Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Need Sutures?

Does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures?

Does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures? Wisdom tooth extraction is a minor surgical procedure to remove the tooth root. Some complicated tooth extractions also require the use of anesthesia or pre-anesthesia to ensure safety. Therefore, after completing the wisdom tooth extraction, the doctor will suture the wound with dental sutures.

However, many of you still wonder whether wisdom tooth extraction requires stitches? What if I’m unlucky? To help you eliminate these problems, BeamDental invites you to take some time to read the article below.

Does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures?

Does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures?
Does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures? Is suturing a wound after a tooth extraction painful? Why is wisdom tooth extraction with absorbable sutures good?

We all know that wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow on the jaw. Although it does not affect the aesthetics or chewing function, it is worth mentioning that when they grow up, it will lead to a series of dangerous dental diseases. In addition, because the time of growth is too late, the human gums and jawbone have both grown hard, so wisdom teeth often tend to grow crookedly, underground or horizontally.

Depending on the complexity of the position and shape of the wisdom teeth, the surgery will have corresponding difficulties. But most of the time, to completely remove the tooth root, the doctor must make an incision in the gum and remove the wisdom tooth. After that, the open wound will be sewn closed with specialized medical sutures.

So does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures? Depending on each case, the dentist will prescribe suturing or not suturing to help the wound heal quickly. The main purpose of the suture is to close the opening, making it easier for you to eat, drink, and clean without having to greatly impact the wound or affect the new blood clot that forms inside the tooth socket. Therefore, whether wisdom teeth are extracted with stitches or not will be decided by the doctor himself. You can be completely assured of your doctor’s decision when choosing to have your teeth extracted at a reputable dental facility.

Distinguish which cases should be sutured and which cases should not be sutured

It is not by chance that the doctor will make the decision whether to suture the wound after wisdom tooth extraction or not. There are many bases for doctors to advise you on how to remove wisdom teeth without stitches. Special: Is the wound after tooth extraction large? Does wisdom tooth extraction cause bleeding? Is there a potential risk when inserting food into these holes?

In case the wound needs stitching after tooth number 8 is extracted

Most wisdom tooth extractions require stitches to ensure safety. Especially in cases such as: Extraction of crooked or impacted wisdom teeth, large wounds, heavy bleeding, stitching is extremely necessary. In addition, in cases where wisdom teeth are extracted from the lower jaw, the teeth are large, tend to grow crookedly, and easily grab food, so the doctor will also use sutures to close them.

Suturing the wound after tooth extraction in these cases will help the healing process happen faster. In addition, avoiding the risk of infection because a closed wound will allow you to clean your teeth more easily, without strong impact causing the blood clot to dislodge or fall down. At the same time, limit heavy bleeding and prevent infection due to food poisoning.

In case of wisdom tooth extraction without stitches

If the wisdom tooth grows straight, does not press on the nerve, and the extraction process is quick and easy, the doctor will usually not sew it up but let the wound heal on its own. Because these surgeries usually leave small wounds with little bleeding, stitches will not be necessary.

In addition, suturing also somewhat prolongs wound healing time. Therefore, for small wounds, letting them heal on their own will be the most optimal.

However, in the case of wisdom tooth extraction without stitches, you must strictly follow good oral hygiene. Besides, establish a reasonable and scientific diet to avoid getting food stuck inside teeth or extraction holes, causing infection.

Is suturing a wound after a tooth extraction painful?

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Does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures? Is suturing a wound after a tooth extraction painful? Why is wisdom tooth extraction with absorbable sutures good?

If the doctor has prescribed stitches, you don’t have to worry about whether wisdom tooth extraction will require stitches or not, because the doctor will base his decision on the actual condition of the extracted tooth. In addition, you do not need to worry too much or be afraid of too much pain because with the development of current medicine, stitching after wisdom tooth extraction is very easy and gentle.

In addition, before wisdom tooth extraction, you will be given local anesthesia. The doctor also calculated the running time and sewing time in advance so you will not feel pain or discomfort.

What types of threads are used for suturing after tooth extraction?

To suture wounds, dentists often use regular sutures or absorbable sutures. Both types of threads are certified safe and allowed for use by the Ministry of Health. You can completely rest assured using either type of wisdom tooth extraction thread to suture the wound.

However, the most obvious difference between dissolvable sutures and regular sutures is this: If you are using sutures, you will typically need to schedule the sutures to be removed after the wound has healed. As for self-dissolving dental floss, its operating mechanism will automatically disappear, so you do not need to care about the floss cutting schedule after wisdom tooth extraction.

Why is wisdom tooth extraction with absorbable sutures good?

Self-dissolving thread is the most commonly used type of thread today. In particular, most tooth extraction cases prioritize choosing absorbable sutures to suture the wound.

Dissolvable sutures not only help close open wounds but also help speed up the wound healing process and help blood clot faster. In particular, after the wound has gradually stabilized, the enzymes in the body’s tissue will help the sutures disappear automatically without you having to have the stitches removed or feeling any pain, discomfort, or bleeding. 

Besides, self-dissolving sutures are made from natural ingredients so they are guaranteed to be 100% safe for the human body. The ingredient Poliglecaprone in self-dissolving sutures also helps reduce pain and prevent infection in open wounds. Polyglactin helps limit soft tissue irritation and helps wounds heal faster.

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How long does it take for wisdom tooth extraction to dissolve on its own?

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Does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures? Is suturing a wound after a tooth extraction painful? Why is wisdom tooth extraction with absorbable sutures good?

Removing wisdom teeth with self-dissolving thread brings many conveniences and safety. Therefore, they are widely used in many surgeries and minor surgeries to remove wisdom teeth today. So how long does it usually take for stitches to disappear on their own?

The self-dissolving mechanism of self-dissolving dental floss is to go through different stages of breakdown. First hydrolysis with polyglycolic acid, followed by enzymatic digestion and proteolysis. The self-destruction process usually lasts about 8-10 weeks and will completely disappear. The half-life will range from 7 – 14 days and decomposes strongly in the next 2 weeks. It will then be completely absorbed and disappear in about 100 days.

Depending on each person’s constitution, wound type, and self-dissolving suture material, the average time to completely dissolve sutures will be different. Specifically:

  • Polyglactin sutures will take about 90 days to disappear.
  • Polydioxanone absorbable sutures will take about 90 days to disappear.
  • Polyglecaprone sutures will take about 20 days to disappear.
  • Simple catgut will take about 70 days to disappear.

What should I do if I only spend it on my own and can’t spend it all?

In principle, dissolvable threads will decompose and disappear on their own without you having to cut them. However, there are still some cases where the body refuses to absorb them so they cannot be lost. In more severe cases, there may also be inflammation or prolonged pain and swelling.

If this is the case, you shouldn’t worry too much. Self-dissolving threads, even if they do not decompose on their own, can be cut off just like normal sutures. You just need to follow the wound hygiene method to prevent them from getting infected. If after 100 days you find that the thread does not dissolve on its own, go to a dental facility or medical center for treatment.

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Instructions for wound care after wisdom tooth extraction with absorbable sutures

Although dissolving stitches can heal on their own without any other intervention, to help the wound heal quickly and avoid infection and pain, you must pay attention to both your oral care regimen and diet. daily.

Oral hygiene after stitching absorbable sutures

Does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures?
Does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures? Is suturing a wound after a tooth extraction painful? Why is wisdom tooth extraction with absorbable sutures good?

Self-dissolving sutures are made entirely of natural ingredients. Besides, they have high ductility so under normal conditions they are difficult to break. However, compared to regular sewing thread, the strength will not be equal. Therefore, oral care when suturing with absorbable sutures will require more care than when using regular sutures.

You should follow exactly what your dentist advises. That is, in the first 24 hours, avoid vigorous rinsing, spitting and brushing your teeth with a toothbrush. After 24 hours, you can rinse your mouth and use a toothbrush to clean your teeth. However, remember to limit the impact on the extraction site. You absolutely must not let them hit and damage the blood clot inside.

Besides, at the time of half-life or strong decomposition, the self-dissolving thread becomes easier to break. In order for the wound to heal quickly, it is best to limit contact or damage to the tooth socket.

Finally, you should create the habit of rinsing your mouth with physiological salt after each meal. Because the eating process, no matter how careful, can cause food particles to get trapped. Gargling is a safe and effective way to remove them and avoid infection.

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Diet when caring for wounds with absorbable sutures

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Does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures? Is suturing a wound after a tooth extraction painful? Why is wisdom tooth extraction with absorbable sutures good?

Diet after wisdom tooth extraction with absorbable sutures is similar to other wisdom tooth extraction cases. Avoid items that are too hot or too cold because this will easily cause irritation, making the wound more serious.

Besides, stimulants such as beer, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, etc. should be completely avoided. Because the ingredients in these products can slow down the wound recovery process. It can even cause pain and swelling because it reduces the effectiveness of pain-relieving and anti-swelling antibiotics.

To heal the wound quickly and avoid infection, you should supplement a lot of foods containing Omega-3, vitamins, calcium found in green vegetables, fresh fruits, etc. Remember, in the first few days, you should only eat porridge. , soup or liquid dishes to avoid affecting the sutures.

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BeamDental – A reputable location for wisdom tooth extraction with quality self-absorbing thread

Although wisdom tooth extraction is a minor surgery, you still need to be very careful and find a reputable dental facility to do it to avoid other complications. Besides, to avoid forgetting the schedule for thread removal after wisdom tooth extraction, you can also consider using self-dissolving thread. So where is a reputable dental address that you can trust?

BeamDental is one of the most prestigious and quality dental clinics today. The entire wisdom tooth extraction process is gentle, painless and has no dangerous complications. BeamDental also supports the use of self-dissolving threads to best serve the needs of today’s customers.

In particular, BeamDental has long introduced the painless tooth extraction technology Piezotome – modern sound waves. The doctors all have many years of experience in handling all wisdom tooth problems. In addition, proficient use of machinery and expertise will help come up with a plan to extract wisdom teeth with inappropriate sutures.

The above article has helped you answer the question: Does wisdom tooth extraction need sutures? It can be seen that, thanks to the appearance of self-dissolving sutures, the worry of forgetting the suture removal program has been resolved. Contact BeamDental to schedule a safe, painless and quality wisdom tooth extraction.

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