Does porcelain dental bridge cause bone loss?

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Does porcelain dental bridge cause bone loss? After replacing the dental bridge, jawbone loss still occurs but without tooth roots, causing the gum tissue below the bridge to shrink and not be as thick as before. Over time, the tooth root will no longer have any force. So will porcelain dental bridges cause bone loss?

What is a dental bridge like?

Why does porcelain dental bridge not prevent bone loss? Does a dental bridge get stuck? Complications when making dental bridges
Why does porcelain dental bridge not prevent bone loss? Does a dental bridge get stuck? Complications when making dental bridges

Making a dental bridge brings many outstanding benefits. Let’s find out some information below to help you clearly determine the reason why you need to apply this method of beautifying your teeth.

Outstanding uses of dental bridges include:

  • Make a dental bridge to restore missing teeth. Brings even higher aesthetic value to your face.
  • Help customers become more friendly when interacting. At the same time, it improves the ability to swallow, chew and talk.
  • Protects the function of the remaining incisors on the jaw even more. Avoid making the teeth next to the tooth loss suffer from overeating. Prevent teeth from becoming thinner over time.
  • Prevent tooth loss with the highest efficiency. Help customers take care of their oral health more comprehensively.

Outstanding advantages of dental bridges:

  • Brings a natural look to teeth.
  • High hardness.
  • Easy dental care.
  • The time to process porcelain crowns is simple.

To learn more about the true effects of dental bridges, customers can easily visit a number of dentists to hear direct instructions. Currently, this is one of the best solutions for your tooth loss.

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Does porcelain dental bridge cause bone loss?

How much does teeth whitening cost 16 4
Why does porcelain dental bridge not prevent bone loss? Does a dental bridge get stuck? Complications when making dental bridges

After replacing the dental bridge, jawbone loss continues due to the absence of tooth roots, causing the gum tissue below the tooth socket to gradually shrink and not be as balanced as before. Over time, when the tooth root is gone, there will be no intervention. affects the jawbone, causing both the width and height of the jawbone to decrease. The most common symptom is that the gum tissue below the tooth roots increasingly shrinks, opening up the space between the gums and the porcelain tooth surface.

The structure of a porcelain bridge includes: 2 porcelain crowns placed on 2 tooth roots as pillars and a false tooth in the middle to replace damaged gums. Therefore, basically this method helps restore the tooth crown above the gum and fills the tooth loss gap without being able to regenerate damaged tooth roots.

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Why does porcelain dental bridge not prevent bone loss?

When teeth are lost, if not treated early, bone necrosis will also occur. It is a natural law that when the jaw bone is too narrow and has no artificial tooth roots to protect it, the bone without support will collapse faster over time. Therefore, when teeth are broken, it is necessary to detect and intervene early to avoid causing bone necrosis.

According to expert advice, root canal treatment to prevent bone loss will also be a temporary solution. It is impossible to determine whether a dental bridge will cause bone loss because the bridge technique mainly restores the crown of the tooth and does not affect the root. To put it more simply, a dental bridge is just a row of false teeth in the middle and two crowns next to it to fix the existing tooth roots. Therefore, there is no dental bridge and of course it will not be possible to prevent bone loss.

After a dental bridge is performed, bone loss will continue normally. In just a short period of time, you will clearly feel the gum tissue under the bridge slowly sinking, causing a gap to appear between the gums and upper teeth.

In general, making an artificial bridge will not prevent jaw bone loss from occurring. However, when restoring the jaw, dental bridging is a very optimal choice. Because this technique will help you not need to spend more money on cosmetic treatment or jaw function rehabilitation.

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Is dental bridge good?

After finding the answer to whether a dental bridge will lose bone, people feel even more scared because they don’t know which solution to restore bad teeth is best for them. However, dental bridging offers many benefits and they are not necessarily unnecessary. Below are the outstanding features of the dental bridge creation technique that you can learn about and see if this bridging method is correct or not:

Ensure health safety

It can be said that making a dental bridge is an extremely effective method of restoring missing teeth, with absolutely no irritation in the internal oral cavity environment. Because the material of the dental bridge is very benign, it does not cause irritation or risk of developing oral diseases.

In particular, dental bridges also have a very high biological connection with the dental pulp. Almost no customer experiences unwanted irritation when getting a porcelain dental bridge. Besides, the process of making a dental bridge is also quite simple, does not bring negative effects to oral health. If you have a history of metal allergies, a porcelain dental bridge will be the best alternative.

Ensure high aesthetics

Porcelain bridges for dental restoration bring extremely high aesthetic value. In terms of shape, size and color, they are completely natural and cannot be recognized as false teeth. In particular, porcelain bridges are shiny and do not discolor due to food coloring.

Therefore, the method of making porcelain dental bridges to restore the aesthetics of tooth loss has been widely used by many people. You will regain your existing confidence through daily activities. This is also an important advantage that not all methods can implement successfully.

Porcelain dental bridges provide good bearing capacity

When using a porcelain dental bridge, you will be completely assured of its stability. Compared to porcelain teeth, their ability to withstand force is not inferior. Therefore, chewing function is also maintained and restored almost completely.

Because of the above reasons, some people use porcelain dental bridges as a preventative measure before performing dental implants. After using a porcelain dental bridge, you will be able to eat your favorite foods without fear of pain or other serious complications.

Reasonable price

Compared to other methods of restoring lost teeth, porcelain dental bridges cost much less and are suitable for all different types of people. If dental implants are quite expensive for you, choose the porcelain dental coating method. In terms of aesthetics and chewing function, porcelain dental bridges are guaranteed to be perfect.

Complications when making dental bridges

Although porcelain crowns are highly appreciated for their aesthetics and lack of irritation, there are cases where they can cause complications. In addition to clearly determining whether dental veneers cause bone loss, complications and risks that will result when performing a dental bridge include:

Prolonged pain

Because making a dental bridge requires the actual tooth erosion process, sensitivity is very common. The above condition will also gradually increase when eating warm or cold foods and may end after a few days. The cause of the sensitivity is because the real tooth has lost all of its enamel – the layer that holds the dentin and pulp, leading to numbness after the porcelain bridge process.

Dead tooth pulp

Many customers have their front teeth bridged in these tooth positions, causing the pulp to die. The normal time for a stroke to occur is about 3 – 5 years. Typically there is pain and inflammation. The cause of bone cancer is because the abutment teeth have reduced enamel and can cause infection when bacteria invade or endure too strong a bite force.

Abutment teeth become loose or fall out

How much does teeth whitening cost 18 3
Why does porcelain dental bridge not prevent bone loss? Does a dental bridge get stuck? Complications when making dental bridges

Because it is necessary to brush teeth, complications of worn or broken teeth can only occur after about 5 – 10 – 15 years. The reason is because the teeth have eroded and become quite hard while the bite force of food does not work well. On the other hand, the bridge will cause food to penetrate deep inside, leading to dehydration and gingivitis and periodontal inflammation that can weaken the main teeth.

Caries of abutment teeth

The enamel layer was removed after making the porcelain bridge. Therefore, bacteria will attack and cause tooth and nail decay.


Bad breath is a complication that causes many people to replace porcelain dental bridges. Because the bridge has no legs, it means there is a gap for food to stick into. When hygiene is not good, bad breath will occur.

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Answering questions about the method of making porcelain dental bridges

Is dental bridge painful?

Making a porcelain dental bridge will not be painful throughout the entire process, but whether the process of making a porcelain bridge is more painful depends on the dentist’s method of cleaning the teeth.

If you trim your teeth at the correct rate, do not interfere too deeply with the real teeth and do not touch the tooth pulp, pain when performing porcelain teeth will definitely not occur.

There are some cases where sensitive teeth will be painful after 2-3 days of dental work. That is a very normal symptom and you do not need to worry.

To avoid the above painful feeling, you should go to reputable places for making porcelain teeth. Avoid unfortunate events that happen during and after the process.

A team of highly skilled doctors combined with the support of modern, advanced equipment will help the surgical process happen safely and quickly without causing pain.

Does a dental bridge get stuck?

When installing a porcelain dental bridge, you will not experience any pain or discomfort if it is done with a good dentist. Because porcelain dental bridges are very light and the implementation technique is also relatively easy.

On the contrary, if the dentist places an incorrect impression, extracts a tooth that is not of the right size, or covers the tooth too tightly, discomfort will occur. Therefore, BeamDental also encourages customers to choose reputable addresses when performing the procedure, otherwise it will cause itching or discomfort.

Does replacing a porcelain dental bridge cause tooth decay?

If tooth loss is left untreated for a long time, it will cause tooth loss. Meanwhile, porcelain bridges will help restore the aesthetics of teeth, can restore the chewing joint as before, support aesthetics when smiling, and make the face more harmonious and symmetrical. .. Therefore, replacing a new dental bridge will not cause the appearance of a chin.

How long does it take to make a dental bridge?

Does porcelain dental bridge cause bone loss?
Why does porcelain dental bridge not prevent bone loss? Does a dental bridge get stuck? Complications when making dental bridges

In addition to checking to see if teeth have bone loss, the lifespan of damaged porcelain bridges also receives a lot of attention. Currently, the lifespan of a damaged porcelain dental bridge ranges from about 7 to 10 years. Depending on the location of the restoration, the size of the tooth and the individual’s use, the lifespan of a damaged porcelain bridge will vary.

According to many studies, the lifespan of porcelain dental bridges at the front teeth is also longer than that of molars. Because the front teeth do not bear the force of chewing and crushing food, the hardness will certainly be higher. In addition, the quality of porcelain dental bridges must also be genuine.

Therefore, you should choose to buy reputable dental addresses from BeamDental. As a reputable manufacturer of porcelain dental bridges with a team of leading doctors, BeamDental ensures comprehensive aesthetic restoration, painless and with minimal complications. In addition, the longevity of dental bridges is guaranteed because the porcelain teeth BeamDental provides are always genuine and reputable and say no to fake products on the market.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “Does porcelain dental bridge cause bone loss?“. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to have more precious information, we will provide free help 24/7.

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