important operation of the porcelain making technique is tooth grinding. If the teeth are not ground accurately and in the right proportion, future risks will be limited. On the contrary, if the doctor has no experience and poor skills, it will be easier to misjudge the ratio, causing further damage to the gums.

When real teeth are under pressure, they will gradually weaken and easily enter a state of receding gums, causing the dentures to expose their roots.

Besides choosing a doctor who is not skilled or qualified, it will also cause serious consequences for your oral health. The most common is damage to the gum tissue, and even serious dental diseases appear.

Therefore, before deciding to order a porcelain dental bridge, you should carefully ask the doctor’s qualifications and avoid choosing someone who is not licensed to perform the procedure.

  • Choosing the wrong porcelain crown size

In order for the porcelain crown to match the tooth crown, the placement of the jaw impression and the porcelain tooth must be completely accurate. If the doctor makes an incorrect impression of the jaw or the lab manipulates the tooth in the wrong proportion, it will lead to the porcelain crown not matching the crown of the tooth, causing them to not fit tightly and creating a gap.

When the fit between the two tooth posts and the porcelain bridge span is uneven, a gap will occur. Therefore, when making dental impressions, the doctor needs to be meticulous and not subjective, but should do it gently, carefully and accurately. Only then can we give customers the best tooth model.

In addition, porcelain dental bridges help restore damaged tooth roots. To limit cracking, the size of the porcelain needs to be coordinated with the tooth base. That is why reputable dental units always have a taste test step to check whether this porcelain crown is correct or not.

  • Using poor quality porcelain crowns

The reason why porcelain dental bridges crack is due to poor quality porcelain crowns. Not only does it affect hardness and aesthetics, poor quality porcelain crowns will also cause dental diseases. Because over a long period of use, the metal frame inside the porcelain cover will oxidize, creating black gum lines and causing cracked tooth roots.

On the market today there are different types of porcelain. If you use cheap porcelain, the lifespan will often be shorter than high-quality porcelain. Besides, you need to find reputable dental facilities so you can use genuine and quality products without fear of any effects on your oral health.

  • The jawbone at the tooth loss site has resorbed

Vertical atrophy of the jawbone occurs when the width of the jawbone at the location of missing tooth roots shrinks. This bone area expands and invades the space where the bone has been resorbed, causing the opposing teeth to tilt, creating tooth misalignment that reduces aesthetics and confidence when exposed every day.

  • Dental care and hygiene are not up to standard

Poor oral hygiene also significantly affects the hardness of porcelain dental bridges. This is also the reason why porcelain dental bridges crack. Especially when you have the habit of grinding your teeth with high intensity, it will directly affect the dental bridge.

In addition, brushing your teeth at the wrong time will not soften plaque but will also make it easier for bacteria to enter the body and cause dental disease. When not treated early, tooth enamel will become seriously damaged.

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Consequences of an exposed dental bridge

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Are porcelain dental bridges good? How to care after making a porcelain dental bridge? What causes porcelain dental bridges to leak?

If not treated early as soon as signs of porcelain teeth are exposed, the following dangerous consequences will occur:

Suffering from dental disease

The gap between the porcelain tooth and the tooth root will cause more food to get trapped. If not cleaned thoroughly, this is a favorable environment for harmful bacteria to enter. Leads to mouth ulcers, tooth decay, gingivitis, sinusitis, and tonsillitis…

Real risk of tooth loss

When encountering the above dental diseases, if not treated early and thoroughly, the inner tooth pulp will slowly be damaged, degraded and increase the possibility of tooth loss.

Dental effects

Porcelain teeth left exposed will reveal the inside of the tooth, including the black gum line, causing an unaesthetic face. The smile becomes unbalanced and unnatural.

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How to fix a leaky porcelain dental bridge according to medical standards

To avoid serious complications like the above, as soon as customers notice that their porcelain teeth are damaged, they need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to help the doctor examine them and find solutions.

Here, the doctor will measure the used tooth samples to determine the size, ratio and quality of the porcelain crown. Then, prescribe measures to overcome porcelain tooth damage as follows:

  • If there is a size discrepancy between the real tooth and the root, the doctor will remove the old porcelain surface, fix it in place, and then remake the new porcelain to fit the mouth better.
  • If the crack between the gum and tooth is irritated by the porcelain material (usually copper), the doctor will make a new porcelain tooth with a more durable material, or a non-porcelain tooth.
  • If the glue sticks and the real tooth is no longer intact, the doctor will remove the porcelain surface and then glue it with a durable plastic material.
  • In addition, if dental problems occur with porcelain crowns for a long time, the doctor will remove the porcelain and thoroughly treat it first. Then proceed to make new porcelain.
  • It can be recognized that the cause of porcelain teeth being damaged is largely due to weak doctor expertise and poor porcelain materials. Therefore, customers need to understand carefully in order to choose a reputable and quality porcelain dentist. Ensuring successful and health-safe restoration results.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “Are porcelain dental bridges good?“. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to have more precious information, we will provide free help 24/7.

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