Teeth studded with diamonds – Should I get my teeth studded with diamonds or not?

Teeth studded with diamonds have become the hottest beauty trend today. However, many people also wonder whether diamond-studded teeth are harmful or not. To help you solve this problem, in the article below, BeamDental has compiled for you what you need to know when making diamond teeth.

Teeth studded with diamonds

Teeth studded with diamonds
Teeth studded with diamonds: Who is suitable for attaching diamonds to teeth? How long do diamond crowns last? How to take care of your teeth?

In addition to cosmetic methods such as porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers…, diamond porcelain teeth are also an option to help you have a more impressive smile in front of everyone.

Diamond-studded teeth are a popular and affordable cosmetic dentistry method. This method of attaching small diamonds to your teeth helps you make a good impression on the other person. Gradually, the diamond teeth trend is becoming the hottest cosmetic dentistry trend.

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Advantages of diamond tooth attachment method

Diamond teeth are becoming the hottest beauty trend as they possess many benefits:

  • Diamond porcelain teeth will help you have a charming and confident smile. A sparkling diamond will help you stand out when you smile, making an impression on the other person.
  • Safety: Compared to other cosmetic dental methods, the diamond dental method is very simple and absolutely safe. The diamonds that are attached to your teeth when you go to the dentist are clearly quality tested. Modern dental technology is non-invasive, non-toxic and does not affect health.
  • Good adhesion: When attaching diamonds to teeth at professional dentists, teeth studded with diamonds always ensure good adhesion, you will not have to worry about peeling, leaking glue… Under the strong impact of diet, diamonds do not fall easily so you can still eat and drink normally.

Who is suitable for attaching diamonds to teeth?

Applying diamonds to your teeth can only be done when your oral health is good. This method can be done with all clients, just make sure:

  • Teeth are strong and the enamel is not worn away.
  • Teeth are not chipped or broken.
  • Teeth are bright white and uniform in color.
  • If you have dental diseases, you must treat them before placing diamonds on your teeth.

Are diamond-studded teeth painful and dangerous? What is the method of diamond-studded teeth?

There are two methods of attaching diamond teeth: the method of attaching diamond teeth with drilled holes and without drilling holes.

Diamond hole drilling method.

The method of drilling teeth with diamonds is anesthesia, then the doctor will drill holes in the teeth, then use glue to attach diamonds to the teeth. This method is invasive to the tooth, the drill will impact the tooth enamel, reducing the lifespan of the tooth. In addition, when drilling holes in teeth, if not careful, it will break the tooth or cause pain and sensitivity.

Diamond teeth method without drilling holes.

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Teeth studded with diamonds: Who is suitable for attaching diamonds to teeth? How long do diamond crowns last? How to take care of your teeth?

Teeth with diamonds without holes are made by using a specialized glue to fix the position of the diamond on the tooth. This method is non-invasive to protect teeth.

The process of attaching diamond teeth without punching holes.

The process of installing diamonds on prongs is quite simple. You will not have pain before or after diamond teeth surgery.

  • Step 1: Prepare.

Before performing the diamond setting procedure, your dentist will clean your tooth enamel.

  • Step 2: Diamond teeth.

First, the dentist will use an adhesive and composite – a plastic material designed for teeth, and then apply it to the location where the dental diamond will be attached.

Next, the dentist will use tools to attach stones to the composite.

To help the glue dry quickly, the dentist will use a special lamp to harden the composite. This process usually only takes about 20-60 seconds so the ice can stay on the tooth.

  • Step 3: Take care of your teeth after having diamonds attached.

You should avoid brushing your teeth vigorously and eating spicy or sticky foods.

Good oral hygiene.

Don’t push, don’t pry…the ice is attached to the tooth.

BeamDental recommends that you choose the non-perforated diamond-studded dental method because this method damages tooth enamel, is invasive… causing pain and sensitivity.

Today there are many dental facilities that provide diamond setting services. You can get diamond dental veneers at home or go to a dental clinic. However, for best results, you should go to a dentist to have diamonds placed on your teeth. To remove gems from your teeth, you can wait for them to fall out on their own or go to a dentist to have them removed.

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How long do diamond crowns last?

The lifespan of stone on teeth is usually 2 to 3 years or more. The time it takes to attach the diamond to the tooth will vary depending on the tooth surface, diamond quality and the doctor’s skill.

People with strong, hard, strong and healthy teeth will have longer lifespan of diamond-coated teeth and conversely, people with sparse and weak teeth will have shorter lifespan of diamond-coated teeth. To overcome this situation, you can combine porcelain crowns before attaching diamonds.

The doctor’s skill is also the factor that determines how long the diamond will last on your teeth. Experienced dentists provide a guarantee of quality and aesthetic results. Additionally, choosing an experienced dentist can give you more confidence in reducing your risk of dental disease after diamond surgery.

In addition, diamond quality also affects beauty and longevity. A poor quality diamond will tarnish and lose its shine after a while… Worse, it will make your teeth sensitive and cause pain, you should choose a good dentist. A reputable dentist will provide quality diamonds and prevent complications. Below are some customer experiences when attaching diamond teeth at the dentist.

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Complications when getting teeth studded with diamonds.

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Teeth studded with diamonds: Who is suitable for attaching diamonds to teeth? How long do diamond crowns last? How to take care of your teeth?

One of the biggest concerns with diamond-encrusted teeth is that the diamonds can eject from the teeth and be swallowed.

Other complications you may encounter when getting gold crowns with diamonds are:

Gingivitis or surrounding gum recession

One of the dental risks of diamond surgery is gingivitis. Gingivitis caused by diamond surgery can cause gum irritation if the diamond is hard or sharp.

Worn tooth enamel

The enamel is thin and the places where you place the diamonds are the weak points of your teeth. This area can become worn or chipped, causing pain and tooth sensitivity.

Lip damage

Rubbing the diamond against your lips can cause cuts and scratches.


There are parts that cannot be wiped clean due to stickiness. Neglecting these areas can lead to tooth decay. To prevent cavities, you can use dental floss as directed by your dentist. Otherwise, you may increase your risk of tooth decay.


Jewelry in your mouth can create bad odors, but proper cleaning can help prevent this.

Oral infections

One of the dental risks is tooth infection due to tooth decay. Bacteria in the oral cavity can enter areas where dental composites have degraded, causing tooth discoloration and tooth loss. Risks to your teeth include the possibility of tooth infection if you have diamond crowns done by an unqualified professional at a reputable dentist. Seek advice regularly and have diamonds placed in your teeth.

You should see a qualified dentist with experience in this area. This helps prevent future infections and other complications, and allows you to properly care for your teeth.

Diamond cosmetic procedures are less risky than other types of cosmetic procedures, but they can still affect your overall oral health. The main threats from diamond processes are damage to tooth enamel and tooth decay. With diamond teeth, food and dirt can collect around and under your jewelry.

Discoloration weakens teeth, making brushing and plaque removal more difficult. Tooth decay can occur on teeth and can lead to more serious problems such as plaque buildup, infection, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, tooth discoloration, gingivitis and disease.

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How to take care of your teeth after having your teeth filled with diamonds.

When brushing your teeth, use a gentle toothbrush, avoid brushing too hard on the diamonds on your teeth. Do not chew hard foods such as toadstools or bread with stone teeth.

To prolong the life of teeth, dentists should choose specialized setting stones at special dental clinics to limit tissue and tooth damage and improve adhesion.

You should choose a location to attach the diamond that has little contact with your lips, cheeks or food.

Answers to some questions about setting stones on teeth.

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Teeth studded with diamonds: Who is suitable for attaching diamonds to teeth? How long do diamond crowns last? How to take care of your teeth?
  1. Is stone on teeth for men or women?

Stone setting can be done by both men and women. This method is independent of the subject, but if you are under 18 years old, please get parental consent before placing the stone.

  1. How do I get diamonds out when I no longer want them?

If you want to remove your dental jewelry, your dentist can always remove it. The teeth are polished to remove any remaining binding material.

  1. Will having diamonds on my teeth harm my teeth?

When diamonds are properly placed into natural teeth, they will not scratch or damage the teeth. This depends on how you care for your teeth at home. Not brushing your jewelry properly can increase your risk of tooth decay.

  1. Can I still go to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned after going to the dentist to have my teeth set with diamonds?

Diamonds do not cause difficulties for hygienists when cleaning teeth. The bottom part of the bead is closed like a filling to prevent bacteria from entering. Dentists can easily polish over and around the gemstone.

There are many prices on the market for attaching diamonds to teeth. You should consider the cost and quality of service before making a decision. Above is all the information about teeth studded with diamonds that BeamDental wants to share with you. If you have any questions, please contact BeamDental via hotline or website. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

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