Should I get dental implants or dental dentures? – Advantages and disadvantages of each method

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Should I get dental implants or dental dentures? Aesthetic dental implants or dental implants are both methods of making fixed dentures to restore function to lost or damaged teeth. However, each method of fixed tooth restoration has its own advantages and disadvantages.

There are some cases where doctors recommend cosmetic dental restoration, while there are cases where dental implants are required to bring the best results. So, is porcelain or dental implant the best choice? This is based on the pros and cons of each fixed dental implant method. Currently, which type of implant has the lowest cost? These questions will be answered in detail by the team of experts at BeDental. Please refer to the article below for more information.

Learn about porcelain and implant dentures

Fixed dentures is a general term for dental implants or dental dentures. This is a false tooth arch that is attached to the artificial gum tissue on top of the real gums of the jaw.

While regular teeth only replace missing teeth and partially restore function, fixed dentures can restore real tooth function. Dentures mainly focus on restoring appearance without paying too much attention to the structure and function of artificial teeth.

The reason is that after tooth loss, the jaw muscles are no longer stimulated by the artificial tooth root, leading to continuous degeneration of the jaw bone and changes in the shape of the jaw.

On the contrary, using porcelain bridges or dental implants to maintain the position of dentures will create stimulation and prevent bone degeneration. In particular, this implant also provides durability and beauty similar to your real teeth. Dentures will not change shape, and artificial teeth always fit and do not require constant adjustment.

Currently, in fixed dentures, there are two popular solutions: porcelain teeth and dental implants. So, should I get dental implants or dental dentures? Before deciding, let’s learn about the information about each method.

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Planting porcelain teeth

Porcelain dental implants are a method of beautifying teeth, capable of restoring the entire jaw when teeth are lost. The porcelain dental implant process is performed by a team of highly specialized doctors and is permanent and cannot be flexibly removed.

Porcelain dental implants are also used in cases of tooth loss causing aesthetic damage and to improve oral health as well as chewing ability when several teeth are missing. The procedure requires the dentist to grind real teeth on both sides of the tooth loss area to create a foundation for the tooth posts. Then, a row of meticulous porcelain bridges is crafted with the corresponding tooth number and shape, and is attached to recreate the shape of the teeth.

Dental implants

How much does teeth whitening cost 44
Learn about porcelain and implant dentures: Should I get dental implants or dental dentures? Which type of dental implant is good?

Dental implants are the most modern and effective technique in shaping and beautifying teeth in cases of tooth loss. This is a method recommended and practiced by dentists due to the benefits it brings.

Implants are manufactured in many different shapes and sizes to suit each person’s dental condition. In terms of stability, implants do not cause concern about the health status of customers. Implant material made from pure titanium has been clinically researched to ensure safety for the human body.

Furthermore, the implant process requires a period of 3 to 6 months to fit the jawbone and create the tooth root. Once it is secure enough, the dentist will proceed to attach the porcelain tooth to the implant through an abutment to recreate the shape of the real tooth.

Advantages – Disadvantages of porcelain tooth implant method

Before the advent of the implant method, the porcelain dental implant method was born. However, this method still brings special benefits to the dental beautification industry that not all dental implant methods can perform. Below are details about the strengths and weaknesses of the porcelain dental implant method:

Advantages of porcelain dental implants

The advantages of porcelain dental implants are as follows:

  • Working time is quick, usually only takes 2-3 days to complete after a process.
  • Cleaning your teeth is quite simple and convenient, just like cleaning your real teeth.
  • Brings the ability to restore chewing function perfectly. The reason is because the porcelain teeth are securely attached so the chewing force is extremely good. Porcelain dental implants can restore about 60 – 70% of the chewing function compared to real teeth.
  • Once the porcelain tooth implant is completed, the aesthetic effect is quite ideal. We will feel more confident with teeth that are bright white and even, not creating gaps or discolored teeth.

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Disadvantages of porcelain dental implants

Are dental implants dangerous?
Learn about porcelain and implant dentures: Should I get dental implants or dental dentures? Which type of dental implant is good?

Although porcelain dental implants have many advantages, they also have disadvantages as follows:

Can cause jaw bone loss and cause the gum area to shrink and recede. The reason is that this technique cannot restore man-made tooth roots to maintain jaw bone density.

Porcelain dental implants can only be used in situations where a few teeth are missing. The reason is because if the real teeth are not enough, or are not strong enough to serve as pillars, or if the 7th molar is missing or the entire jaw is missing, then porcelain dental implants will not be possible.

When implanting porcelain teeth, the dentist needs to grind the real teeth. Because that will affect real teeth and weaken them, the possibility of damage is higher than usual.

Porcelain teeth have a short lifespan. When you see a tooth area with exposed gums or a broken tooth, you need to replace it with a new porcelain tooth. Each time a new porcelain tooth is replaced, the expansion of the dental bridge also needs to be considered. This is equivalent to considering adding more abutment teeth to ensure stronger and healthier chewing force.

Advantages – Disadvantages of dental implant method

The implant method was born after the porcelain tooth implant method. Therefore, this technique has many outstanding advantages compared to the previous method of non-removable dentures. Below is a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the implant method.

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Advantages of dental implants

Advantages of dental implants are that they improve all the shortcomings of previous porcelain dental implants:

The dental implant method has the ability to effectively improve the problems encountered by the previous porcelain bridge method and also the method of using removable dentures. It cannot be denied that currently, implants are the most effective method.

In particular, implants are also capable of handling cases of tooth loss that have lasted for a long time. With changes that other denture methods cannot make, implants are still the top choice. Therefore, it can be seen that getting porcelain teeth or dental implants is the right decision.

  • Improve perfect tooth health

Implants are built with a structure similar to real teeth in both shape and structure. Therefore, it can replace real teeth and is guaranteed to have a chewing effect of up to 98% compared to existing teeth. In terms of chewing ability, load-bearing capacity or aesthetics, dental implants are extremely good.

  • There is no need to grind teeth to make pillars or impact real teeth

Implant is the most advanced and modern way of growing teeth from foreign technology. Significantly different from porcelain dental implants, implants are not related to real teeth. Therefore, gum tissue and real teeth in the jaw will be 100% preserved.

  • Block other negative effects

The implant post is added through an intermediate suture to the gum tissue on the jawbone, so it will help the jawbone maintain its inherent elasticity and not be affected during chewing enjoyment. Implants will also prevent serious problems such as underbite, sagging jaw and other unwanted aesthetic problems.

  • Not picky about cases

Porcelain dental implants must be done on a case-by-case basis, while dental implants can be used to treat tooth loss in different cases. Whether a few teeth are lost, more or less, or even all teeth are lost, implants are still possible without affecting the final result.

  • Implants do not cause discomfort

Often, other stable denture implant methods rely on the remaining teeth for support, causing pain, sensitivity and dizziness in the first few days. Furthermore, improper cleaning can cause food particles to be lost and cause bad breath.

Meanwhile, the implant method is compatible with the natural tooth structure and protects human health, usually without causing a burning sensation.

  • Life span is almost eternal

When performing an implant, there is no need to worry about its age or durability. Because the implant is designed to look like a real tooth, including the root and crown, it has high aesthetics and tooth function. If you follow a proper oral care regimen, implants can last a lifetime.

Disadvantages of dental implants

Should I get dental implants or dental dentures?
Learn about porcelain and implant dentures: Should I get dental implants or dental dentures? Which type of dental implant is good?

Although the advantages are recognized, dental implants also have some minor weaknesses. So what are the disadvantages of dental implants?

  • High cost: Implants have a relatively high cost compared to other dentures. Just because the practice requires the dental center to have the most modern equipment and facilities. The performing dentist also has many years of experience with implants. The value that creates the implant post is titanium that is 100% stable with the human body.
  • Long completion time: Usually, implant surgery will take from three months to 6 months to complete. But actually, there are still many situations where it takes up to 9 months because of multiple tooth loss.

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Should I get dental implants or dental dentures?

Should porcelain teeth or implants be more complete? This is a question asked by many customers. Because each method of implanting fixed dentures has its own advantages and disadvantages. So between the two solutions, which is the best way to do it?

You should rely on the current condition of your teeth, economic conditions, and income to confirm your choice of porcelain teeth or implants. Specifically:

  • Who should have porcelain dental implants: people suitable for porcelain dental implants are individuals with few missing teeth and strong teeth. Because of porcelain dental implants, it is necessary to grind real teeth to make abutments.
  • Who should get dental implants: all tooth loss situations can get dental implants. Even if you lose tooth number 7 or lose your entire jaw, you still have the opportunity to get an implant
  • People with professional knowledge also explain that the most optimal method for safely growing dentures is still implants because of their excellent aesthetics, so they can be used for a lifetime with stable chewing function and no damage to real teeth.

Which type of dental implant is good?

Once you understand whether you should have porcelain teeth or implants, you need to pay attention to choosing which type of implant is good. In today’s business area, there are many lines of implants. The most common are the 4 types of implants below:

Dentium implant

Dentium implant is a line of dental implants that is widely used and comes from the land of kimchi. Dentium implants are also the most popular dental implants worldwide.

The strengths of dental implant are:

  • Lowest, most competitive prices today.
  • The use of S.L.A from the outside allows for quick biological connection with the jaw bone after the grafting process, providing stability and quick wound recovery.
  • On the outside, there are large spirals that create space for bone, tissue, etc. to adhere to the tooth abutment.
  • Deeply swirled abutment joints help create stability and prevent damage.

Osstem pillar

Osstem is a dental implant originating from the land of kimchi with plus points:

  • A(Surface Active) treatment helps with appearance
  • The tooth post has the most optimal spray roughness, increasing compatibility with the jaw bone.
  • Once implanted, the bone will grow quickly and smoothly.
  • Solid pillar, good bone connection.

Tekka pillar

Tekka is a dental implant originating from France. The titanium of the tekka pillar is highly pure, so it has extremely good adaptation conditions, even for individuals with weak jaw bones.

In addition, the success rate of tooth grafting with tekka posts reaches 95%. Exceptions apply to front teeth and healing time is also faster.

Straumann cylinder

  • Straumann is a Swiss dental implant with strengths:
  • The tooth implant success rate is extremely high, up to 97%.
  • Suitable for most tooth loss situations, even those that are difficult to grow.
  • Exclusive exterior remediation techniques help increase niche capacity.
  • Fast recovery time.

Does the above information help you find the answer to “Should I get Porcelain Teeth or Implants”? . At the same time, it shows which is the most optimal dental implant. Bedental is proud to be one of many highly trusted dental clinics leading the way in new techniques that will help you have stable tooth implants, high success rates and low prices.


In summary, both porcelain dental implants and dental implants have their own advantages and disadvantages. Regarding the advantages of porcelain dental implants, this method brings a natural and beautiful smile, with the color and shape of the teeth adjusted arbitrarily. Porcelain teeth are also waterproof, crack resistant and have good strength.

However, the advantages of dental implants cannot be ignored. With dental implants, you can replace one or more teeth without grinding down the surrounding teeth. This helps preserve the natural structure of neighboring teeth. Furthermore, dental implants provide a solid and long-lasting solution, allowing you to chew and speak with confidence.

Whether it is porcelain teeth or dental implants, the final decision depends on each person’s dental condition and wishes. To make the right decision, consulting a dentist is necessary. They will evaluate your oral condition and advise you on the most suitable method to restore the beauty and function of your smile.

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The above article has helped you answer the question: “Should I get dental implants or dental dentures?“. Because it is almost impossible for children’s teeth to grow back, you need a suitable dental care regimen to best support your child. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to care for tooth decay in children, we will provide free help 24/7.

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