Can you get braces after dental implants? – 6 ways to care for dental implants

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Can you get braces after dental implants? The most advanced dental implant technology currently is dental implants. Braces are an orthodontic method to solve defects in teeth. Both techniques are not the same and are performed differently. Do braces have to be performed on healthy teeth to be truly effective? So is it possible to have dental implants and braces at the same time? Can I Get Braces After a Dental Implant? If you are interested in this issue, don’t miss the following article, BeDental will help you find the most accurate answer.

Learn about dental implants and braces

In most cases of tooth loss, doctors will recommend dental implants for both aesthetic restoration and functional recovery. To know if dental implants can be used with braces, you need to learn details about both methods.

What is a dental implant?

Can you get braces after dental implants?

Dental implants are recommended by doctors in cases of tooth loss. In the past, doctors often used dental bridges to solve tooth loss and tooth loss. But now, with many advances in science and technology, dental implants are the most optimal choice.

The implant method uses titanium posts placed into the jawbone to replace lost tooth roots. The new dentist will then attach a ceramic crown to the implant that has the same size, shape and function as the natural tooth.

Dental implants are fixed dentures that cannot be moved or removed. As people get older, dentures tend to concentrate more in the front of the mouth, so many people turn to braces for orthodontic purposes. So with fixed dentures, can dental implants be braced?

What are braces?

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Can you get braces after dental implants? What is a dental implant? What are braces?

Braces are an effective orthodontic method that helps straighten teeth to the desired position in the jaw. Use dental appliances to help move teeth and correct tooth defects. The result is more beautiful teeth and a more normal bite, even with crooked, crooked and protruding teeth.

However, dental braces should be done based on healthy teeth. For this reason, many people may wonder whether they should get braces on top of implanted teeth for dental correction.

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Can you get braces after dental implants?

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Can you get braces after dental implants? What is a dental implant? What are braces?

As explained above, dental implants are attached to the jawbone. At the same time, they are fixed teeth and cannot move like real teeth. On the other hand, the definition of braces is to move real teeth back to their original position, whereas dental implants cannot. So can you get braces after dental implants?

We have seen the difference between dental implants and orthodontics in terms of operating principles. On the one hand, teeth are always fixed, but on the other hand, tooth movement is necessary for aesthetic reasons. Therefore, orthodontic treatment of implant teeth is relatively difficult compared to normal healthy teeth. And it depends on many different causes and factors. Will your dentist decide whether to get braces or not?

Therefore, dental implants can often be performed with braces, so don’t worry too much. In different cases, the doctor will advise individual treatment courses. At the same time, braces techniques are also diverse. The doctor will be flexible, depending on the oral health status of each tooth area, and will adjust the orthodontic direction and axis and use appropriate force so as not to affect the dental implant.

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So should I get braces first or dental implants first?

If you haven’t had dental implants yet, you may consider dental braces or dental implants first. Experts also advise patients: If you should get braces first and then implant, the effect will be much better.

The reason is because after braces, the teeth move to the desired position. In addition, braces also create space for dental implants. Teeth planted with implants cannot move, so braces will be more difficult after implantation. Therefore, braces first and then dental implants will be the best choice.

However, this is only the best advice because after implant placement, you can still get braces. In some cases, implants can even make the braces process easier and faster.

The decision to get braces first or implant first will depend on the dentist’s examination. The condition is to clearly determine the place where the implant will be placed and find a reputable dental address with a good doctor with many years of experience in implant placement. Even if you have many teeth with implants, you can still get light fixed braces. gently.

In case of dental implants, braces can be used

Experts have found the answer to the question of whether dental implants can be used for braces. Although dental implants cannot be moved, there are still some cases that are still eligible for cosmetic braces. You need to go to a reputable dental facility for a thorough examination and the dentist will be the one to make the most accurate decision. Specifically, subjects who have had dental implants but can still get braces include:

  • The braces process may not affect the teeth surrounding or in front of the implant placement site. As long as the implant is in the right position, the dentist can completely move the teeth with fixed appliances or transparent braces. To make it easier to understand, if you only need braces but are missing molars, you can replace these molars with implants before orthodontic treatment.
  • There are few or only one implanted tooth: at this time, the patient’s porcelain crown is implanted in each separate position. The dentist can easily return the porcelain tooth and root to its original position. Note that when using braces, the doctor must be extremely careful to avoid breaking the porcelain teeth and affecting the real tooth pulp inside.
  • The application of internal splinting technique can be used in parallel with dental implants. Aesthetic and functional recovery results always bring long-term stability.

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In case of dental implants, braces cannot be performed

In addition to cases where dental implant braces can be used, there are still cases where braces are absolutely not recommended. Because if braces will not bring the desired effect. It even negatively affects the patient’s aesthetics and oral health.

Who can’t get braces because they have dental implants? Cases where dental implants cannot be braced are as follows:

  • If you have had a full jaw implant, you should not get braces. The essence of braces is to move the teeth. During this time, the dental implant cannot move. In addition, before placing the teeth, the doctor also tried to arrange and fix the teeth regularly so braces may not be needed.
  • If you are making a porcelain bridge or placing an implant firmly fixed in the jawbone, you cannot do braces at this time. Because at this point, the teeth are no longer able to be removed or moved.

Braces procedure after implant placement

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Can you get braces after dental implants? What is a dental implant? What are braces?

Even though we know the answer to the question of whether dental implants can be used for braces, many customers are still extremely worried about whether they can have braces in their case and are there any complications?

The key to safety in braces cases where implants have been performed is standard procedures with a team of good dentists. You can refer to the installation process after dental implant as follows:

  • Step 1: The dentist will conduct a physical examination of each person’s oral condition. We all know that not all cases of dental implants will result in braces. Therefore, this is an important step that cannot be overlooked.
  • In particular, in the case of full-mouth dental implants, braces should not be considered. Because the entire abutment is attached, orthodontic treatment can cause the tooth to be chipped or even have to be replanted from the beginning.
  • In addition, severe cases of periodontitis will not be able to get braces. Infected teeth will not be braced, but the doctor will first prescribe treatment for the disease first.
  • Step 2: If you are healthy enough to have braces, the doctor will proceed with braces as usual.
  • Step 3: Instructions on how to maintain and orthodontic treatment schedule during each installation stage for customers to clearly understand.

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What should you keep in mind to best care for dental implants after braces?

Luckily, you have an implant but can still get dental braces. However, to own beautiful and perfect teeth, you must pay close attention to the following:

  • While wearing braces, you must control your diet well. Eat soft, non-mushy foods… avoid getting food stuck in braces.
  • Complete oral hygiene according to your dentist’s instructions. Avoid impact forces affecting dental implants after braces.
  • After removing braces, you must always pay attention to eating and hygiene so as not to affect the dental implant structure. Can maintain the habit of cutting food into small pieces.
  • Strictly adhere to wearing braces to maintain braces results for at least 20 hours a day as prescribed by your doctor to avoid teeth moving.
  • Regularly have regular check-ups to monitor the results of braces and the condition of dental implants after braces. If there is any problem, the doctor will directly fix it.

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What should you keep in mind when using dental braces on a safe implant platform?

Once you know whether orthodontic treatment is possible with dental implants, you will know whether your case is suitable for orthodontic treatment. Additionally, if you want to get the best results from the appliance after implant placement, you need to pay more attention than with a normal tooth-based appliance as follows:

  • Strictly follow the dentist’s requirements throughout the entire process. diet and oral hygiene. You must use a toothbrush, water flosser, dental floss, etc. for the most comprehensive dental care.
  • Please proactively re-examine promptly to promptly detect and have a plan to handle complications that may occur when braces have been implanted.
  • Give up bad habits like sticking out your tongue, chewing hard things, etc. to avoid affecting teeth.
  • After braces, the implant still hurts for about 2 weeks, you should go to a reputable, quality dental address to check if there are any problems.
  • Choose a reputable dental clinic to get braces done. Because with implanted tooth roots, the doctor’s skill level must be very good to get the desired results without dangerous complications.

To conclude, it can be seen that dental implants are an effective and reliable method to overcome tooth loss. This method not only brings high aesthetics but also ensures good tooth function. It is important to follow a proper oral care regimen to ensure the implant can last and maximize its effectiveness throughout life.

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The above article has helped you answer the question of whether dental implants can be treated with braces.

You can be completely confident with a beautiful smile and beautiful teeth when coming to BeDental. We will bring the most standard knowledge based on each customer’s oral reality.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “Can you get braces after dental implants?“. Because it is almost impossible for children’s teeth to grow back, you need a suitable dental care regimen to best support your child. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to care for tooth decay in children, we will provide free help 24/7.

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