Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Leave a Hole? 5+ Causes and Remedies

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Does wisdom tooth extraction leave a hole? Each of us, mentally, after wisdom tooth extraction, will carefully observe the wound to see if there are any problems. Because no one wants to have an infection or permanent scar after tooth extraction.

One of the concerns of many people is, is it okay to leave a hole after wisdom teeth are removed? Are there any dangerous complications when shedding does not go away? Don’t worry, BeDental’s article below will help you answer these questions.

Does wisdom tooth extraction leave a hole? What causes a hole to appear after wisdom tooth extraction?

Does wisdom tooth extraction leave a hole?
Does wisdom tooth extraction leave a hole? Is there a dangerous hole after wisdom tooth extraction? When should I see a doctor for wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is an option recommended by many doctors if they notice that their teeth are growing crookedly, underground, crowding, or pushing other teeth into the jawbone. Whether you use Piezotome tooth extraction technology or pull teeth with pliers, it always leaves a hole in the jawbone. So why does wisdom tooth extraction have holes?

Explaining this, the expert analyzed as follows: The hole appears mainly because the process of removing the gum to remove the tooth requires an incision on the gum wide enough to create space and remove the entire tooth root. After wisdom tooth extraction, a hole will appear and correspond to the location of the extracted tooth root. If your wisdom tooth has a large structure, the hole will be larger. Compared to the holes created by other tooth extractions, the size of the wisdom tooth extraction hole is usually the largest.

Many people still mistakenly believe that improper oral hygiene is the cause of holes. So don’t worry when you find that wisdom tooth extraction leaves a hole. After just a few days of tooth extraction, the jawbone will no longer be able to produce enough tissue to fill the gap. You just need to pay attention to cleanliness and wait for the wound to heal naturally.

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Is there a dangerous hole after wisdom tooth extraction? 

Besides wondering why wisdom teeth are punctured, the worry about these holes also makes many people lose sleep. However, in this case, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Because a hole in the wisdom tooth socket after extraction is just a normal phenomenon and does not pose any danger to health.

However, don’t be too hasty and subjective. The hole after wisdom tooth extraction is easy to trap food and when not cleaned thoroughly, it will cause infection after tooth extraction. If you don’t know how to handle it, the risk of complications after wisdom tooth extraction is very high. leaving food particles behind, use your hands or a good cotton swab to remove it.

How long will it take to heal after wisdom tooth extraction?

Does wisdom tooth extraction leave a hole? Is there a dangerous hole after wisdom tooth extraction? When should I see a doctor for wisdom tooth extraction?
Does wisdom tooth extraction leave a hole? Is there a dangerous hole after wisdom tooth extraction? When should I see a doctor for wisdom tooth extraction?

No one pays attention to cleaning and putting food in because they are afraid the food will fall into the hole. Therefore, the time to fill the gap after tooth extraction is an issue that many people are concerned about.

Normally, the time it takes to fill the empty hole of a newly extracted wisdom tooth ranges from 1 to 4 months. However, depending on each person’s constitution and the level of invasion, each person’s healing time is different. 1 to 4 months is enough to fill the space after wisdom tooth extraction.

About tooth position and level of invasion

If you have a wisdom tooth that has many roots, is complex, or is in a position that affects the nerve, the extraction process also requires a wider incision at the gum line to completely remove the tooth root. Normally, if a front tooth has one root, it only takes about 2 weeks for the cavity to heal and be filled. But wisdom teeth have more roots, so of course the healing time will be much longer.

In addition, the wisdom tooth is larger in size, so the area filled with soft tissue is also larger. In particular, in the case of crooked or horizontal wisdom teeth, the doctor must significantly separate the gum tissue, widening the level of invasion. Normally, with such complex wisdom teeth, it will take you about 4-5 months to fill the hole.

About each person’s constitution

Each person’s body and age are different. They are also an important factor in knowing the speed or duration of healing.

If the person is old or has a weak constitution, the body will naturally produce bone to compensate for the hole in the tooth socket, this process will take a long time. This requires more time to fill the hole which is inevitable.

As for healthy young people, the wound heals quickly, the speed of filling the hole after tooth extraction will be very fast. However, if you have poor living habits, the wound will take longer to heal.

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When should I see a doctor for wisdom tooth extraction?

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Does wisdom tooth extraction leave a hole? Is there a dangerous hole after wisdom tooth extraction? When should I see a doctor for wisdom tooth extraction?

Although the appearance of a hole after wisdom tooth extraction is quite a normal phenomenon and it heals itself after a period of time. However, while you wait for the soft tissues to fill in on their own and you see any of the following signs, see your doctor as soon as possible:

  • After 3-4 hours I still saw a lot of bleeding. The cause may be an infected open wound or damaged tissue.
  • After 2 weeks of tooth extraction, you still feel pain and sensitivity that has not improved. The cause may be due to the presence of infection.
  • 2 weeks after tooth extraction, you smell an unpleasant fishy odor in your breath. The cause may be poor hygiene, which creates conditions for bacteria to grow and cause infection.

The process of filling the cavity after wisdom tooth extraction

You should closely monitor the hole created by wisdom tooth extraction. If the wisdom tooth extraction site shows unusual signs, you should treat it as soon as possible to avoid serious consequences.

Monitor the hole after wisdom tooth extraction in the first 24 hours

Normally, after the first 24 hours after wisdom tooth extraction, a blood clot will appear in the extraction hole. This blood clot plays an extremely important role and must be protected, especially during the first few days.

Although the clot helps stop bleeding, you will still feel some fluid. If you see a little blood in your saliva, don’t worry too much. Only when you see too much bleeding that you can’t stop should you immediately go to the dentist for a checkup.

Furthermore, this time is also the time when the gums are extremely sensitive. If you look closely, you will see a collection of fibrin – a white protein in the blood clot. Many people mistook fibrin for leftovers and tried to clean it up. This causes a quite dangerous collision, dislodging and dislodging the blood clot.

When this happens, the unprotected open wound will continue to bleed. You must stop the bleeding so that a new clot can form.

Monitor the hole after wisdom tooth extraction for the next 2 weeks

During this time, the gap will gradually be filled. At this time, the blood clot and white fibrin membrane will no longer exist. You will see more clearly the deep dent left by wisdom tooth extraction.

According to studies, the speed of filling the tooth hole after extraction is usually 1 mm/week. Plus other factors such as: Filling area, hole depth, level of invasion, location and post-extraction care are different for each person.

Monitor the hole after wisdom tooth extraction after 1 month

Usually after about 1 month of extraction, you will see that the hole has been filled a lot. For normal people, with a good recovery rate, after 1 month, the remaining hole is only a dot or a small groove.

Normally after 3-4 months, the wisdom tooth socket will be completely filled. However, you still need to eat carefully because the previously affected jaw structure will need a longer recovery time, about 6 months.

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Instructions on how to speed up the time to fill the hole after wisdom tooth extraction

A scientific diet, reasonable rest and standard oral hygiene will help speed up the recovery process after wisdom tooth extraction. Special:

How to eat and drink to quickly recover 

In your daily menu you need to supplement many vitamins and nutrients that help produce the body’s cells. Thanks to that, the speed of recovery and filling of gaps after tooth extraction is also much faster. Specifically, you need to pay attention to the following issues in your daily nutrition regimen:

  • However, in the first 1 to 2 weeks, priority should be given to eating soft, liquid foods that are easy to chew and swallow. Absolutely avoid foods that are hard, sticky or contain many small particles because they cause the jaw muscles to work a lot, food can easily fall into holes and cause infection.
  • Avoid acidic, spicy, and hot foods to limit irritation to open wounds.
  • Avoid chewing on the side of your mouth where the tooth was extracted.
  • Add more green vegetables in your daily diet. Especially fresh fruits and vegetables, you can blend them into smoothies to make them easier to drink.

Rest and scientific activity help fill the hole faster

Most doctors advise their patients to take enough time to rest. If you overwork it immediately afterward, not only will the wound become more sensitive to impact, but it will also cause the hole to fill in more time than usual.

Besides, you should also get enough sleep and drink more water. Temporarily stay away from stimulating products such as coffee, wine, beer, cigarettes, etc. Because some ingredients in the above product may affect the rate of soft tissue filling. It also makes antibiotics and pain relievers less effective.

Oral hygiene regimen

Food falling into the hole or having a strong impact on the blood clot will also make the time to fill the hole after wisdom tooth extraction much longer. Therefore, you need to be very careful when performing oral hygiene. Special:

  • During the first 24 hours, vigorous rinsing and spitting should be avoided. In addition, absolutely do not use a toothbrush to clean your teeth because it can easily damage the area where the tooth has just been extracted, causing infection.
  • After 24 hours after tooth extraction, you can brush your teeth. However, take it easy step by step. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth regularly and carefully in circular motions to better remove bacterial plaque.
  • Use more salt water for better oral hygiene.
  • Take time to scrape your tongue after brushing your teeth to limit bacteria living inside your mouth.
  • Use dental floss to remove food stuck between teeth.

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How to remove wisdom teeth without creating holes?

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Does wisdom tooth extraction leave a hole? Is there a dangerous hole after wisdom tooth extraction? When should I see a doctor for wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction with holes is inevitable and there will certainly be no tooth extraction without leaving a hole. However, you can completely limit the level of invasion when opening the gums and removing wisdom teeth to help the hole heal as soon as possible.

The most optimal solution to limit invasion of the gum area and minimize tooth decay is to go to a reputable dental facility. Thanks to modern wisdom tooth extraction technology and precise drill bits, the hole created after tooth extraction will be smaller than previous traditional methods.

Wisdom tooth extraction is painless, less invasive and has faster recovery time at BeamDental

To minimize invasion of the gum area during tooth extraction, the skills of the doctor and supporting machinery are extremely important. Therefore, choosing the right reputable dental clinic is essential.

At BeamDental, all doctors are people with many years of experience. Wisdom tooth extraction surgery in practically every case from the simplest to the most complex gives good results, with no complications, so you can completely rest assured when placing your trust in BeamDental.

In particular, with Piezotome ultrasonic wisdom tooth extraction technology, the tooth extraction process does not require opening too many gum flaps. Thanks to that, the area of the cavity to be filled will be smaller, the concavity will not be too late, helping the filling speed to be much faster.

Regarding price, BeamDental regularly has promotional programs so you can access modern tooth extraction technology, attentive service at extremely affordable prices.

Hopefully the useful information in the above article has helped you answer the question: “Does wisdom tooth extraction leave a hole?“. If there is anything else, you can contact BeamDental directly for a free consultation.

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