How much does tooth gems cost? – Latest updated price list for attaching tooth stones in 2024

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How much does tooth gems cost? Dental stone placement is a type of cosmetic dental service that is becoming popular today. However, with the popularity and choice of many gemstones on teeth, does the price of dental implants become high? How much does tooth stone cost? Let’s find out with BeamDental how much it costs to attach stones to your teeth in this article!

Who is dental stone suitable for?

How much does teeth whitening cost 17 2
How much does tooth gems cost? Who is dental stone suitable for? Type of tooth stone and quality of stone

In the previous article, BeamDental mentioned what the dental stone setting service is like? In the new article, BeamDental will add more about the subjects used to attach dental stones. Although dental gemstone placement is considered a safe cosmetic surgery method, has no effect on teeth or gum tissue, and has become popular and favored by many women today.

However, not every customer can apply this type of dental service, because the results and aesthetics of stone placement will depend greatly on the condition of your existing teeth. Therefore, in some cases customers will achieve the highest aesthetic effect such as the following cases:

Customers have teeth that are shiny white, evenly colored, and intact without scratches. In particular, teeth must be evenly colored, not yellowed or discolored by bacteria… Only then can these beauty methods be applied.

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The customer’s teeth must be strong, not have worn enamel or teeth that are too sensitive to cause sensitivity or pain… to install stones on teeth as quickly and safely as possible.

Besides, for customers with other oral diseases such as tooth decay, gum disease, gingivitis, etc… needs to be treated early and completely before the stone can be placed on the tooth later to ensure the highest effectiveness for customers.

In short, your oral health is very healthy, your teeth are strong and bright white and you do not have any dental disease problems, so customers can feel completely secure when installing stones.

However, you can feel completely secure when wondering whether you should attach dental stones or not, because before placing stones on your teeth, hospitals will conduct a health check on your oral health before using anything. type of dental service, from there the doctor will consider whether you can continue to have dental stones placed on your teeth and then recommend appropriate treatment for you.

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Why has tooth stone setting become popular and favored by many people?

As the hottest cosmetic dentistry “makeup” service for teeth today, tooth stone placement not only contributes to making your smile radiant, sparkling and attracts attention, but also shows off your masculine features. Calculate and raise your level. In addition, tooth stone setting is also popular and many people use it for the following reasons:

Has long durability and high adhesion on teeth

Currently, dental glue is made entirely from natural ingredients, especially from South American resin, and has an extremely high adhesion of 3 times. Therefore, when attaching stones to your teeth with the above glue ingredients, you will feel completely secure when eating and chewing without worrying about dropping or peeling the stones out of your mouth.

Simple service with quick operations while still bringing high aesthetics

Teeth stone setting is a service that brings high aesthetic value to highlight your smile so you can confidently communicate and attract others with your own stone teeth. However, this service method only takes about 15 minutes with a few simple steps at the dentist and you will have a sparkling gemstone on your teeth with extremely high aesthetic value.

Safe for health and preserves the integrity of real teeth

On the current market, there are two methods of attaching dental stones: perforated and perforated drilling. Accordingly, the traditional method will require drilling a hole in the tooth and then attaching the stone to that area with a glue. This method will cause damage to the gum surface so the tooth will not be intact when the stone is removed.

In contrast, with the current method of attaching tooth stones without perforations, it will not require any process that damages and affects the surface of the gum tissue, just take glue and attach stones to that area, so this method This method is still applied in many dentists today, absolutely preserving real teeth, not creating pain, discomfort or numbness after tooth extraction like the non-perforated method.

Because of this advantage, tooth stone installation is very popular and applied today. With simple, quick and time-consuming operations, you can immediately own a radiant smile, highlighted by glittering stones on your teeth.

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How much does tooth gems cost? – Factors that affect tooth stone

How much does tooth stone cost?
How much does tooth gems cost? Who is dental stone suitable for? Type of tooth stone and quality of stone

On average, dental crown placement at current dental clinics costs 300,000 VND/tooth (not including the price of the crown). This is the price for teeth in normal positions that are easy to attach and easy to make. For the positions of canine teeth and protruding teeth, the stone price will fluctuate at 1,000,000 VND/tooth. This is the position that brings the highest aesthetic effect, but it is also necessary to calculate and choose a position with high requirements. should have a higher price than all other positions.

That is the average price of the dental crown service at dentists and determining the price of the dental crown service depends on a number of factors below:

Type of tooth stone and quality of stone

One of the factors that affect your use of dental stones is the price of each type of stone chosen to attach to your teeth. For regular stones, it will be your choice. Nowadays, with the higher demand for dental stones, many types of stones have appeared on the market, including white stones, dental stones, rubies and diamonds with block designs, so prices also vary. High.

In case you do not use beautiful sparkling stones or diamonds but just want to reduce costs, you should choose artificial stones. Although dental stones are artificial, they have a color and sparkle that is not inferior to real diamonds, ensuring the aesthetics of high teeth while still being safe to use.

As for you with good financial ability, you should attach artificial stones such as diamonds or some other gemstones to your teeth to affirm your class and value.

However, such gems will cost quite a lot and much higher than normal stones or dental stones. Because they are made of special valuable materials and the technical process of setting stones of this type of stone is also much more meticulous, it also requires very high skill and precision from the doctor to be able to bring best aesthetic effect.

Number of stones attached to teeth

How much does tooth gems cost?
How much does tooth gems cost? Who is dental stone suitable for? Type of tooth stone and quality of stone

Normally, the price for setting stones at dentists is also the price for setting one tooth. Most customers often choose to attach more stones to one tooth. However, there are still customers who need to attach 2 or more pieces, and from there, the cost also tends to increase. Therefore, the cost of installing dental stones will depend on the number of stones on your teeth at the dentist.

Dental stone size

Accordingly, the price for attaching dental stones will depend on the size of the stones attached to the teeth. Common sizes of each ice cube are 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 2.7mm and 3.0mm. Dental stones come in certain sizes to suit many different types of teeth as well as each person’s individual needs.

Accordingly, based on the customer’s oral condition as well as tooth structure, doctors will advise on choosing the appropriate size stone to attach to the customer’s teeth to ensure that after placing the stone, Teeth will maintain harmony for both your teeth and your face. And also based on that, the size of the stone also affects the price of attaching to the tooth.

Dental stone setting technology

Currently, in attaching stones to teeth, there are two popular methods used by many dentists: perforated and non-perforated dental stone attachment methods. Based on each method, there are different advantages and disadvantages, so the cost between these two methods also has a significant difference.

Existing dental condition

Normally, for strong teeth, stone placement will be done immediately afterward while still achieving high efficiency and aesthetics. However, there are also many cases where customers who want to install stones encounter some dental problems such as gingivitis, gingivitis, tooth decay, yellowing, dull teeth, etc.

This requires thoroughly handling the above issues before proceeding with stone installation. Therefore, the price of stone installation will not include the additional costs of treating these diseases.

Tooth stone setting is a method of beautifying your smile with eye-catching white stones. With glittering stones, some people are still hesitant about “How much does tooth gems cost?“. Well, BeamDental has answered your questions in the article above. Hopefully the information about how much it costs to install dental stones is really useful to you. Thank you for reading BeamDental’s article!

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