How to attach tooth stones at home – Is it beneficial or harmful?

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What are tooth stones? How to attach tooth stones at home? Dental stone placement is a popular cosmetic dentistry method. This is also an easy dental service, and with today’s modern technology, dental gemstones do not impact or cause abrasion on gum tissue or tooth surface and can be removed at any time.

Because of this, tooth stone placement is not only done by dentists, but in many places, tooth stone placement can also be done at home with just simple tools. However, is the method of attaching tooth stones at home really good? Should we attach tooth stones at home? Should you attach tooth stones at home? Let’s find out with BeDental through this article!

What are tooth stones?

What are tooth stones? Dental stone placement is considered a cosmetic method that does not harm the teeth and gum tissue, so it is considered a safe dental service.

Accordingly, the dental gem setting service uses precious stones or small diamonds to attach to your teeth to help your teeth and smile become brighter and more sparkling, which also helps you become more attractive. and be more confident in communication with your stone-studded smile.

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What are tooth stones? How to attach tooth stones at home? How long does it take to attach dental gems?

Tooth stone placement is a popular dental cosmetic method today and is popular with many people, especially among young people. With techniques and technology at dental clinics, gemstones and diamonds will be attached to teeth quickly without causing any pain.

With the stones and diamonds previously selected by the customer, dentists will use a specialized glue to attach the stones to your teeth, making your teeth shine and stand out more, giving you a beautiful smile. Friend. Moreover, attaching stones also helps you express your personality and raise your class.

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Is attaching tooth stones with glue durable?

Tooth stone placement with glue is a popular dental cosmetic method used to improve the appearance of teeth. When installing dental stones, the dentist will use glue and adhesives to hold the stones on the teeth.

However, the durability of tooth gemstone attachment with glue depends on many factors, including the quality of the glue and stone, and the user’s level of care and oral hygiene after the stone attachment. When teeth are exposed to basic substances in oral water such as acids and bacteria, they can cause damage to the adhesive layer and glue, causing the tooth stone to no longer adhere firmly to the tooth.

Therefore, to prolong the life of tooth gems, users need to follow basic oral care rules, including brushing teeth fully, using mouthwash and adjusting diet. In addition, you should regularly visit your dentist to check and clean your teeth, as well as re-adjust and replace the stones attached to your teeth according to the correct procedure.

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What are tooth stones? How to attach tooth stones at home? How long does it take to attach dental gems?

Be careful when attaching stones to your teeth with glue at home

Attaching stones to your teeth with glue at home can lead to many risks to your oral health, so you need to follow some of the following notes:

  1. Do not use any glue to attach stones to teeth. Conventional adhesives are not designed for use in the mouth and can be harmful to teeth and gums.
  2. If you want to attach stones to your teeth, you should go to a dentist for advice and a safe stone installation process.
  3. If you still want to try setting stones at home, you can use stone setting products available on the market, specifically designed for setting stones on teeth. However, it is necessary to follow the instructions for use carefully to avoid harm to your teeth.
  4. Do not use too much ice, as this can clog or harm teeth and gums.
  5. If you experience tooth pain or bleeding, stop using it immediately and seek help from a dentist.
  6. You should pay attention to proper oral hygiene after attaching stones to avoid infection.

However, to ensure the highest safety and effectiveness, you should go to a dentist to get advice from the experts there.

How to attach tooth stones at home?

Because of the simplicity and speed of this tooth stone setting method, many people wonder if this can be done at home? We can buy all kinds of glue and rhinestones from the outside market. The answer is absolutely possible. Below, BeDental would like to guide you on how to safely attach tooth stones right at home:

Prepare the materials needed to attach dental stones:

  1. Stone to attach to teeth
  2. Glue pen to attach stones to teeth
  3. Glue to stick ice to teeth

After preparing the necessary ingredients, the equally important thing you need to do is determine the location to attach the stone to your teeth. We can attach on the left or right side based on the teeth and the size of the teeth to place the stones to suit and stand out. Accordingly, people with crooked teeth will often place stones in this ideal position. In addition, for those who do not have crooked teeth, the most suitable stone placement is also in tooth number 3. Choosing the size of the tooth stone also depends on the size of your teeth.

How to attach tooth stones at home?
What are tooth stones? How to attach tooth stones at home? How long does it take to attach dental gems?

Accordingly, teeth with 2 cups of stones will be suitable for those with small teeth:

  • 2.5mm stone is suitable for normal teeth, this is a very common type of stone
  • 2.7mm stones are suitable for those with normal or slightly large teeth
  • 3.0mm stones are suitable for those who have big teeth or have a hobby of attaching bright stones


  1. Once we have determined the appropriate position, we will simply and easily perform the steps to attach the stone to the teeth in the following order:
  2. Clean your teeth before attaching stones or you can use a clean towel to dry the area where you need to attach stones.
  3. Next, it’s time to use the stone glue pen to prepare to dab the stone on the bright surface
  4. Use a little glue, remember to only put a little glue and dab a little glue on the mirror surface of the stone.
  5. Finally, you use a pen to attach the stone to the position that needs to be attached to the tooth that has just been cleaned and hold the stone in that position for 10-20 seconds so that the stone can adhere tightly to the tooth.

So we can simply finish attaching stones to teeth, right? However, one thing to note is that attaching stones to your teeth at home is quite simple, but this method should only be applied to cheap stones and you only want to attach them temporarily for a short time. If you want to attach stones for a long time and use better quality and safer stones, it is best to go to a dental facility to ensure safety.

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Is dental stone placement at home beneficial or harmful? – Should you attach tooth stones at home?

Should you attach tooth stones at home? As you know, we can simply perform the tooth stone setting method at home with ingredients that can be completely purchased outside the dentist’s office.

However, this can also be the cause of many potential risks that can harm your oral health and your body. Because there are many materials such as stones and glue of unknown origin and clear ingredients at much cheaper prices at dental clinics.

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What are tooth stones? How to attach tooth stones at home? How long does it take to attach dental gems?

This will hardly guarantee their quality and safety. Accordingly, some risks you may encounter when using glue stones and performing dental stone installation at home include:

  • Glues that are not guaranteed to have strong adhesion can cause the rhinestones to easily peel off, which, if accidentally, can cause you to swallow the rhinestones.
  • In addition, glues attached to teeth have ingredients whose safety cannot be determined by the buyer and can liquefy in the oral environment, causing harm to the health of the user.
  • When you set stones yourself, it will be difficult to have much experience in determining the appropriate location and size of the stones, so this will bring about poor aesthetics or unsatisfactory results. Especially for many people like us who do not have much experience in setting stones, it is easy to encounter unexpected problems that lead to results that are not as expected.
  • In addition, because it must exist in the oral environment, which is often acidic and often susceptible to corrosion, if you perform stone setting at home without proper oral hygiene or chemical ingredients. in stone glue and dental stones can also be the cause of your dental diseases.

So it can be seen that, although it is a simple dental cosmetic method and you want to save time and be able to attach stones according to your wishes, you often prefer to attach teeth at home. However, this is a method that dentists do not recommend you do at home.

Or if done at home, it is necessary to have careful consultation from a doctor as well as use safe, quality stones and glues with clear origins and ingredients used by the Ministry of Health and Dentistry. use.

Benefits of having tooth stones installed at the dentist

Compared to attaching dental stones at home, it has the advantage of being able to save time and do it any time you want as well as according to your aesthetic needs. Setting stones at dental clinics also has many advantages and is much safer

The process of attaching stones to teeth at the dentist

The process of attaching stones to teeth at dentists usually includes the following steps:

  1. Survey and consultation: The dentist will survey the condition of your teeth and advise on the procedure and types of stone suitable for your needs.
  2. Tooth preparation: The dentist will clean the tooth and prepare the surface of the tooth to ensure the stone is firmly attached and does not come off later.
  3. Attaching stones: The dentist will use special glue to attach the stones to the tooth surface. After the stone is firmly attached, the dentist will adjust the shape and position of the stone so that it looks natural.
  4. Check and complete: The dentist will check that the stone is firmly attached and make repairs if necessary. The dentist will then clean and polish the teeth to ensure they look beautiful.

During the stone installation process, the dentist will use tools such as magnifying glasses, lights and drills to ensure the stone installation process is performed accurately and safely. This will ensure that your teeth are not damaged and that the stone is securely and beautifully bonded.

Ensuring aesthetics and quick implementation time

Applying stones to teeth is a fairly simple cosmetic service and is done quickly at dental clinics. Normally, the time to attach stones only lasts 15-20 minutes and you will have a bright and shiny smile. attracts everyone’s attention. In addition, performing this procedure at a dental clinic with doctors who have experience in this dental service will help you determine the most accurate placement of the stone to ensure the stone on your teeth is most beautiful and increases aesthetics. beauty for a taller smile.

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What are tooth stones? How to attach tooth stones at home? How long does it take to attach dental gems?

Safe and preserves the integrity of teeth

Compared to the previous method of attaching dental stones, dentists will use punching holes to attach stones to teeth. But today, with advanced technology and development, tooth stone attachment no longer requires punching holes but can be directly attached to the tooth, this helps to completely preserve the integrity of the tooth to the maximum.

Avoid sensitive situations and when you want to remove the stone, the teeth will still be intact without leaving any defects on the teeth. Therefore, today’s method is trusted and used by many people.

In particular, materials made at the dental clinic have clear origins and are carefully tested before being put into use. Accordingly, stone glues often have natural ingredients that are safe and benign for the body without causing irritation, suitable for all subjects without causing negative effects on teeth or tooth health. your mouth.

What are tooth stones?
What are tooth stones? How to attach tooth stones at home? How long does it take to attach dental gems?

It is durable and does not peel off

With stone setting technology using modern technology and special specialized adhesive, it has high durability and adhesion more than 5 times higher than previous old techniques. The stones and diamonds are firmly attached to the teeth without interfering with the teeth, so you can eat and drink completely comfortably and clean your teeth without fear of peeling or falling off the stones.

Lifetime warranty

Normally, stone setting at dental clinics will have a lifetime warranty if in case the customer sets stones at the dental clinic and it falls off. Therefore, during the process of using stones on teeth, customers can be completely quiet. Besides, before setting stones, you will receive a dental examination and consultation to set stones completely free of charge.

At dentists, doctors with many years of experience in this field will often give the best direction and ensure customers feel most satisfied and satisfied. The entire process is carried out according to a specific process, the clinic has guaranteed and standard equipment and machinery to help facilitate the stone setting process in the most convenient and safe way for customers. Therefore, you can completely feel more secure when having dental stones installed at a dental clinic.

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How long does it take to attach dental gems?

Putting stones on your teeth is considered a simple service that is quick and doesn’t take much time, but the result is a sparkling, attractive smile and raises your class. That is why the method is used by many people.

For the traditional stone setting technique, which requires punching a hole, it can take about 30 minutes to complete, including the process of drilling the hole and attaching the stone to the tooth. This method takes more time because it requires precise hole drilling techniques and correct procedures to avoid the risk of complications that cause sensitivity and food stickiness when chewing at the tooth attachment site later, leading to dental conditions.

With today’s new modern technology, the process of attaching dental stones will not take much of your time, on average it only takes about 15 minutes to perform. After determining the location of the stone, the dentist will perform it. Clean that position, then use specialized glue to attach the stone to the tooth, then polish it again and complete the process of attaching the stone to the tooth.

How to attach tooth stones at home is a simple and doable method. However, we also need to have assurance about the implementation method as well as the products we will use to attach teeth or have careful advice from a doctor to do it at home. If not, it’s best to go to a dentist to get your teeth stoned to ensure greater safety and achieve better results.

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