How to attach gems to teeth and 4 common questions about

How to attach gems to teeth?

How to attach gems to teeth and is it harmful? With the development of dental technology, more and more dental services are being created to meet customer needs. Not only treating oral diseases, today’s dentists also develop many other fields and services in oral aesthetics.

The service of attaching gems to teeth is a quite popular service in recent years, popular with young people today because it helps bring a confident smile and express each person’s personality. However, is it really good to attach gemstones to teeth? Let’s find out with BeDental through this article!

How to attach gems to teeth?

How to attach gems to teeth?
How to attach gems to teeth? Should gemstones be attached to teeth? Can gems attached to teeth be removed later?

Teeth gemstone placement is a cosmetic dentistry service in which the doctor will attach a suitable gemstone used in dentistry to the tooth using a specialized dental glue. Depending on each individual’s needs, gems can be attached to the desired position on the teeth, or attached to the entire tooth to express personality and show off outstanding style.

Additionally, this denture was an aesthetic treatment that did not discriminate between social classes, as this gemstone could be found on both queens and commoners.

And now, the trend of attaching gems to teeth has exploded again. At the 2017 Met Gala, model Hailey Baldwin revealed two sparkling gems on her teeth, the photo garnered more than 400,000 likes.

It is predicted that this trend of tooth gemstones will be a popular dental aesthetic trend in the dental world.

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Should gemstones be attached to teeth?

For many, this is certainly a controversial and questionable approach. By attaching gems to the teeth and attaching another component to the teeth, they will remain in the oral environment for a long time. So is this material harmful to teeth and health?

However, this method has been accepted in the dental community and is considered a service area that dentists still apply according to client needs.

Therefore, if the service is performed by a reputable, safe dentistry with highly skilled doctors and the latest safety equipment, then attaching gems to teeth is completely safe for everyone, then you can rest assured. However, in addition to whether attaching gemstones to teeth is really absolutely safe or not, it also depends on different factors.

In particular, the reality is that the doctor’s skills are considered one of the important factors that determine whether or not it is safe to attach gemstones to teeth. Highly skilled and experienced doctors will be able to determine the position to attach the stone more accurately, and the process of attaching the stone will also become gentler, thereby helping to increase the aesthetics of the person’s teeth. but also ensures the oral health of our customers.

At the same time, with today’s advanced technology, the production and use of dental materials such as stone glue are often extracted from natural sources that do not contain ingredients toxic to the body and are safe for humans. 

In short, today’s stone setting has a modern way of using natural and benign materials along with the skills of professional doctors, which will be completely safe for users without harming tooth tissue or enamel as well as The ability of the stone to survive in the oral environment in a long-term way. Therefore, attaching gems to your teeth is absolutely safe. What you should do is choose a reputable dentist.

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What factors affect the effectiveness and quality of setting gems on teeth?

As we know, whether or not attaching gems to teeth is effective and safe depends on many different factors, but mainly depends on factors such as stone glue, stone setting technology, and quality. Quantity of the type of stone and dental address for setting the stone. These factors determine the cost of attaching gems to teeth


Considered one of the “Main Characters” in the stone setting process. Stone glue plays an important role in maintaining durability and oral safety when attaching gems to teeth for a long time. Therefore, stone glues of clear origin with modern technology as well as ingredients of natural origin will help ensure safety for customers’ oral health and help maintain durability. Long lasting, strongest adhesion for gemstones attached to teeth.

Technology to attach gems to teeth

With current stone setting technology, it has created high efficiency for customers who want to attach gemstones to their teeth. Accordingly, with current stone setting technology, dentists often apply two popular methods: attaching gems to perforated teeth and attaching gems to teeth without drilling holes.

For the method of attaching gemstones to perforated teeth: The doctor will clean around the tooth location where the stone needs to be attached and then punch a small hole on the tooth surface about 1 mm using a specialized drilling tool. The doctor will then attach the stone to this position with a specialized dental glue.

This method will help create stability for the stone when mounted. At the same time, just drilling a small hole in the tooth will not cause any impact on gum tissue or tooth health and will cause less irritation to the teeth.

For attaching gemstones to teeth without drilling holes: This is a new technology today. After cleaning the area in the mouth where the stone is attached, the doctor will use dental glue to attach the stone directly to the tooth. With this technology, it will not take much time or have an intrusive effect on the tooth surface. At the same time, when you no longer want to attach gems, the doctor can easily remove them.

However, this method will cause confusion if you are not familiar with attaching gems to your teeth.

Quality of gems attached to teeth

Currently, with the increasing need for aesthetic beauty, there are many different types of studded gemstones so that customers can choose to suit their style. The types of gems on the market today include: Dental diamonds, gemstones imported from Laos, Thailand, etc. Each type will have different prices and durability.

Normally, gemstones with high prices will often have higher quality, durability and adhesion. Therefore, in addition to aesthetics, before deciding which type of stone to attach, you should also consult and ask for advice from doctors to choose the right type of stone for you!

Dental clinic that attaches gems to teeth

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How to attach gems to teeth? Should gemstones be attached to teeth? Can gems attached to teeth be removed later?

The success of a case of placing gems on teeth will become more successful and ensure long-term safety when the service is performed at truly reputable dentists with modern technology and advanced machinery and equipment. This will help you minimize risks and achieve the best results when performing the service. Therefore, the results of stone setting will be guaranteed to be better than those of poor quality dental clinics.

It can be seen that although it is a simple and aesthetically pleasing dental service on the tooth surface, ensuring safety and providing good results depends on many factors. Based on the important factors above, you can consider when attaching gemstones to your teeth!

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How does the process of attaching gems to teeth usually take place?

In general, at dental clinics, the process of attaching gems to teeth will be carried out according to the following specific process:

Step 1: Screening and consultation

First, before performing a service, a screening examination of the customer’s dental or health situation is an indispensable process. Accordingly, the doctor will check in detail the customer’s current dental condition to see if it is really suitable to attach gemstones to the teeth or not.

At the same time, during this process, the doctor will also calculate and determine the best position to attach gems to his customer’s teeth so that the highest aesthetic results will be achieved.

Step 2: Clean the customer’s teeth

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How to attach gems to teeth? Should gemstones be attached to teeth? Can gems attached to teeth be removed later?

After determining the location of the stone, the doctor will clean the teeth to keep them clean, especially at the location where the stone needs to be attached to minimize infection during the stone installation process.

Step 3: Proceed to attach gems to teeth

Depending on the previous stone setting method, the doctor will follow the appropriate steps. Accordingly, if the method of attaching perforated gems is applied, the doctor will use a drill to drill into the required position near the previously determined stone. The size of the drill is usually small, only 1mm or corresponding to the stone to be attached. If the method is simply to attach gems to teeth, the doctor will not need to drill holes, but instead will mark the location where gemstones need to be attached.

Then, the doctor will place the stone in the correct drill hole or previously marked position with a specialized dental glue. At the same time, use a Halogen lamp to help the glue harden faster and keep the stone in place.

Step 4: Polish the teeth and complete the process of attaching stones to the teeth

After the stone is attached to the tooth and the glue dries, when the stone is firmly on the tooth, the doctor will proceed with polishing the areas where the stone has just been attached. Setting gemstones will help teeth and stones become smoother and more beautiful. This completes the process of attaching stones to teeth.

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Frequently asked questions about placing gems on teeth

Below are the questions that dentistry receives the most from people. We will answer right below!

Does attaching gemstones to teeth affect tooth enamel? With today’s dental methods, attaching stones to teeth does not damage tooth enamel. Because they do not have a strong impact or invade the tooth surface.

Can gems attached to teeth be removed later?

After a period of wearing the stone, for some reason you want to remove the stone, this is completely possible. If the traditional dental stone setting method requires punching holes, then after removing the stone, the drilled part on the tooth will be filled to fill again. The cost of filling and filling holes is about 150,000 – 200,000 VND. If with the current method of attaching gemstones, there is no need to punch holes, then when you go to the dentist, the doctor will remove the gemstones at the attachment position more easily, preserving the integrity of your teeth.

Does putting gemstones on teeth cause pain and discomfort?

With the current method of attaching dental stones, it does not require punching holes in the teeth and will not cause pain or discomfort for you. Because after determining the location of the stone and cleaning that position cleanly, the doctor will use specialized dental glue to attach the stone to the tooth with simple operations and it only takes 15 minutes for you to have teeth with good quality. The studded stone is extremely prominent and sparkling.

Is the stone attached to teeth durable and how long does it last?

Currently, stone glues are often made from high-quality resin, so they have very high adhesion. Therefore, stones attached to teeth with this type of glue will have strong and durable adhesion and will be difficult to fall off. Usually the stone will stick to the teeth for a very long time and depends on chewing and hygiene habits. your teeth, which affects how long the stone lasts on your teeth or not.

For the method of attaching tooth stones without perforations, it is easier to peel off the tooth surface when there is a strong impact such as chewing hard objects and brushing too hard or improperly. Therefore, depending on your needs, choose the appropriate tooth stone attachment method.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “How to attach gems to teeth?“. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to care for tooth decay in children, we will provide free help 24/7.

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