What is a dental implant? Dental Implant Price List 2024

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What is a dental implant? Dental implants are the most popular method of dental implants used by many customers at the present time. Even though it is highly appreciated for its safety and suitable for many different people, some customers still fear whether dental implants are really safe or not. So don’t miss the following information, Bedental will help you thoroughly examine what dental implants are?

Learn about dental implant techniques

Dental implants are a way to beautify teeth in situations of tooth loss or tooth loss. At present, implantation is considered the safest, most effective, and best tooth restoration technique. Below is some information about implants you need to know before doing:

What is a dental implant?

what is a dental implant?
What is a dental implant? How much does dental implant cost? Latest dental implant price list at BeDental

It seems you have heard a lot about dental implant techniques. So what is a dental implant? Implant is a dental technique that has been practiced for a long time in the world.

In our country, this method was only applied in 2000. With unexpected competitive advantages and improving the shortcomings that the old method of denture implantation led to, dental implants quickly became popular with customers. Trust, love and choose.

Implants are dental posts made from titanium compounds. Under the dentist’s technique, this post will be inserted directly into the jawbone to replace the lost tooth root. Because they are directly inserted, dental implants create a solid foundation for the denture to exist, or to support a crown or bridge.

Since the implant has completely attached to the jawbone, the dentist continues to attach the abutment and porcelain crown to strengthen it after a period of implant placement.

What is the structure of dental implants?

A tooth fitted with an implant can be composed of 3 main parts as follows:

  • Implant head: This is the important part and determines the success or failure of the implant. The post is made from pure titanium material and then grafted through an intermediate suture to the jawbone, where the lost tooth stood. Because the implant is below the gums, we will not be able to see it. The implant holds the same effect as a real tooth root.
  • Abutment joint: Is the connection between the implant and the denture above. In detail, it will attach to the implant below via screws and be covered by the denture located on top.
  • Porcelain crowns: also known as porcelain crowns. This is the part that restores the lost tooth crown and connects directly to the abutment.

Who is dental implant technique suitable for?

How much does teeth whitening cost 46
What is a dental implant? How much does dental implant cost? Latest dental implant price list at BeDental

As the best way to implant dentures, implants are never picky about who does it. Obviously, the situations where implants are suitable and necessary to create the most ideal aesthetic appearance include:

  • Losing a tooth: If a tooth is lost, it not only affects aesthetics but also causes the entire jaw to become misaligned. Therefore, dental implants should be performed early.
  • Losing many teeth: Losing many teeth, not everyone can afford dentures. However, with implants, you are completely capable of performing a transplant.
  • Full jaw tooth loss: Full jaw loss often accelerates bone loss and makes dentures impossible. At this time, dental implant surgery is truly the optimal choice, especially suitable for dental implants for the elderly.

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How long does a dental implant take?

How much time dental implants take is always something that many consumers pay attention to. The reason is because everyone wants to recover quickly and have beautiful teeth without any disadvantages. In fact, implant placement will go through 2 time periods as follows:


The first is for the dentist to perform the dental implant. This time requires the dentist to be very skilled and place the implant with a size suitable for the lost tooth into the jawbone. Note, for the implant to be firmly connected to the jawbone, it must take at least three months.

In situations where teeth have been lost for a long time, there is still an opportunity to perform dental implants. But actually, the process of adding jaw bone will take a little longer. The reason is that losing teeth for a long time will cause the jawbone to shrink and shrink, gradually losing the size to place the abutment. At this time, the dentist will perform a sinus lift, bone graft, etc. to widen the gap. Because other techniques must be performed, the time to add the jaw bone will take longer, on average 5-6 months.

Restoring teeth on implant posts

Once the jaw bone is suitable for the implant, the dentist will begin attaching the ceramic crown on top. For each customer’s current situation, the placement of an implant with a healing abutment attached or not may be related to exposing the implant and placing the healing abutment before taking an impression to build an image of the gum neck that matches the position around the false tooth.

Outstanding advantages that only dental implant technology can provide

The reason dental implants are popular is because they have completely improved the shortcomings that previous dental implants had. The following are the ideal advantages that implant technology brings:

The material is 100% safe for the human body

Implant is a titanium material that is widely used in medicine. Notably, dental implant posts are made from the purest titanium, so they are absolutely safe for the body.

In addition, when implanting, the process takes place very quickly, limiting damage. You can quickly recover without spending much time resting. The process of adding jawbone to the implant is also quite quick, with rejection rarely occurring. We will no longer have to worry about whether dental implants are harmful or not.

Restore perfect chewing function

Because implant posts are used to replace lost tooth roots. This post is securely embedded in the bone, and after it is added, the porcelain crown of the denture is placed on top. Because of that, when eating, customers can feel like they are chewing with real teeth.

Even with tough and hard foods, dental implants can still ensure excellent chewing. You also no longer have to abstain too much like some other types of dentures.

Lifetime cosmetic effect

Assuming that many other methods of dental implants have a lifespan of 5 – 10 to 20 years, dental implants are effective for a lifetime. Because dental implants are made from high-quality materials, they can be completely integrated with the jawbone, so they are safe inside forever. If we take good care of our teeth, we won’t have to worry too much about the age of our teeth.

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Brings comprehensive aesthetics, 99% similar to real teeth

Many types of dentures are often quite tight, even with unusual colors, making it easy for people in front of you to detect that you have dental problems. But actually, when getting an implant, you definitely don’t have to worry too much because the aesthetics that the implant brings is almost perfect.

Dental implants are extremely sturdy and will not cause loose teeth or gums to easily fall out. You can trust yourself to smile brightly and talk as if you’ve never had dentures. Notably, implant dentures have the same color as real teeth, so when viewed with the naked eye it is difficult to recognize.

Prevent bone loss from occurring

While other methods of denture implantation only focus on covering up the gap left by tooth loss, implants involve the entire jawbone. The implant is placed in the area where the tooth root is lost, and when it is compatible with the jawbone, the tooth can be shaped.

Therefore, after a period of time, bone loss in complete implant cases does not occur. Since then, the face has not been misaligned or aged due to tooth loss. Along with that, it helps protect other teeth in the jaw from shifting.

Applicable to most tooth loss conditions

How much does teeth whitening cost 47
What is a dental implant?

Traditional denture implants are often quite picky about the patients they treat. Because for some people, denture implants cannot be performed because it will affect their strength or not change their aesthetics.

But, with dental implants, most situations can be done. Even in cases of long-term tooth loss, older people losing teeth, losing teeth in the entire jaw, losing jaw bone, etc.

How much does dental implant cost?

The cost of implant surgery is always the thing that many customers are most interested in. Because it is the most optimal method of tooth implantation and has the most advantages, the price of dental implants is often better than other methods of tooth implantation. So how much does a dental implant cost?

The cost of an implant depends on quite a few issues as follows:

Current dental condition

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What is a dental implant? How much does dental implant cost? Latest dental implant price list at BeDental

What the oral cavity is currently facing is one of the many things that determine the price of dental implants. Because if your oral health is healthy and has no diseases, the cost of dental implants will be less than in cases with diseases.

Notable for other serious cases such as receding gums and jawbone, periodontitis, etc., it will have to be completely treated before dental implants can be made. Currently, in addition to the cost of implants, you also have to pay additional fees for dental treatment. Since then, the overall budget has increased quite high.

Type of implant post

The product price of implants depends on the material or implant used. The reason is because the implant holds a direct function during the tooth restoration process.

In today’s business area, there are many types of implants for you to implant. This is because implant posts originate from the US, Korea, Switzerland, France, Germany, etc. Each brand of implant posts has its own advantages and disadvantages and the price also has a relatively large difference.

Depending on each of our economic conditions and current dental condition, you can choose the most suitable type of implant.

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Number of teeth requiring implant placement

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What is a dental implant? How much does dental implant cost? Latest dental implant price list at BeDental

How many teeth should you implant at the same time is what determines the amount of money you have to pay for the whole thing. The reason is because there are individuals who only lose 1 tooth, but there are others who lose 2 or 3 teeth, even the entire jaw due to some reason.

So how much does an implant cost? Prices in the business area usually vary from 13,000,000 VND – 30,000,000 VND depending on the type of implant chosen and whether there are jaw augmentation techniques or dental disease treatment.

However, if you have many teeth implanted at once, the retail price of 1 dental implant as above will gradually disappear. Because if you plant a lot, a total of highly rated dental clinics will have promotional plans.

Performed by dental facility

The last thing and also the factor that directly affects the price of dental implants is how much the dental facility is built with the chain of equipment and dentists. Each cosmetic dental clinic has different implant cost estimates.

At dental facilities that use state-of-the-art equipment, dental care services, and a team of experienced and talented dentists, they are often capable but cost more money than dental clinics with poor quality.

In addition, to protect aesthetics in all aspects, you should still go to a highly reputable dental clinic to practice implants and make dental implants. Because in reality, there are quite a few situations where, because of money and cheap desires, implants are done in unreliable places, leading to countless dangerous complications. In addition, if we choose a highly reputable unit, we will no longer worry about whether implant placement is painful.

BeDental – Address for reputable, cheap dental implants

At present, there are many areas receiving implants. However, this is a difficult technique, requiring good skills and modern equipment. Therefore, to avoid losing money, you need to go to highly reputable areas like Bedental.

At Bedental there are many types of implants for you to choose from. The estimated cost of dental implants or continuous dental implants is clearly informed to each customer before the time of implementation. Therefore, you can feel secure when using Bedental’s services.

Furthermore, Bedental is also honored for its dental implant solution by a very dedicated team of dentists. For each customer’s condition, their overall health will be checked before confirming whether they should plant or not. Which implant post is good and cheap?

Latest dental implant price list at BeDental

BeDental is known as one of the cheapest places to perform dental implants on the market. Please take a look at the detailed service price list

The above article has helped you answer the question: “What is a dental implant?“. Because it is almost impossible for children’s teeth to grow back, you need a suitable dental care regimen to best support your child. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to care for tooth decay in children, we will provide free help 24/7.

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