How to fix a broken tooth? 3 remedies that you should know

How to fix a broken tooth?

How to fix a broken tooth? Chipped teeth are often sensitive and thinner than normal, especially when they crack strongly, causing the dentin and enamel to come out on their own. This not only causes pain and discomfort for the patient when swallowing, but also creates opportunities for bacteria to penetrate some internal structures of the teeth — > causing infection. 

Causes of broken teeth

How to fix a broken tooth?
How to fix a broken tooth? Causes of broken teeth. Measures to prevent broken or chipped teeth

The forbidden teeth are mainly teeth number 6 and tooth number 7 on the jaw. This type of tooth has an average size compared to the rest of the teeth. Teeth are not the same because they can only be extracted once and cannot be completely replaced. Grows from 6 to 8 years old depending on each person’s constitution.

The forbidden teeth are the largest teeth and have the most roots on the jaw, so if you don’t pay close attention, they can cause quite a lot of damage. There are different influencing factors that make the forbidden teeth fragile and flaky. looks like this:

Due to impact by external factors

We may encounter some accidents in life such as falling while competing in sports, cycling, etc. .. This makes tooth enamel vulnerable to impact such as being broken, torn, scratched and even at risk of jaw fracture. Or habits such as brushing teeth while eating also damage tooth enamel. This is the factor that makes the teeth brittle and break easily if they encounter a collision.

Due to tooth decay

Bacteria attack will completely destroy the structure of the teeth. The hole tends to spread wider and will turn brown or black. Over time, they will cause teeth to break.

Pulpitis or pulp death

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How to fix a broken tooth? Causes of broken teeth. Measures to prevent broken or chipped teeth

Tooth decay will cause damage to the pulp. Dental pulp helps produce nutrients that nourish the tooth crown, protect the tooth against damaging external influences, and make the tooth recognize temperature, taste, and external stimulation.

If the pulp is inflamed or dead over a long period of time, it will affect the health of the tooth such as reducing hardness, weakening the enamel, and even a slight impact will cause the tooth to break and fall out easily. Should I spit it out or not? Depending on the case, there will be different remedies. In case of broken teeth, we have the following measures.

How to fix a broken tooth?

Restoring broken teeth using dental fillings

For patients with a broken tooth but not causing much damage to the tooth enamel, a tooth patch should be performed. At that time, the doctor will use a special material called composite to cover the broken tooth layer and then restore the shape of the tooth with the same color as the real tooth.

Under normal conditions, this material will last for 3-5 years and if the doctor does a better job, it can last even longer.

The tooth filling method has the following advantages: It does not cause pain or numbness to the patient, it is not necessary to have multiple check-ups, and if you have a reasonable and proper diet and hygiene, your lifespan will increase. Very high filling teeth.

Restoring broken teeth using porcelain crown method

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How to fix a broken tooth? Causes of broken teeth. Measures to prevent broken or chipped teeth

When the doctor gives you porcelain teeth, they will grind away a portion of the tooth tissue outside of these teeth and then place porcelain braces on top to restore the aesthetics of the teeth.

If the tooth pulp is still inflamed, depending on the level of recovery, the doctor will have appropriate root canal treatment measures. In case the tooth has too much pulpitis and cannot be treated further, the doctor will perform a root canal. This operation should be performed before the doctor makes porcelain teeth.

In case your forbidden tooth is broken and the remaining tooth crown is small and does not ensure the size to make a denture, the technique of placing porcelain teeth with artificial pulp will be applied.

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Restoring broken teeth by tooth extraction and dental implants

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How to fix a broken tooth? Causes of broken teeth. Measures to prevent broken or chipped teeth

Depending on each case where the tooth is injured, there will be different ways to treat it. If the broken tooth causes serious damage or irreversible damage to the pulp, it must be extracted to limit cases of infection affecting some surrounding teeth.

After extraction, you should use Implant (this is the simplest and most effective tooth restoration method today) to minimize unwanted complications.

Dental Implant is also known as Implant structure. Implant tooth structure consists of 3 main parts: Titanium post, Abutment joint and upper porcelain tooth frame. During surgery, the implant is attached/placed directly into the patient’s jawbone by the doctors.

The new implant has the main function of restoring damaged teeth. And especially helps to firmly protect the tooth roots that have been attached above. Helps customers eat and chew firmly like real teeth without fear of them shaking.

Implant teeth have a design similar to human natural teeth in both color and style.

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  • Advantage:

+ Completely prevent jaw fractures and cheekbone aging.

+ Extremely high safety, implanted teeth have bright colors.

+ No need to wear down the two front teeth, preventing the risk of losing many teeth.

+ Prevent misalignment of tooth groups around tooth loss spaces.

+ Minimize oral diseases and avoid bad breath.

+ Has good hardness, swallowing and chewing function close to real teeth. Helps you easily eat and drink, especially soft and hard foods.

+ Safe and highly compatible. Implants are made of Titanium and implanted directly into the jawbone at standard rates and with high safety.

+ The average lifespan of molars is up to more than 20 years or possibly forever if treated properly.

+ As a preventive measure for people who have their molars or other molars extracted.

  • Defect:

+ Implant treatment costs are very high but should only be done once.

+ Implant care takes about 3-6 months, in some cases up to 9 months.

Measures to prevent broken or chipped teeth

Besides treating a broken tooth, you also need to pay attention to how to prevent it from repeating this phenomenon in other teeth. Detail:

Practice proper oral care and hygiene habits

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How to fix a broken tooth? Causes of broken teeth. Measures to prevent broken or chipped teeth

Maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day, morning and evening, with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Using dental floss will help keep your teeth clean and gargle with antibacterial salt water even more effectively. Toothpaste should be replaced periodically about every 3 months.

You should not brush your teeth immediately after meals because the acids in the oral cavity damage tooth enamel. If you brush your teeth while eating, it will damage tooth enamel and make teeth weaker.

Limiting alcohol and smoking means not abusing these stimulants.

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You should have regular dental check-ups at reputable dental facilities

Regular dental examinations every 6-12 months help you easily detect diseases or unusual dental symptoms to get the most appropriate treatment.

In addition, regular dental check-ups also aim to remove plaque and bacteria that many daily oral care measures cannot achieve. To not create an environment favorable for bacteria to stick to food.

Choosing a reputable dental facility is also very important. To have the most accurate assessment and advice, especially when the teeth grow in a very deep position of the jaw.

At BeDental, we are always proud to be a reputable dental facility that has been on the market for many years. With a team of highly skilled and specialized medical doctors, plus the most modern and advanced machines available today.

At BeDental, we provide the most comprehensive dental care, plus experience in treating cases of broken or chipped teeth, and when there is a dental restoration method, unnecessary confusion will definitely not occur. At BeDental, children will be advised on the best method with reasonable prices.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “How to fix a broken tooth?“. Because it is almost impossible for children’s teeth to grow back, you need a suitable dental care regimen to best support your child. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to care for tooth decay in children, we will provide free help 24/7.

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