How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost? Is the Price for Wisdom Tooth No. 8 Extraction Appropriate?

Should 2-4 wisdom teeth be extracted at the same time

How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost? Growing wisdom teeth causes many concerns as well as unpredictable consequences. If we let this condition continue for a long time, it can cause negative effects on our teeth as well as our health such as severe pain, headaches, swollen gums, swollen face, etc.

Therefore, Removing wisdom teeth as soon as possible is what we should do. However, the cost of wisdom tooth extraction still makes many people hesitant, is wisdom tooth extraction really expensive? How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost? In what cases should wisdom teeth be extracted? Let’s find out with BeamDental right here!

What are wisdom teeth?

What are wisdom teeth?
How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost? Is wisdom tooth extraction painful? Why must wisdom teeth be extracted?

Wisdom teeth, also known as teeth number 8, occur at the age of 17-25 years old, which is the age when wisdom teeth usually grow. In some cases, wisdom teeth can also grow in people in their 40s or 50s.

Currently, wisdom teeth are considered to have unclear functions and bring many troubles to us. However, experts still cannot determine whether wisdom teeth should be removed or not.

Each person’s teeth will have 32 teeth, including 28 teeth that grow first, and the remaining 4 teeth that grow later, including 2 innermost teeth in the upper jaw and 2 innermost teeth in the lower jaw. When the other teeth have fully grown, leaving wisdom teeth without enough room to grow, they will find another way to grow.

Wisdom teeth often grow in many different directions, they can grow vertically, grow obliquely into neighboring teeth or grow backwards towards the jawbone. Normally, when the gums partially erupt, wisdom teeth will no longer grow.

Why must wisdom teeth be extracted?

Should 2-4 wisdom teeth be extracted at the same time
How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost? Is wisdom tooth extraction painful? Why must wisdom teeth be extracted?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow last compared to the remaining teeth and are located in the deepest position of the teeth. Normally, wisdom teeth will erupt at the age of 17-25 years old. At this time, because the jawbone has stabilized, wisdom teeth can grow crooked and grow underground, causing unpleasant pain and dangerous complications.

Therefore, dentists advise that it is extremely necessary to remove wisdom teeth as soon as possible. Because the longer you leave wisdom teeth in, the more difficult it becomes to treat them. Wisdom teeth will cause harmful effects and dangerous complications for patients such as:

Wisdom teeth can cause fever, persistent inflammation of the gums

When wisdom teeth grow evenly, they cause pain, discomfort, and swollen gums. In the case of wisdom teeth growing straight, the pain will stop when the teething process is complete. Normally, the teething process usually lasts 1-3 years. Particularly in cases of impacted or crooked teeth, they can collide with other molars, causing inflammation, swelling, and pain, so they need to be removed soon.

Wisdom teeth cause tooth decay and affect adjacent teeth

Because they are located in the innermost jaw, wisdom teeth are often difficult to clean. Therefore, they are more susceptible to tooth decay than other teeth. If this condition persists and there is no timely treatment or incomplete treatment, the cavities will spread to the adjacent teeth, causing them to be damaged, and more dangerously, it will destroy tooth number 7. In addition, misaligned wisdom teeth will put pressure on the adjacent teeth, causing them to break or break.

Wisdom teeth cause the remaining teeth to shift

When wisdom teeth grow crooked or grow underground and this condition lasts for a long time, they will affect all molars. Causes other teeth to move and move against each other. Causes loss of aesthetics and malocclusion, requiring more money to treat.

Therefore, wisdom tooth extraction is necessary and must be done as soon as possible, especially teeth that are crooked or impacted, to limit the effects and complications that wisdom teeth cause. out for the remaining teeth.

Cases where wisdom teeth should be extracted

Whether to remove wisdom teeth or not is often a question that many people ask, because there are many people who have wisdom teeth and do not feel pain or have any dental problems, so removing wisdom teeth is a good thing.

Therefore, to answer these questions, according to dental experts, wisdom teeth will be extracted in the following cases:

Impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth growing crookedly cause patients to feel pain and develop complications such as recurrent infections, cysts, and tumors, causing damage and adverse effects on adjacent teeth.

Between wisdom tooth number 8 and tooth number 7, a gap appears

Although it does not cause any impact, wisdom teeth number 8 and tooth number 7 have gaps between them, causing pressure and significant impact on nearby teeth. In this case, wisdom teeth need to be removed early to minimize possible complications.

Wisdom teeth grow in unusual shapes and sizes

Abnormal growth of wisdom teeth makes food easily stuck after eating and difficult to clean. If left for a long time, it will cause conditions such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc.

Wisdom teeth grow straight

Wisdom teeth grow straight and in the right place and are not obstructed by seemingly harmless bones and gums. However, there are no types of opposing teeth that mesh.

Wisdom teeth have cavities or periodontitis

Other cases

In addition to the above cases, the following cases do not require wisdom tooth extraction:

  • Patients with underlying diseases related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, blood clotting disorders, etc.
  • Wisdom teeth grow upright, unobstructed by the jaw and gums, and do not cause any complications or damage
  • Wisdom teeth are related to many nerve structures and maxillary sinuses and cannot undergo specialized surgical measures.

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How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost?

At BeamDental, “solving” one of your wisdom teeth costs from only 1,500,000 VND. In general, this is an average price on the market. For cases of wisdom teeth surgery that is more difficult and requires the use of more advanced techniques, the cost will be somewhat different. On the current market, removing a wisdom tooth ranges from 3,000,000 – 5,000,000 VND.

Resolving wisdom teeth will be even more difficult if you let this condition persist for a long time, making it difficult for the roots to be removed, so removing wisdom teeth as soon as possible is the right thing to do. Refer to the wisdom tooth extraction price list at BeamDental and contact us to receive more detailed advice.

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How is the cost of tooth extraction determined?

How much does teeth whitening cost 90
How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost? Is wisdom tooth extraction painful? Why must wisdom teeth be extracted?

Depending on many factors, determining the safest and most effective way to remove wisdom teeth. Therefore, dentists will often rely on the following aspects to determine the cost of tooth extraction for patients:

Condition of wisdom teeth

The more impacted the wisdom tooth is and the more difficult it is to extract, the higher the price will typically be. To evaluate the condition and level of wisdom teeth, dentists will consider the following factors:

+ Direction of tooth growth: For wisdom teeth that are growing crooked, slanted, or protruding into other teeth, removal is necessary and requires high technology to avoid interaction with nerves and damage to soft tissue. . For straight teeth, tooth extraction is also easier, so the cost of wisdom tooth extraction is lower.

+ Abnormal tooth roots: tooth roots have many different shapes such as enlarged roots, clubbed roots, curved roots, etc. In addition, there are many types such as wisdom teeth with roots that make it difficult to remove.

+ Wisdom teeth cause complications: if wisdom teeth grow crooked for too long, causing swelling, pain, damage to the roots of adjacent teeth, etc., they must be treated before removing the wisdom teeth.

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Wisdom tooth extraction technology

One of the aspects that determines the success and safety of wisdom tooth extraction is the technology and technique of tooth extraction. Nowadays, with modern technology and advanced machinery and equipment, wisdom tooth extraction also avoids pain and damage. Therefore, the cost of tooth extraction will often be higher.

Current technological techniques can be replaced and bring greater efficiency. Compared to traditional methods, they use rudimentary tools, are not diverse and cause pain to the patient. Therefore, the supporting items for the service are also a detail in determining the price of wisdom tooth extraction. The more advanced the machinery and technology the dentist uses, the higher the price for wisdom tooth extraction will be.

Depends on the skill and technology of the dentist

How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost?
How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost? Is wisdom tooth extraction painful? Why must wisdom teeth be extracted?

Finally, one factor that determines the price of wisdom tooth extraction is the skill of the doctor. A successful and smooth surgery also depends greatly on the skill of the doctor. Because wisdom teeth have many different cases and conditions. Therefore, doctors with high expertise will have a safer, more flexible approach to treatment and avoid causing pain to the patient. That’s why choosing good doctors with skills and diverse experience in the field will result in the cost of wisdom tooth extraction being somewhat higher.

Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous?
How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost? Is wisdom tooth extraction painful? Why must wisdom teeth be extracted?

In reality today, wisdom tooth extraction is not as scary as you think. Today, there are advanced technologies as well as the use of anesthesia during surgery that will help make your wisdom tooth extraction comfortable and minimize pain.

In particular, at dental clinics, before wisdom tooth extraction, you will be thoroughly examined and X-rayed to determine the distance and position of the wisdom tooth compared to the adjacent teeth and approve the cases. Cooperate with nerves, maxillary sinuses, etc. to have a suitable tooth extraction method. Helps avoid invasion and ensures that nerves are not affected. So you shouldn’t worry.

Before performing the tooth extraction process, doctors will conduct a thorough examination, check for dental diseases, take X-rays and other evaluation procedures. To provide a more general overview of the condition of wisdom teeth, from there we can predict and control problems that may occur.

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BeamDental – A reputable and safe address for wisdom tooth extraction

To completely and safely remove wisdom teeth depends greatly on aspects such as the skill of the doctor as well as the technology and techniques used by the dentist. The wisdom tooth extraction process should be managed with a strict and flexible method to limit discomfort and pain for the customer. Therefore, choosing a safe and reputable dentist is extremely necessary.

BeamDental has more than 10 years of experience and is one of the leading dental centers in the field of cosmetic dentistry in Vietnam, making the problem of wisdom tooth extraction no longer a fear for you.

We use modern machinery technology imported from abroad and are fully certified by the Ministry of Health along with a team of professional doctors and possess many years of experience in the dental field. Helps you experience the best service support at a good price and does not have to worry about pain during surgery as well as ensuring there are no sequelae after wisdom tooth removal. With the desire to have dedication, enthusiasm and dedication to customers like our own family, we always strive to bring you the best experiences and services.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost?“. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to have more precious information, we will provide free help 24/7.

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