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7+ The best types of tooth gems. Placing stones on teeth is a cosmetic dental service that has become popular in recent years and is popular with young people. Installing tooth stones not only shows your personality better, but also helps “make up” your teeth to make them more sparkling and increase the beauty of your smile.

Along with dental services becoming more popular, dental gems are also increasingly being introduced with many different designs, styles, and colors to meet today’s dental service needs. So what are the best tooth stones today? Where should tooth stones be placed? Let’s find out with BeamDental through this article!

Origin of dental stones on the market

7+ The best types of tooth gems
7+ The best types of tooth gems. Where to buy gemstones and where to get toothstones that are reputable?

Although dental stones are a dental service, for dental stones, we can buy them not only at the dentist but you can also buy stones from outside to go to the dentist to attach them. This also creates diversity in stone types and allows customers to have many choices of dental stones to suit their needs and aesthetic taste.

But first of all, to know where we should buy these teeth stones safely, we also need to know where these tooth stones come from? According to information in the Vietnamese dental market, dental stones used or purchased at dentists usually originate from Thailand and America mainly.

But until now, with a variety of designs and styles as well as prices, there are also teething stones of Chinese origin on the market with much cheaper prices.

As mentioned above, in addition to buying tooth stones at dental clinics, you can buy tooth stones on the market such as at establishments and jewelry stores to choose and buy suitable stone products. that suit your needs and aesthetics, then bring them to the dentist so the doctors will perform the process of attaching stones to your teeth.

However, not all types of gemstones are safe and suitable for your body as well as the exact size for your teeth. It is best to see a doctor first to get specific advice on the types of gemstones. suitable as well as the size of the stone that can be suitable for attaching to your teeth.

It is also very important to learn about the origin of the stones before buying. Because stones with clear origins can ensure quality as well as safety for the health of the mouth and body.

In addition, stones with clear origins will ensure greater durability on teeth. Compared to other types of stones floating on the market and often purchased at a much cheaper price, it is often difficult to ensure safe quality, has an imperfect size, causing an unsightly appearance when attached to teeth or more serious. These types of studded stones can cause oral irritation or dangerous health complications.

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7+ The best types of tooth gems

Below are the types of dental stones with high durability and aesthetics that we would like to introduce to you:

Dental teeth stone

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7+ The best types of tooth gems. Where to buy gemstones and where to get toothstones that are reputable?

This is the most trusted tooth stone because of its quality assurance and price that is suitable for the majority of people. This type of stone has high transparency, bright light and can maintain the stone attached to teeth for a period of 2-3 years if properly cleaned and a reasonable diet is practiced.

In general, this stone has high transparency and brightness with many sizes for you to choose suitable for your teeth. Accordingly, you can choose 2.0 mm or 3.0 mm dental stones depending on your preferences without fear of being blurred or less prominent. However, this is a type of stone with a pointed base, so when you want to attach the stone to your teeth, you need to go to the dentist to have it done.

The placement of stones on teeth also depends a lot on the teeth. For example, if your teeth are crooked, the stones placed in this position will be very beautiful, prominent and more attractive when smiling. If you are the owner of straight teeth, then attaching dental stone at the position of tooth number 4 is beautiful.

  • Dental dental stones cost: 500,000 – 1,000,000 VND
  • Origin: Thailand, America, China

Where to buy tooth stones? For dental stones, you can easily find them at dental clinics

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Swiss artificial diamond tooth stone (Swiss-Product)

This artificial diamond tooth stone is a Swiss-Product synthetic stone originating from Switzerland and imported directly to Vietnam. This type of artificial stone has a very natural, eye-catching bright white color. Therefore, when attaching stones to teeth, it will help the smile shine much brighter and brighter.

Swiss-Product artificial diamond stones are a type of high-quality artificial diamond stones, which will help the stones attached to your teeth look more natural and increase the aesthetics of your smile. This is a line of flat tooth root setting stones, so you can do the stone setting right at home without needing to go to the dentist.

This artificial tooth stone currently has 4 sizes for you to choose from including 2.0 cups, 2.5 cups, 2.7 cups and 3.0 cups. Depending on your special preferences, especially the size of your teeth, you can choose the appropriate stone size for you.

  • Price: 200,000 – 300,000 VND
  • Origin: Switzerland

SI diamond tooth stone – Suitable for small sized teeth

Belonging to artificial diamond stones, this type of studded stone has some impurities that can sometimes be seen with the naked eye. However, they still have high brightness, are durable and have a lifespan of 3-5 years. If properly preserved and eaten properly, the lifespan can be even longer.

Look, this artificial diamond tooth stone has guaranteed quality, natural color and high durability. For this type of stone setting, it is recommended to have it done at a dentist for a quicker and simpler solution while still ensuring safety and aesthetics. Because this type of stone has a disadvantage that impurities inside can be seen, it is recommended to choose stones of small or moderate size to limit visibility.

You should choose 2.0mm – 2.5mm tooth stone as appropriate. This type of stone will be really beautiful and natural when placed at the position of tooth number 3. For those who have crooked teeth, you should choose a stone as large as 2.7 mm and attach it right at the position of the crooked tooth, it will be much more beautiful and beautiful. Increase the aesthetics of your smile.

  • Price: 3,000,000 VND
  • Origin: Thailand, America, China

VS2 high quality diamond tooth stone

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7+ The best types of tooth gems. Where to buy gemstones and where to get toothstones that are reputable?

Belongs to the highest quality dental stone and has the highest purity. VS2 diamond tooth stone has perfect naturalness with few impurities and high whiteness. Because of this, this type of studded stone has a quite high price compared to other types of studded stones, but the price can be said to be completely commensurate with its quality.

In general, the stone is of extremely good quality because it is processed from natural diamonds, so it has a bright sharpness and is quite durable over time. This type of stone also comes in a variety of sizes and you can choose depending on each person’s molars.

For example, for those with small teeth, 2mm sized stones will be very suitable, and for those with normal or large tooth sizes, they can choose 2.7mm – 3.0mm sized stones. However, the ice size chosen by many people and considered ideal is 2.5 cups. The appropriate locations to attach VS2 diamonds are crooked teeth and teeth number 3, or if you want to place them elsewhere, ask your dentist for advice based on your teeth to choose the appropriate location.

  • Price: 7,000,000 VND
  • Origin: Thailand, America, China

Artificial VS2 diamond tooth stone

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7+ The best types of tooth gems. Where to buy gemstones and where to get toothstones that are reputable?

For artificial VS2, it will be the perfect solution for those who are still concerned about the high price compared to the natural diamond teeth of the same name. This type of artificial stone is durable, beautiful and has a completely natural color that is not inferior to other types of diamond teeth. This is a line of pointed stones, so you should go to the dentist to have the stone set to ensure safety and highest aesthetic effect.

In general, VS2 artificial diamond stone has high durability over time along with a bright natural color that helps this dental stone highlight the owner’s smile. Besides, this type of studded stone has the ability to last a long time in the oral environment without fear of corrosion, deterioration or tarnish, lasting up to 20 years.

The ideal tooth position for straight teeth to attach this stone is tooth number 3 with a size of 2.5 mm, which will help highlight your smile. In addition, attaching stones will not damage gum tissue or abrasion of teeth, so you can completely feel secure in attaching stones without fear of pain.

  • Price: 5,000,000 VND
  • Origin: Thailand, America, China

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SJC artificial diamond tooth stone

Made from synthetic stones – SJC is strictly supervised and inspected by the Vietnam Gemstone Assessment Center, so you can be completely assured about the quality of this gemstone.

Not inferior to dental stones from abroad, these stones have high brightness, sharp cuts, do not tarnish over time and the quality will satisfy you. In addition, this is a line of flat base teeth-setting stones, so you can completely attach the stones yourself at home. However, it is necessary to ensure oral hygiene, chew gently and avoid hard foods to ensure higher tooth durability.

  • Price: 400,000 – 500,000 VND
  • Made in Viet Nam

WT USA artificial diamond tooth stone

The gemstone line is synthesized from CZ stones to create artificial diamonds that ensure quality safety and are thoroughly tested before the product enters the market. One of the highlights of this stone line is that it has 8 arrows and 8 hearts. The cuts on the stone under sunlight will become more sparkling and sparkling, helping to highlight the person’s radiant smile. own. This is a line of flat foot setting stones so you can make teeth setting at home more simply and easily.

  • Price: 400,000 VND
  • Origin: USA

Swarovski Gems artificial diamond tooth stone

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7+ The best types of tooth gems. Where to buy gemstones and where to get toothstones that are reputable?

Artificial tooth stones are imported entirely directly from Austria. The product has outstanding features such as having a natural brightness similar to the brightness of real diamonds up to 99%, which also helps the color of this studded stone reach perfect beauty and brightness. By choosing a 2.0mm sized stone that ensures a standard and beautiful color, you can confidently smile brightly and attract all eyes.

With advanced stone production technology, the Swarovski Gems line of artificial diamonds is free from any impurities, making the appearance of the studded stones extremely luxurious and more impressive than ever. The highlight of this diamond-studded stone is that it has 57 slices that meet the standards set by the World Diamond Association.

  • Price range: 250,000 – 350,000 VND
  • Origin: Austria

Where to buy gemstones and where to get toothstones that are reputable

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7+ The best types of tooth gems. Where to buy gemstones and where to get toothstones that are reputable?

Tooth stones are widely sold on the market. However, to ensure safety and quality, you should buy at reputable dental centers. Because here the studded stones have a clear origin and can ensure the quality and preservation of good stones. This will be very important so as not to cause any impact to the customer when setting stones.

Besides, depending on the type of stone, we can do the stone setting at the dentist or we can do it at home. However, to ensure safety and high aesthetics, you should go to a dentist to have the stone installed, this will be really simpler and not take up much of your time. You should choose dentists with guaranteed facilities, clean hygiene and apply advanced stone setting technology to ensure your oral health is safer.

Teeth gemstones not only make your smile stand out and shine brighter, but also show off your personal style. However, there are many types of studded stones on the market that can make you confused and confused in choosing the right stone for yourself. Hopefully with the types of dental stones that BeamDental mentioned above, you can choose the best types of tooth gems to yourself.

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