How much does porcelain crowns cost? When should porcelain be coated?

How much does porcelain crowns cost? When should porcelain crowns be placed on teeth? Benefits of having porcelain crowns on teeth

How much does porcelain crowns cost? The forbidden tooth is one of the teeth that has an important eating function in the jaw. Although located in a central position, the forbidden tooth is also the most painful tooth. Porcelain crowns for decayed teeth are an effective treatment in many such cases. At the same time, it also brings the highest benefits to patients, while learning about the costs of porcelain crowns. 

Learn about the porcelain crown method for forbidden teeth

The molars play an extremely important role in eating because they are the teeth that bear the great force of the food grinding process in combination with many other molars. Therefore, when damaged teeth need to be adjusted to limit the impact on the chewing process and health. Porcelain crowns are also an effective dental protection measure.

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How much does porcelain crowns cost? When should porcelain crowns be placed on teeth? Benefits of having porcelain crowns on teeth

To successfully cover the porcelain, the doctor will remove part of the tooth pulp, then use a porcelain crown to place it behind the real tooth. After restoring the original tooth, the molar is completely reconstructed in terms of structure and color, improving health and making eating and chewing easier.

Porcelain crown method on forbidden teeth is used in different cases such as forbidden teeth due to tooth decay, pulpitis, broken or cracked forbidden teeth. .. Porcelain crowns taken from the outside will help preserve the dental stem cells inside to fight disease-causing agents, making the teeth strong and long-lasting on the jaw.

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When should and should not be treated with porcelain crowns?

Uneven teeth, dark teeth, thin teeth, spaced teeth, protruding jaw. .. are cases where porcelain teeth are needed. There are many ways to help overcome the above problems. Among them, porcelain crowns are a method that many people are interested in and choose.

When should porcelain crowns be placed on teeth?

If patients with tooth decay are not treated promptly, it will lead to pulpitis and tooth necrosis along with many other serious complications.

– Teeth with dead pulp will be more susceptible to loosening and breaking. The porcelain dental method protects teeth from the inside. When the root canal treatment process is successful, you will have teeth that are even, beautiful and highly aesthetic.

– For cases of uneven tooth development such as distortion, misalignment, etc. .. porcelain crowns are a way to give you even, white, highly aesthetic teeth. Porcelain crowns when teeth grow unevenly will save a lot of time compared to braces.

– The cosmetic coating method will not be effective in cases where the teeth are too heavy, causing them to easily fall out and lose aesthetics.

– For each such case, you should re-fill the old tooth to fill in the gaps between the teeth and not create difficulties for communication and aesthetics. Porcelain crowns also help strengthen teeth and do not make you embarrassed when talking.

When should you not have porcelain crowns on your teeth?

How much does porcelain crowns cost? When should porcelain crowns be placed on teeth? Benefits of having porcelain crowns on teeth
How much does porcelain crowns cost? When should porcelain crowns be placed on teeth? Benefits of having porcelain crowns on teeth

There are cases where dental porcelain should not be covered, including:

  • When the forbidden tooth is seriously damaged and is no longer strong enough to withstand the porcelain crown process.
  • When the forbidden tooth is seriously infected, has gingivitis or has gum tissue problems, it needs to be treated before applying the porcelain crown method.
  • When the molar has structural problems, shape or location that is not suitable for porcelain crowns, it may be necessary to consider other treatments such as orthodontics or dental implants.
  • When the patient is not healthy enough or has other medical problems that are not suitable for accessing the porcelain coating method.

Is porcelain crowning of decayed teeth really necessary?

Tooth decay results from frequent exposure to foods and beverages high in sugar and starch. When your teeth react with the acids in food scraps and form plaque, your tooth enamel, the protective layer, eventually loses all its minerals.

Dental plaque is a thin film covering the surface that contains water, sweat and excess food particles. If you do not practice good oral hygiene, this deposited plaque will eventually oxidize and form pus and cause tooth decay.

In the beginning, if you need to undergo root canal treatment, you do not necessarily need to have porcelain teeth. Because when the tooth pulp is not lost, the tooth will still be protected, at this point you should proceed with filling. This way, you will preserve the integrity of your real teeth and prevent cavities from progressing. There are composite dental fillings such as amalgam or glass ionomer coatings, which are also used to treat worn teeth.

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Benefits of having porcelain crowns on teeth

Even though the teeth are damaged, many people still choose to use porcelain crowns. After researching the cost of porcelain crowns and collecting information about the types of porcelain, we can see that, compared to other methods, porcelain crowns are a solution that is both effective and safe. to protect teeth. Besides, porcelain crowns also bring many benefits to oral health, especially in cases where the teeth are seriously damaged.

Specifically, the benefits that this porcelain coating method brings are:

Restore perfect chewing function

Damaged teeth, even to a moderate degree, do not affect eating. Porcelain crowns placed on the outside of real teeth will restore the shape of the previous teeth, so eating function is very good.

In addition, real teeth are also strong and can easily fit tightly into the jaw, making eating and chewing quite convenient. After the treatment is completed, the patient can eat and swallow normally without fear of breaking or damaging the inner tooth.

The porcelain layer protects real teeth most completely

For cases of tooth decay and pulpitis. .. if not treated, bacteria will damage tooth enamel, making dental conditions worse. Leading to serious consequences related to oral health, especially the risk of tooth loss is easy to cause. Therefore, porcelain crowns are an effective method to care for teeth against external influences.

High durability, long lifespan

Porcelain teeth are usually durable, highly resistant, and after being coated, they will be carefully protected and preserved so you can eat and chew well. If properly restored and combined with careful oral hygiene, it will last about 10-15 years or longer.

Porcelain teeth are used to cover teeth with porcelain

There are many porcelain tooth materials to choose from, such as porcelain crowns. Depending on the material, the price of expensive porcelain upholstery will vary. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain tooth materials that can be used for porcelain crowns:

Metal porcelain teeth

This porcelain tooth has a frame made of Ni – Cr or Co – Cr alloy. The outside is covered with a layer of white porcelain. This is the type of porcelain tooth with the lowest price today.

  • Advantage:
  1. Correcting defects such as protruding teeth, dark teeth, misaligned jaws, broken and cracked teeth. ..
  2. Relatively high durability and ability to withstand force.
  3. Chew naturally like real teeth.
  4. Optimal oral protection.
  5. Low cost.
  • Defect:
  1. Because the ribs are made of plastic and after a long time, under the influence of acid in the oral environment, it will lead to oxidation on the teeth. This causes tooth discoloration and tooth crown bleaching.
  2. Ordinary metal-ceramic teeth not only cause black gums, but also when light shines through, the silver-black color on the inside can be seen quite clearly.
  3. Lifespan is not high, about 5-7 years.

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Porcelain teeth without metal

Metal-free porcelain teeth are often called porcelain dentures. With the inner frame structure to the outer enamel layer, the teeth are made of 100% pure porcelain and do not contain any alloys. Make sure to keep the shape and color similar to real teeth.

  • About advantages:
  1. Ensuring high safety and accuracy up to 99%.
  2. Does not cause blackening of the gum line after a long period of use.
  3. Tooth lifespan is very high, about 10 – 15 years and can be longer if not treated well.
  • About disadvantages:
  1. The cost is much higher than natural porcelain teeth and not all patients choose to use them.

Is porcelain crowns for missing teeth painful and safe?

Recently, many online newspapers have posted information about the consequences of porcelain teeth making, causing confusion for those who want to use this service.

Every treatment method has its pros and cons. However, porcelain crowns at reputable dental clinics will not harm customers.

A series of cheap dentists today are using porcelain teeth of poor quality, weak workmanship, and poor equipment, which are also factors that create harm to patients’ teeth. That’s why good dental porcelain crowns need to be performed at reputable hospitals.

How much does porcelain crowns cost? Depends on what factors?

The cost of porcelain crowns for tooth decay is a concern for most customers today. To get a reasonable price for the above service, patients need to come in for a check-up so that doctors can diagnose tooth decay.

After clearly determining the customer’s tooth decay condition, the doctor will recommend an appropriate treatment method. Patients should choose the type to suit their health and budget.

Currently, on the market there are 4 main types of porcelain: copper porcelain, titanium porcelain, gold porcelain and all-ceramic teeth. Each type has a different origin, origin and quality. Therefore, the cost of different types of porcelain is also different.

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Porcelain tooth material

As mentioned above, there are two main types of porcelain teeth used for dental crowns: metal porcelain teeth and non-ceramic teeth. If you use metal porcelain teeth, the cost will be much cheaper. Some good metal porcelain teeth today include Vivadent France porcelain teeth, Jelenko USA,… Costs range from 1,000,000 VND – 2,500,000 VND.

With completely porcelain teeth, the cost will be much higher. Some types of porcelain teeth you should choose are Roland, Ceramill, Emax, Lava 3M, . .. The cost ranges from 2,900,000 – 16,000,000 VND for each colorless porcelain tooth.

How much does porcelain crowns cost? When should porcelain crowns be placed on teeth? Benefits of having porcelain crowns on teeth
How much does porcelain crowns cost? When should porcelain crowns be placed on teeth? Benefits of having porcelain crowns on teeth

Actual dental condition

Porcelain crowns cost a lot of money, depending heavily on the current state of oral health. If the teeth have disease, the cost will be doubled and priority should be given to treating the above problems first, then proceeding with porcelain teeth.

Besides, the number of molars covered with porcelain also determines the price. The more teeth covered, the more money the patient will spend.

When is it necessary to have porcelain teeth implanted?

Porcelain crowns will be applied to cases where teeth are no longer healthy when chewing and replacing porcelain crowns. However, if the tooth has been severely damaged, the porcelain crown option also needs to be applied.

Currently, there are two forbidden methods of teeth whitening that you should apply: porcelain crowns and implants. Each method will have its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose based on both your needs and economic conditions.

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How much does porcelain crowns cost? When should porcelain crowns be placed on teeth? Benefits of having porcelain crowns on teeth

Dental address that performs porcelain crowns on teeth

If you need porcelain teeth to help your teeth last a long time and have bright colors, you should prioritize choosing reputable clinics with a team of talented doctors and the best equipped facilities.

BeDental is proud to be one of the most prestigious dental facilities in terms of tooth extraction and porcelain tooth making services to help patients with quality and reasonable prices. Gathering a team of professional dentists and always paying attention to updating modern dental technology, BeDental will make customers absolutely satisfied and secure when using the service.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “How much does porcelain crowns cost?“. Because it is almost impossible for children’s teeth to grow back, you need a suitable dental care regimen to best support your child. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to care for tooth decay in children, we will provide free help 24/7.

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