Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous?

Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous?

Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous? Wisdom tooth extraction is considered one of the most complicated tooth extraction cases. Depending on the position and growth of tooth number 8, the level of difficulty also gradually increases.

Therefore, many customers are still worried because they do not know if wisdom tooth extraction is dangerous? How to remove wisdom teeth that touch the nerve? In the article below, BeamDental will send you all the information about whether wisdom tooth extraction is dangerous and whether it is related to any nerves. Please follow along.

Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous?

Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous? This is a question that many people are interested in. If you compare wisdom tooth extraction with other minor surgeries on the body, this is a fairly simple minor surgery. However, due to many different factors, wisdom tooth extraction can still lead to many dangerous complications. Therefore, it is completely reasonable for customers to worry about whether wisdom tooth extraction is dangerous or not.

Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous?
Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous? Does wisdom tooth extraction cause damage to the nerve? Which nerves are easily affected when wisdom teeth are extracted?

Therefore, before deciding whether to remove wisdom teeth or not, the dentist will rely on the test results, including blood tests and dental x-rays. This will determine the position and development of the wisdom teeth and the overall structure of the jawbone.

So, is wisdom tooth extraction okay? Most cases of tooth extraction are not dangerous, however there are still cases of wisdom tooth extraction at less reputable locations that can lead to unpredictable complications such as:

Inflammation with white pus appears

Purulent inflammation in the tooth socket is a fairly common complication after wisdom tooth extraction. The main reason is that the wisdom tooth extraction process is performed at poor quality dental facilities that do not ensure sterility. Basically, the inflammation occurs because a blood clot does not form after tooth extraction. Nerves, skeletal muscles and soft tissues are not protected by blood clots, so they are susceptible to external influences and are easily damaged and cause inflammation.

Regarding symptoms, you will find that the pain lasts longer than usual. Accompanied by a series of symptoms of pain in the ear, unpleasant odor when exhaling,…

Gingivitis complications have 2 different forms:

  • Dry socket: occurs when a blood clot is pushed out of the surgical wound so that it cannot cover the wound. You will clearly see pain that is difficult to go away, persistent inflammation and slow healing of wounds.
  • Bone and joint pain with white pus: causing fever, feeling swollen gums covering the tooth socket, white pus beads and bleeding around the tooth. In addition, there are cases of swollen lymph nodes in the neck or ears.

Infection after tooth number 8 extraction

Infectious complications after wisdom tooth extraction are also quite common. The cause is often due to the doctor’s poor tooth extraction technique, equipment and operating room that do not ensure sterility, and improper post-extraction wound care.

Infection often occurs after an infection is not treated promptly. In addition, there are some cases of infection after tooth extraction due to the body’s decreased antibodies, causing bacteria to flare up and cause inflammation.

Causes nerve damage

In case the wisdom tooth grows close to the nerve, the possibility of touching it during extraction will be very high. Signs that the nerve is affected when wisdom teeth are extracted are: difficulty eating, painful opening of the mouth, loss of chewing control, numbness of the lips and cheeks, etc.

Swollen face, swollen cheeks

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Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous? Does wisdom tooth extraction cause damage to the nerve? Which nerves are easily affected when wisdom teeth are extracted?

In most cases of wisdom tooth extraction, swelling occurs in the face or cheek. Please don’t worry, this is just a normal phenomenon. You should only monitor and reduce swelling and pain by applying hot and cold compresses, and if the swelling and pain lasts too long along with other signs, you should see a doctor for examination.

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Can wisdom teeth touch the nerve and not be extracted?

Because of anxiety, confusion, fear of pain, and fear of complications, many people wonder whether they should keep their wisdom teeth closed to avoid damaging the affected nerves. However, according to experts, depending on each case, you can decide to extract or not to extract. Special:

  • If your wisdom teeth touch the nerve but grow straight and do not cause pain, you can still keep them. But if you want to eliminate the risk of future complications, you can refer to early tooth extraction at reputable addresses.
  • If the wisdom tooth touches the nerve and shows signs of underground growth, misalignment, or infection, extraction is a must. In fact, there are many dangerous cases caused by impacted wisdom teeth that refuse to be extracted. Furthermore, today’s advanced tooth extraction technologies effectively remove wisdom teeth that are touching the nerve safely, helping you not need to worry about whether wisdom tooth extraction is dangerous.

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Does wisdom tooth extraction cause damage to the nerve?

The issue of wisdom tooth extraction affecting the nerves is always a concern for most patients. In fact, almost all wisdom tooth surgeries have the potential to affect the nerve. Regardless of whether the wisdom tooth is located close to the nerve or not, the gums can be affected when cut.

However, don’t worry too much. The subcutaneous nervous system belongs only to the peripheral nerves, not to the central nervous system. Peripheral nerves in the oral cavity are only responsible for receiving and returning sensation to the lips, tongue, and chin. Even if it causes damage, you will only experience a few complications such as numbness and itching, and they are completely there.

Which nerves are easily affected when wisdom teeth are extracted?

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Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous? Does wisdom tooth extraction cause damage to the nerve? Which nerves are easily affected when wisdom teeth are extracted?

There are two nerves that are easily affected during wisdom tooth extraction: the alveolar nerve and the lingual nerve.

Alveolar nerve

The alveolar nerve, abbreviated as IAN, is a long nerve that runs from the oral mucosa to the roots of the molars. They are responsible for maintaining the sensation of the tissues inside the mouth.

Although the alveolar nerve is usually located far from the tooth root. However, there are a few cases where impacted wisdom teeth in the lower jaw will touch this nerve. During wisdom tooth removal surgery, if the doctor is not highly skilled, the jaw nerve may be affected. In case of shock, you will not have problems with taste, but you will feel pain, itching or pain.

Lingual nerve

The lingual nerve is a branch of the trigeminal nervous system. Their location is often close to the roots of wisdom teeth, so they are easily injured during tooth extraction.

The main function of the lingual nerve is to receive and transport signals received from the tongue to the brain. In particular, our sense of taste is also managed by the language nerve.

If the lingual nerve is damaged after wisdom tooth extraction, you will temporarily lose your sense of taste. Accompanied by symptoms of pain, swelling, numbness, itching, etc.

You don’t have to worry at all because the dental nerve and the speaking nerve can heal on their own.

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How to reduce worry about whether wisdom tooth extraction is dangerous?

To safely remove wisdom teeth and avoid strong impacts that damage the nerves, you must:

Choose a quality dental address

To not worry too much about wisdom tooth extraction being dangerous and avoid dangerous complications, you should go to a reputable dental clinic. Priority should be given to choosing a large dental clinic that has received positive feedback from customers about its services.

For example: You can have wisdom teeth extracted at large hospitals, international hospitals or large general clinics with modern facilities.

In addition to avoiding direct damage to the nerve, wisdom tooth extraction at a reputable dental facility also limits many serious complications such as: excessive blood loss, infection, remaining tooth roots, tissue invasion…

Choose a doctor with high professional qualifications and skills

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Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous? Does wisdom tooth extraction cause damage to the nerve? Which nerves are easily affected when wisdom teeth are extracted?

It can be said that the dentist’s skill is an extremely important factor to help the wisdom tooth extraction that touches the nerve take place safely. . Can you find all the information about the doctor who has successfully performed many wisdom tooth extractions? Did previous patients like it? What are professional qualifications?

The wisdom tooth extraction process meets quality standards with modern machinery

It is undeniable that there are a series of benefits that technology and machinery bring to people. During the wisdom tooth extraction process, thanks to the machine, the doctor can easily remove the tooth without being too invasive like the old method.

In addition, the standard wisdom tooth extraction process with the support of modern machinery below also helps dispel worries about whether wisdom tooth extraction is dangerous:

  • Step 1: Check and determine current dental condition.
  • Step 2: Take dental x-rays to determine the exact location, growth status, growth position, etc. Next, create the most suitable wisdom tooth extraction regimen.
  • Step 3: Check your general health to see if you are qualified to perform minor dental surgery. In particular, cases with underlying diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hemophilia… need a special treatment plan.
  • Step 4: Remove tartar, remove tartar to avoid infection when removing wisdom teeth.
  • Step 5: Wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Step 6: The doctor will monitor the condition and give detailed advice after tooth extraction.

Choose tooth extraction technology

Currently, there are many wisdom tooth extraction technologies for you to choose from, including wisdom tooth extraction with forceps and wisdom tooth extraction with a machine. According to experts, to avoid complications when removing wisdom teeth that touch the nerve, you should choose the method of removing wisdom teeth using a Piezotome ultrasound machine.

Piezotome is the best painless, minimally invasive wisdom tooth extraction technology available today. The process of removing gum tissue is quick, gentle, and minimally invasive, causing damage to soft tissue and nerves, so it is very safe and simple.

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BeamDental – Safe place to remove wisdom teeth that touch the nerve, without complications

The most important condition to deal with the danger of wisdom tooth extraction is not modern facilities, machinery and professional skills of a dentist. Therefore, as long as you put your trust in the right place, you will no longer have to worry about dangerous complications when removing wisdom teeth, even when the wisdom teeth are located close to the oral nerve.

Proud to be one of the most prestigious and top quality dental addresses, BeamDental is a dental facility chosen by a large number of customers and has good comments about its services. All customers are satisfied with the attentive, dedicated service and quality of dental services.

You can feel secure when having your wisdom teeth extracted at BeamDental because:

  • The team of dentists all have many years of practical experience and have successfully performed many difficult and complex wisdom tooth extractions.
  • The tooth extraction room and tools are absolutely sterile. Therefore, it will not cause infection or dangerous complications.
  • BeamDental soon introduced modern Piezotome technology into the tooth extraction process. You are familiar with operating the machine, so the machine is quiet and highly accurate. The tooth extraction process by machine takes place very quickly and does not invade other soft tissues.
  • In particular, the price of wisdom tooth extraction at BeamDental is always listed publicly. You can contact Hotline directly for advice.

Hopefully the useful information in the above article has helped you answer the question: Is wisdom tooth extraction dangerous? Is it okay to have wisdom teeth removed and touch the nerve? To avoid unwanted risks, go to reputable dental clinics like BeamDental. To make an appointment without having to wait long or to get a free online consultation, you can contact BeamDental directly.

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