Is tooth beading painful and how long does it take?

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Is tooth beading painful? Dental beading is becoming a current trend in beautifying teeth. Because they not only bring attractive beauty to your smile with a few sparkling stones attached to your teeth, but also uniquely portray and upgrade your elegance.

As a form of beauty related to teeth, does dental beading really cause any pain or sensitivity like other oral health care services? And how long will dental beads last? Let’s find out the information with Beamdental below in this article!

Is tooth beading painful?

Dental beading is considered an oral health care service that uses techniques that are relatively not too difficult. In addition, this method also affects the teeth, so it is also known to be a matter of concern for patients. You should know a lot about the basics of dental implants before you want to install dental stones. So whether tooth gemstones are painful or not depends on the following two factors:

Stone setting technology

To this day, with the stone setting technique, there are two methods to do it. For the previous method, attaching stones requires cutting a hole on the outside of the tooth and grinding the real tooth pulp, then attaching the stone to that hole with a specialized dental glue. Direct impact on the outside of the teeth also makes customers afraid that their teeth will be damaged and sensitive. In fact, this method has a direct impact on the teeth, so it can cause tooth sensitivity and pain.

However, today with modern and developed dental techniques, dental techniques also have certain improvements. Based on that, this method does not require cutting holes in the teeth, but only needs to use glue to attach tooth beads that are later ground smooth and shiny.

This method avoids danger because it does not affect and penetrate the teeth, so it will not create any pain or dizziness for those who attach stones. This method also ensures aesthetic attachment and ensures the durability of the stone on the teeth for a longer period of time. Therefore, this is also a method recommended by many people when attaching dental beads.

Doctor’s skills and experience

Is tooth beading painful?
Is tooth beading painful? Where to buy stones attached to teeth? Which tooth is best to attach stones to?

Before placing stones, we will be examined by a doctor and have a thorough health check on oral health and a survey of the appropriate location where stones can be placed to ensure effectiveness and get the best results. . In case you have dental diseases or tooth enamel erosion, it is best not to attach stones because they can cause pain and sensitivity later. Not only that, the technique of attaching stones also depends a lot on dentist’s skills.

Well-qualified doctors can have the knowledge and solutions to perform dental beading to ensure it does not cause tooth pain or other complications, while also ensuring the aesthetics of the teeth. . On the contrary, dentists who have limited experience in this industry may experience pain and dizziness during the procedure.

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How long do dental beads last?

According to experts, the average durability of stones attached to teeth usually ranges from 2-3 years. However, this time will not be accurate for everyone because the durability of the stone attached to the teeth depends on many differences. According to the time factor, the durability of stone setting will depend mostly on the following factors:

Expertise and experience of the doctor performing dental beading

The important thing in oral health care services is the skill of dentists, and stone setting is no exception. It is known that each different type of stone will require different techniques and methods of setting stones. Using these types of stones has the ability to enhance the aesthetic value and after a period of time setting stones will occur smoothly, achieving results. High results and durability of stone setting will also depend a lot on the skill of the dentist.

Because this is the person who will devise the method of attaching the stones, choosing the type of glue and determining the exact position of the stones on the teeth. For that reason, customers who want to install stones should choose dentists with expertise in their work and good skills who can guarantee the desired results.

Oral health

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Is tooth beading painful? Where to buy stones attached to teeth? Which tooth is best to attach stones to?

Before performing oral health care services, dentists often check oral health first. Finding out whether the teeth are strong enough to be able to continue with those solutions is also known to be extremely important. In situations where the tooth enamel is good and the teeth are strong, it will be more likely to create a closer bond between the stone and the tooth, ensuring a longer durability of the stone attached to the tooth.

On the contrary, in situations where teeth are cracked, cracked, have weak tooth enamel or have other dental diseases, the durability of the stone attached to the teeth will not last long. In this situation, if you want the best results for tooth beading, you must treat these problems before applying stone to ensure the long-term durability of the stone on the tooth.

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Oral care regimen

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Oral care from the time the tooth stone is attached also greatly affects the durability of the stone attached to the tooth. Not protecting and not having ways to protect the tooth gems also makes the gems easily peel off. For example, using toothbrushes with hard bristles, which often exert more force than teeth when brushing or chewing hard, crunchy foods, there is a risk that the stone will easily peel off more and lose its durability. It takes a long time for teeth to be studded with stones.

Therefore, once people have stones installed, they need to ensure they follow the daily oral care regimen and continuously follow the dentist’s instructions to ensure they keep the stones on their teeth for a longer period of time.

Quality of dental stones

Setting stones are materials that are attached directly to the surface of the tooth, so they also influence how long it takes for the stone to be attached to the tooth. That depends on the type of stone you have chosen. For stones of poor quality, they will often become dull, lose their brightness, change shape and easily peel off. This can cause pain, discomfort, and swelling in the oral cavity, affecting the health and chewing function of the teeth.

Therefore, dentists often encourage customers to choose high-quality stones with specific origins to ensure durability when attached to teeth and to ensure the prevention of adverse health changes. Dental health and daily activities for those with dental beads.

Address for dental beading

Dental beading is a method that can be easily performed. Today, there are many dentists on the market that provide this type of cosmetic service. But actually, not every dentist is committed enough to stable results and ensures long-term durability for the beads attached to teeth.

Highly rated and famous dentists with advanced modern machinery and equipment and a team of dentists with many years of experience in tooth stone placement will help ensure that the tooth placement method can go smoothly. and get the desired results. Along with that, highly rated centers will apply modern technology and techniques that will not damage the tooth structure, ensuring perfect aesthetics for users.

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Is putting stones in your teeth harmful?

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Is tooth beading painful? Where to buy stones attached to teeth? Which tooth is best to attach stones to?

In general, dental stone setting techniques now use advanced techniques that are not invasive or have a strong impact on the teeth. Furthermore, if performed at highly reputable dental care units and properly practiced by well-qualified doctors with extensive experience, it will be possible to safely protect teeth during dental beading. In addition, whether dental beading is disadvantageous or not depends on many other points.

However, the bottom line still depends on the skill of the dentist. Experienced and skilled dentists will be able to find the perfect place to set stones and carry out the practice of setting stones in a planned manner. Specific planning and the stone setting process go more smoothly, making customers not feel dizzy and ensuring customers’ oral health.

At the same time, now we use specialized stone glue with natural ingredients that do not contain harmful ingredients, completely safe and not dangerous for the body, so we can guarantee the health of our customers.

The very position of attaching stones to your teeth is completely safe and does not cause harm as long as you choose a highly reputable dental clinic that applies modern stone setting techniques and the skills of a highly qualified and experienced doctor. Experience and modern machinery and equipment, whether or not the stones are unfavorable is not your concern anymore.

Where to buy stones attached to teeth?

With the coverage of the method of attaching stones to teeth, finding places to attach dental stones is not too difficult. Normally, these types of studded stones will be distributed mostly at dental beauty salons, gemstone counters, gold and silver jewelry, or on social networking sites.

The types of studded stones currently on the market usually originate mostly from Thailand, China and America, etc. And the cost usually ranges from 100,000 – 500,000 VND so you can get studded stones. Beautiful teeth with many attractive, sparkling styles.

But, before buying stones, you should research in detail the type of stone and the place where it is distributed. Don’t be cheap and buy poor quality stones, which will affect the durability and results of dental beading. For best protection, you need to choose to buy stones at highly reputable dental clinics and avoid buying at establishments on the internet without a specific address.

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Which tooth is best to attach stones to?

According to dentists at the units, the location of the stone may often depend on the user’s request. In addition, the dentist will give the best answers and instructions to customers on which position is appropriate for each different dental case. The reality of attaching stones to teeth is that it can be displayed. Be able to show glittering stones on your teeth every time you smile or talk. Therefore, they are generally recommended to be placed anteriorly on the teeth.

In addition, the location of stone attachment depends on everyone’s oral condition such as tooth structure, mouth shape when smiling and jaw bone arch to find the most favorable and shining location.

However, normally, the position of tooth number 3, also known as the canine tooth, is considered the best position and is preferred by most people when attaching. Because teeth in this position often grow at an angle to the side of the teeth and tend to protrude outward, it is often easy to attract attention and create a difference and create the focus of your smile.

Dental beading is completely painless because the technology has now been updated and no longer harms the teeth like before and the lifespan of the dental bead is also quite long so you can be completely assured when doing it. 

The above article has helped you answer the question: “Is tooth beading painful?“. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to have more precious information, we will provide free help 24/7.

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