Should I have a lost tooth replanted? – 3 consequences of losing teeth

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Should I have a lost tooth replanted? In normal people, if the forbidden teeth are lost, they cannot grow back. However, it can also be restored through prosthetic dental measures such as chewing jaws, porcelain crowns and implants. So should a lost tooth be replanted? Should I choose the best banned dental method? How much does it cost?

What is a forbidden tooth?

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Should I have a lost tooth replanted? What is a forbidden tooth? Consequences of losing teeth

Molars number 6, commonly known as molars, are the largest molars. It plays an important role in chewing. Because this tooth mainly performs eating and chewing with tooth number 7 next to it.

Usually when children are about 6 or 8 years old, their teeth will begin to appear. Along with other teeth, they will grow parallel to each other. But the forbidden teeth will grow only once and will not be replaced by something similar to before.

In particular, molar number 6 is linked to the nerve system, sinuses and jaw. Therefore, it is impossible to arbitrarily extract teeth first. Loss of front teeth greatly affects eating, chewing and aesthetics. Losing teeth over a long period of time can be extremely serious, such as gingivitis, jaw fracture, and many other diseases.

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Consequences of losing teeth

The forbidden tooth usually grows only once in childhood, so if you are not aware of its importance and have improper nutrition and oral care, the risk of getting forbidden tooth decay is quite high. And because there are connections to these nerves, the risk of injury is also higher. Losing a tooth will cause the following consequences:

Reduces chewing function and affects the digestive system

Losing a tooth on one side means losing more than 70% of the chewing power of the entire tooth. Therefore, many people who lose this type of tooth are forced to change the side they eat because the forbidden tooth in the above position will gradually erode. Even if all two teeth fall out, the patient will change the biting force of these teeth, causing masticatory muscle dysfunction.

On the other hand, when food is not chewed thoroughly, it will affect the nervous system, causing the stomach to stimulate and contract even more strongly. In the long term, this diet will cause a number of diseases such as gastritis and chronic colitis…

Jaw bone loss and facial aging affect aesthetics

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Should I have a lost tooth replanted? What is a forbidden tooth? Consequences of losing teeth

The longer you leave your teeth in place, the jawbones in positions 6 and 7 will slowly disappear. At that time, the bone system protecting the jaw is reduced, leading to smaller cheeks, sagging facial muscles, and an unbalanced skeleton, causing the skin to age quickly and the face to look older than its actual age.

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Malocclusion, jaw deviation

At the location of the broken tooth, the surrounding teeth will tend to tilt and fall face down into that gap. The opposing tooth will protrude higher and longer, causing imbalance with the remaining teeth.

Should a missing tooth be replanted?

How much does teeth whitening cost 27 1
Should I have a lost tooth replanted? What is a forbidden tooth? Consequences of losing teeth

Through some of the above analysis, we have also shown the importance of forbidden teeth and the consequences of such loss without remedial measures. Therefore, when there is a loss, you should take the same corrective measures as before to limit future damage. Currently, there are a number of remedies as follows:

Growing forbidden teeth using the porcelain bridge method

Making a porcelain dental bridge when losing a tooth will create high facial aesthetics as well as support the function of eating and chewing naturally. To apply this method, the doctor will grind the shells of two broken real teeth into pillars and then attach a porcelain bridge on top.

However, the above method is applied to patients with 1 forbidden tooth number 6. Because if tooth number 7 is missing or both teeth (numbers 6 and 7) are broken at the same time, it will not be possible because not everyone has all the teeth. enough wisdom teeth and “wrong” wisdom teeth will be difficult to grind.

  • Advantage:

+ Treatment time is very quick, it can take 2-3 days.

+ Clean and safe oral hygiene and reduce some dental diseases.

+ Tightly attached teeth will have high swallowing ability.

+ High aesthetics and better hardness than removable artificial teeth.

On the other hand, dental implants using a toothbrush also have certain limitations such as:

  • Defect:

+ Because jaw bone loss continues, the gum area also shrinks

+ Can only be applied in cases where there is 1 forbidden tooth number 6 left.

+ Because it is necessary to take the dental nucleus of 2 teeth next to the lost tooth to make a new bridge. So in case there are teeth number 6 and number 7, the dental bridge grinding method must be applied because

+ Real teeth will become weak after the effects of chewing.

+ The lifespan is not long and must be replaced every time there is a jaw fracture, so each time you need to make many bridges, equivalent to using a tooth saw to create an abutment.

Because many of the above shortcomings still exist, we also have a new, more effective method: Implants. Depending on your needs and prohibited conditions, please learn about the following methods.

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Growing forbidden teeth using dental implant method

Implants are the orthodontic dental method that experts recommend the most today. Because after surgery, the patient will have perfect teeth with full functions similar to a real tooth.

Implant teeth have a unique structure consisting of 3 parts: Implant head, Abutment joint and porcelain crown. According to the procedure, the implant will be fixed to the jaw bone by the doctor. After about 3 – 6 months, when the bones and pillars integrate together, the doctor will proceed to put teeth with the same color and strength as real teeth using the Abutment joint.

  • Advantage:

+ Prevents jaw fractures and cheekbone aging.

+ Extremely high safety, implanted teeth have natural color.

+ Applicable in case of loss of front teeth.

+ There is no need to clean these two teeth to avoid the risk of more loss.

+ Prevents the misalignment of some teeth around the missing space.

+ Minimize oral diseases to avoid bad breath.

+ Has adhesion and biting ability similar to real teeth, allowing you to easily eat and drink, regardless of whether the food is soft or hard.

  • Defect:

+ Implant treatment costs are very high but should only be done once.

+ Implant care takes about 3-6 months, in some cases up to 9 months.

Is dental implant painful? Should I have a lost tooth replanted?

Should I have a lost tooth replanted?
Should I have a lost tooth replanted? What is a forbidden tooth? Consequences of losing teeth

Denture implants will be performed by a doctor before surgery and will not cause pain. The feeling of pain and numbness will last from 1-2 hours to a few days, but this is not serious because it is within the tolerable limit. The pain will decrease in 3-5 days.

If there are no signs of improvement, you should immediately find a reputable and quality dental center that will receive dedicated treatment from a doctor.

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Reputable dental locations and prohibitive dental implant costs

Choosing a reputable dental location is a very necessary issue. For some cases of missing teeth and having to use fake medicine as a replacement, experienced and reputable doctors are needed to have the most accurate examination and treatment.

Because the molars have many connections with nerves, high expertise is needed to limit unwanted errors. The above issues need to be performed by a highly qualified doctor to not only ensure the safety of the patient’s life but also long-term oral health in the future.

BeDental is still proud to be a reputable dental facility that has been present nationwide for many years. With a team of highly qualified and skilled doctors, combined with the newest and most advanced equipment today.

At BeDental, we provide the most optimal dental care and with experience in handling many successful dental implant cases, unnecessary incidents will definitely not occur. At BeDental, children will be advised on the methods that best suit them at a reasonable price.

Cost of dental implant at BeDental

The issue you care about a lot is what is the cost of forbidden dentistry? At BeDental, we provide you with a price list of prohibited dental services with the method of creating porcelain bridges and Implant treatments as follows:

Porcelain tooth price of porcelain dental bridge method:

Metal ceramic rack:

  • PH08 Price of normal metal ceramic teeth (Ni,Cr) 1,000,000
  • PH09 Vivadent france metal porcelain teeth price (Cr,Co) 1,200,000
  • PH10 Price of Jelenko USA metal porcelain teeth (Cr, Co) 1,500,000
  • PH11 Price of titanium metal porcelain teeth 2,500,000
  • PH20 Price of Katana Porcelain Teeth (7 year warranty) 2,900,000
  • PH19 Price of Venus Porcelain Teeth (7 year warranty) (Learn more…) 3,500,000
  • PH12 Price of Roland Porcelain Teeth (10 year warranty) (Learn more…) 4,500,000
  • PH13 Price of Roland HD Porcelain Teeth (10 year warranty) (Learn more…) 5,500,000
  • PH14 Price of Ceramill Porcelain Teeth (10 year warranty)(Learn more…) 6,000,000
  • PH15 Price of Emax Nanoceramics porcelain teeth (15 year warranty) 7,000,000
  • PH13-1 Price of HTsmile Porcelain Teeth (15 year warranty) (Learn more…) 7,000,000
  • PH15-1 Price of Emax* Press Lithium Disilicate Porcelain Teeth (15 year warranty) (Learn more…) 8,000,000

Metal-free ceramic rack:

  • PH15-2 Price of Cercon porcelain teeth (15 year warranty) (Learn more…) 7,000,000
  • PH16 Price of Nacera Pearl Shade Porcelain Teeth (10 year warranty) 7,000,000
  • PH17 Price of 3M Premium Plus Lava Porcelain Teeth (15 year warranty) (Learn more…) 8,000,000
  • PH21 Price of Lava Esthentics Porcelain Teeth (15 year warranty) 11,000,000
  • PH22 Price of Lisi Press Porcelain Teeth (15 year warranty) (Learn more…) 11,000,000
  • PH18 Price of Diamond Porcelain Teeth (Lifetime Warranty) 16,000,000

Price per Implant tooth of Dental Implant method:

  • IM01 Implant Price – Dentiumb (USA) (Learn more….) 18,000,000
  • IM02 Dental Implant Price – Dentium Implant (Korea) 15,000,000
  • IM03 Implant Price – Osstem (Korea) (Learn more…) 15,000,000
  • IM04 Implant Price – Tekka (France) (Learn more…) 23,000,000
  • IM05 Implant Price – Humana (Germany)

The above article has helped you answer the question: “Should I have a lost tooth replanted?“. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to care for tooth decay in children, we will provide free help 24/7.

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