Experience when attaching dental stones and 4+ things you need to keep in mind

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Experience when attaching dental stones. Dental stone placement is considered a cosmetic method favored by young people because it helps make the smile more personal and impressive without affecting the gum tissue and causing any pain. If you are in need of installing tooth stones, you first need to find out more information to learn more about the experiences of those who have done it when attaching tooth stones.

This will ensure safety as well as the procedure will go smoothly and achieve more desired aesthetic results. The article below will provide you with the experience of installing dental gems as well as things to note when getting dental gems, thereby helping you have a more realistic view of this type of dental service.

Experience when attaching dental stones – Choose a reputable and quality dental address

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Consider the dental technology you choose and be careful when choosing gemstones or diamonds to attach to your teeth

Dental gem placement is considered a dental service that does not affect the gum tissue at all, it is simply attaching gems or diamonds to the teeth with a specialized glue or drilling a small hole. To place the stone depends on the method you choose to do it.

However, in order for you to have peace of mind and ensure that the dental stone setting process goes smoothly and achieves optimal aesthetic results and maintains durability, the most important thing you need is to choose the right locations. reputable and quality dentistry on the market to come and perform. To consider whether that dentistry is truly reputable and of good quality, you can consider the following criteria:

Possessing a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors: Accordingly, doctors operating in the field of cosmetic dentistry need to ensure they have obtained a certificate issued by the Ministry of Health to practice. Not only that, a good doctor will constantly learn and improve to improve his knowledge and skills. At the same time, you must always have responsibility, professional skills as well as always be enthusiastic and dedicated to your patients.

Ensure the most advanced equipment and machinery and always update your equipment and technology improvements: Performing dental services means having direct contact with equipment and machinery such as 3D X-ray machines , new generation sophisticated grinding machines, jaw structure software and other supporting software.

And the same equipment, machines and technology at the dentist will be effective assistants for doctors throughout the procedure, so they also have a great influence on the results of the procedure. tooth stone. A certain error or deviation of the equipment can cause from the smallest to serious consequences for its customers.

Therefore, a reputable and quality dentistry will always be responsible for not only improving its machinery, equipment and technology but also always creating conditions to improve the doctors’ skills as well as quality. our services to bring customers the best and safest experience while still ensuring the highest results after performing services at the dentist.

You can refer to reputable dental addresses from your friends, colleagues, and relatives who have had experience installing dental stones and performing services at their previous dentists or from other dental clinics. Large dental forum where people review the dentistry they have had done.

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Experience when attaching dental stones – Consider the dental technology you choose

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Consider the dental technology you choose and be careful when choosing gemstones or diamonds to attach to your teeth

Currently, many dentists still apply the traditional tooth stone setting technique. For this technique, the doctor will drill a small hole on the tooth surface the same size as the stone to attach the stone. After that, the doctor will shine a halogen light to attach the stone to the tooth and dry it to polish it again.

However, according to this method, experts believe that it can be potentially harmful to teeth in the future, because it directly impacts and abrades a small amount of the tooth surface, which can increase the tooth’s sensitivity. tooth sensitivity, causing teeth to easily become sensitive when chewing or coming into contact with hot and cold foods. At the same time, it increases the risk of dental diseases such as tooth decay, pulpitis or leaving scars in the space on the teeth when you want to remove the stone, etc.

Therefore, you should not use this stone setting technique and avoid choosing dentists that are performing tooth stone setting using the traditional technique above. You can find out or contact the dentist directly to ask for more information.

Instead, choose dentists that are applying new dental stone setting techniques with the new generation E.Las dental stone setting technology, this method will attach stones directly to your teeth with an adhesive. Specialized in dentistry, completely benign and extracted from nature without affecting or requiring any abrasion on the tooth surface. Accordingly, this technique has many outstanding advantages such as:

The technique does not affect gum tissue and does not create ovals, so it will not damage tooth enamel and dentin, thereby helping to better ensure tooth health.

The stones used in dental clinics are all diamonds with perfect smoothness and eye-catching shine, and all of these gems and diamonds are carefully processed by the dentist before being treated. perform the installation on teeth for customers.

At the same time with this tooth stone setting technology, dentists will often use specialized tooth stone glues with natural ingredients that do not contain toxic ingredients, are completely benign and safe for the environment.

With this technical method, it will not require drilling holes in the teeth, so it is safe for the tooth surface and when you want to remove the stone, it still ensures the original aesthetics.

What glue is used to attach tooth stones? This is also a question that many people are interested in. Accordingly, tooth gem glue is extracted from South American pine tree sap, so it has the ability to create a bond between the tooth surface and the gemstone that is very strong and 3 times stronger than the old stone attachment technique.

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Experience when attaching tooth stones – Be careful when choosing gemstones or diamonds to attach to your teeth

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Consider the dental technology you choose and be careful when choosing gemstones or diamonds to attach to your teeth

With the popularity of tooth setting services, many different types of stones and diamonds have appeared on the market with many designs and prices ranging from a few hundred to millions of dong. as its origin comes from many places. Therefore, choosing a stone with good quality and reasonable price is extremely difficult for many people.

The type of tooth stone also affects the cost of tooth stone setting? But on the market, the average price of tooth gemstones is about 300,000 VND/tooth.

But according to the experience of attaching dental stones to teeth, most customers tend to choose cheap stones and these stones are often of poor quality and there are cases where they mistakenly buy fake stones to attach to teeth. This will pose many risks to our oral health.

Accordingly, unsecured, floating stones can cause harmful effects to teeth such as causing tooth sensitivity, discomfort, pain, and stones can irritate the teeth and cause the body to feeling uncomfortable. At the same time, these types of stones are often eye-catching at first but will not retain their natural shine for a long time, are easily tarnished, easily broken while chewing or cleaning teeth, etc.

Therefore, in order for the stone setting procedure to be complete and go smoothly to achieve the desired aesthetic results, you need to be careful in choosing the appropriate precious tooth setting stone. You can refer to dentists.

Because dentists often create conditions for customers to easily choose gemstones that suit their aesthetics with good quality and affordable prices, by providing them to customers. Dental stones with many eye-catching and outstanding colors such as white, blue, pink, purple,… with clear origins from big brands from the US, Thailand, Singapore.

These stones have been censored and tested and recognized by world health organizations for safety and aesthetics before being introduced to the market, so you can choose gemstones with complete peace of mind. at the dentist.

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Experience when attaching dental stones – Take good care and preserve your teeth after attaching dental stones

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Consider the dental technology you choose and be careful when choosing gemstones or diamonds to attach to your teeth

After attaching dental stones, the important thing that also affects the durability and shine of the stones on your teeth also depends on how you clean and care for your teeth. Therefore, the last dental gem setting experience that BeamDental wants to share with you is to try to take good care of your teeth, in which you should follow the advice below to take care of your teeth. A better way after setting stones:

First of all, you should practice regular oral hygiene. On average, you should clean your teeth 2-3 times a day, about 30 minutes after each meal. You should brush your teeth with soft, thin bristled toothbrushes and use gentle strokes, moving your teeth vertically and in a circular motion. Avoid brushing your teeth horizontally with strong force on your teeth. This will cause your teeth to easily wear down the tooth enamel and easily cause the stones to fall out.

You should limit chewing hard foods such as crab legs, crabs, bones, and ice to avoid breaking the ice. This also helps protect your teeth and digestive system to stay healthy because eating foods that are too hard not only makes the stone easily chipped out, but can also cause teeth to easily chip and break.

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At the same time, hard foods also cause the digestive system to work harder to decompose hard foods, so this will be very harmful to the stomach.

Avoid using colored foods and drinks such as: Coffee, cocoa, chocolate, carbonated soft drinks,… or smoking. These foods often cause discoloration of teeth, along with easily causing gemstones to lose a certain shine. In addition, after a period of setting stones, you can use lemon to clean the stones to help. The stone is always as beautiful as the original. But be careful not to use lemon too often because this can damage tooth enamel.

Just by maintaining the above simple habits, you can ensure not only that your teeth are always healthy, but also that the gemstones attached to your teeth always become bright and beautiful and do not tarnish. Hopefully the above experiences will help you be more informed and more confident when performing dental gemstone placement. Conclusion on experience when installing dental gemstones

In this article, we explored the experience of tooth gemstone placement – a popular cosmetic procedure to add beauty and confidence to your smile. Through the presented content, we hope that you have an overview of this process and the factors to keep in mind.

The experience of tooth gemstone placement is not just about attaching sparkling gems to teeth, but also about coordinating color, shape and placement to create a stunning result. By learning about stone types and installation techniques, you can choose your own style for your smile.

Experience when attaching dental stones
Consider the dental technology you choose and be careful when choosing gemstones or diamonds to attach to your teeth

At the same time, an examination and consultation with a professional dentist with experience in dental gem placement is also very important. They will help you better understand the process, advise on the choice of suitable dental gemstones and ensure that the procedure is performed safely and with quality.

Finally, tooth gemstones can instill confidence and add a special touch to your smile. However, remember that maintaining daily oral hygiene and regular checkups by your dentist are still important factors in maintaining the health of your teeth and gums.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “Experience when attaching dental stones“. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to care for tooth decay in children, we will provide free help 24/7.

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