What causes tooth decay? 6 effective ways to prevent tooth decay

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What causes tooth decay? Forbidden teeth, also known as teeth located in the most important chewing position in the teeth, are formed quite early, around the age of 6. Along with tooth number 7, this is also the type of tooth with the highest possibility of decay if hygiene is poor. Food left on the jaw surface that is not washed for a long time will create conditions for germs to penetrate and cause decay. tooth. So what causes tooth decay? Should decayed teeth be extracted?

What are the typical symptoms of decayed teeth?

Tooth decay and pain occur for different reasons. Some other causes to mention include tooth decay, gingivitis, tooth root abscess, pulpitis, gum ulcers, loose teeth after impact, etc. .. The following are the signs that will occur when the tooth feels painful depending on the level:

  • Feeling of pain while eating or performing oral hygiene. Sometimes pain also appears while we are sleeping.
  • When eating warm, sour, salty, or sweet foods, the teeth appear numb or are also known as sensitive teeth. Weather changes in teeth also have some similar symptoms.
  • Bleeding at the location of the loose tooth and possibly accompanied by pus secretion is also a sign of tooth pain.
  • The mouth becomes dry due to some progressive dental diseases. The tongue will have a faint bitter taste and reduce appetite when chewing.
  • Finding it difficult to open your tongue and having a high fever at night are signs of a sore, swollen throat.

What causes tooth decay?

How much does teeth whitening cost 21 1
What causes tooth decay? Is tooth decay dangerous? Should decayed teeth be extracted?

There are many reasons why we have tooth decay. Here are the main causes of teeth wearing out quickly:

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The teething position is not convenient for cleaning

Because the molars are deep in the jaw and not easy to see, taking care of them is much more difficult. Excess food debris will stick to the tooth surface just below the teeth gaps when not rinsed clean. If left untreated for a long time, plaque will form, which is an opportunity for bacteria to grow, destroy tooth enamel, and even cause tooth decay.

Teeth morphology is not good

The forbidden teeth have an anatomical structure with a rather large chewing surface, full of holes and grooves, so while eating, crushing food can easily get stuck and then stuffed. Over time, bacteria will form inside and grow, causing tooth decay.

Especially for patients who often consume fast food and carbonated beverages, the risk of additional teeth growing is very easy to cause.

Too much tartar

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What causes tooth decay? Is tooth decay dangerous? Should decayed teeth be extracted?

After eating and drinking, if your teeth are not polished, the oils, salts and acids in food will stick to the tooth surface, causing the dentin layers to become thinner. This contributes to creating favorable conditions for bacteria to enter the teeth, causing tooth decay.

Tartar will accumulate in patients who have improper oral care habits. Initially, plaque may be thin tissue, but if not treated promptly, long-term accumulation will cause teeth to become sparse and porous. This will create an ideal environment for tooth decay bacteria to grow.

Not only does it cause tooth decay, tartar is also the cause of dangerous oral diseases such as gingivitis, canker sores, and dark lips.

Tooth enamel is too severely damaged

If you brush your teeth vertically with high pressure, the dentin layer will wear more than usual, causing them to weaken and lose their protective function.

This enamel is a shield for the teeth against damaging agents from inside the teeth. However, the dentin layer can also be damaged by many different agents. In the opinion of many dentists, damaged tooth enamel will create favorable conditions for tooth decay to penetrate and develop strongly into the bone marrow.

Habit of grinding teeth

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What causes tooth decay? Is tooth decay dangerous? Should decayed teeth be extracted?

Teeth grinding is also one of the factors that cause tooth decay and prevents teeth from being extracted. Because when a tooth is extracted, the dentin layer on the chewing surface will be damaged, so if the tooth is thin, the risk of disease is higher.

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Is tooth decay dangerous?

Tooth decay is when bacteria invade the tooth, creating holes in the surface of the tooth, damaging the structure of the tooth pulp and enamel. Besides, long-term tooth decay that is not treated promptly will cause enamel inflammation, pulp blockage, etc. .. dries your mouth, reduces taste, even causes tooth loss and has negative effects on your health.

Tooth decay will reduce oral health

Tooth decay, if not treated early, will lead to many serious complications. The longer it is left, the deeper the bacteria will penetrate into the tooth crown and increase the level of disease and damage to the tooth crown.

In some more serious cases, the bacteria will follow the crown of the tooth and then move to the jawbone and neighboring gums. Especially when there are other nerves under the teeth.

Therefore, when tooth decay occurs, it is even more necessary to diagnose and treat the disease early to reduce the risk of tooth loss and damage to health in general.

Tooth decay negatively affects the digestive system

When you have tooth decay, eating and chewing will become more difficult than usual. Most people will have anorexia or not chew thoroughly. This will cause the nervous system to be negatively affected.

Tooth decay causes pain, causing stress and insomnia

When tooth decay occurs, pain will appear with increasing frequency. In particular, the level of pain is even more pronounced early in the morning or late at night while resting. That is also the reason why many people with tooth decay often have trouble sleeping, especially insomnia. When the body lacks sleep, the body is tired, and health decline is inevitable.

Should decayed teeth be extracted?

The forbidden teeth are the last teeth in the molars that are responsible for chewing food before it enters the stomach to metabolize and supplement nutrients for the body. Therefore, the forbidden tooth plays a very important role.

Once a tooth is damaged, it needs to be treated and restored soon, otherwise it will affect the body’s normal eating function. In case of extraction, the new tooth should also have a chewing force commensurate with its main function.

According to the way you describe the pain of the tooth, it is very likely that it has serious pulpitis. Normally, if the tooth is inflamed, we will treat it first to restore it like a new tooth and tooth replacement is the last resort. when the tooth cannot be retained.

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Does tooth extraction have any effects?

The purpose of tooth removal is to ensure that surrounding teeth are not damaged, combined with good oral health care, to prevent further serious complications from occurring.

However, missing teeth corresponds to the lack of teeth that take on this task and there is a gap at the location of tooth loss. This will have a negative impact on the chewing function of your teeth. Without appropriate treatment, this tooth will be at risk of loosening towards the gap, causing damage to the jaw structure. In addition, jaw bone loss will occur when the biting force gradually decreases.

Therefore, when tooth decay is severe, the doctor will advise the patient to receive treatment to minimize the risks that tooth extraction creates.

Is it dangerous to extract a decayed tooth?

The question customers ask at this time is “Is it dangerous if the tooth decays?” Compared to normal teeth, tooth extraction requires more advanced techniques. This is where too many nerves converge, so if done incorrectly, it will easily cause negative effects on the teeth and can especially cause tooth death. That is also the reason why customers must always check information carefully before doing dental work.

The success of treating damaged teeth depends on many other factors. If you go to reputable hospitals and dentists, you will receive the most attentive care. The doctor’s skills and sterile room system plus the support of technology are essential. When looking for a reputable dental clinic, customers should pay attention to these factors. Absolutely do not go to these facilities for dental work. Prevent negative impacts on the environment.

What should I do if my tooth is decayed?

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What causes tooth decay? Is tooth decay dangerous? Should decayed teeth be extracted?

You should not be negligent about the tooth decaying more and more. Go to a reputable dental clinic for advice and appropriate treatment methods. Depending on the level of depth and treatment method, there will be changes.

When the cavity is moderate and the cavity is just beginning to form, the doctor will cut out the cavity. Next, choose the appropriate dental material and then patch it.

So can a decayed tooth be fixed? According to some dentists, porcelain crowns that are too deep will create a shield for teeth that are not affected by bacteria, thereby preventing tooth decay from spreading.

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In cases where tooth decay has penetrated the pulp and caused inflammation of the pulp, the doctor needs to remove the pulp, then clean the inflamed area before filling it or replacing the porcelain tooth.

If porcelain fillings are performed on normal teeth, the lifespan will be extended for about 8 – 10 years, or even longer with appropriate protection and care.

Normally, preserving teeth is the top principle that dentists aim for when treating patients, because missing teeth will cause misalignment of surrounding teeth much more quickly and seriously. Bone loss in the jaw after tooth extraction also makes the face show signs of aging and become more ugly.

In cases where there are too many missing teeth and cannot be treated, doctors are forced to decide to permanently remove these teeth to ensure patient safety and prevent the spread of tooth decay to remaining teeth. again.

After tooth extraction, the use of dentures to restore teeth immediately is necessary to ensure aesthetics, chewing ability and minimize harmful effects caused by tooth loss, such as general health deterioration, tooth loss. Looseness of remaining teeth and risk of jaw fracture.

How much does it cost to get a dental filling and how much does it cost to extract a decayed tooth?

After determining whether the tooth is too deep or not, you should go to a reputable dental facility so the doctor can advise you on your current dental condition, and know in advance if you will need braces and crowns. porcelain or cutting the entire tooth.

After that, the price for re-filling and replacing all teeth will be discussed in detail by the doctor. The current purchase price for cavities ranges from 300,000 – 500,000 VND depending on the type of tooth, covering material and time. The price of dental extraction ranges from 800,000 – 3,500,000/tooth, depending on the time of tooth eruption and the specific condition of the tooth.

Effective ways to prevent tooth decay

What causes tooth decay
What causes tooth decay? Is tooth decay dangerous? Should decayed teeth be extracted?

Rotten teeth pose hidden dangers to the patient’s health. Therefore, you should have a prevention plan in advance with some of the following notes:

  • Focus on regular oral care by cleaning your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • You should choose a light-bristled toothbrush to limit damage to dentin and only brush your teeth in a vertical direction.
  • Using a little dental floss and mouthwash will help polish your teeth best.
  • Limit the use of foods and drinks with high sugar content.
  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • You should brush your teeth regularly and clean your teeth at least once every 6 months to prevent dental diseases.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “What causes tooth decay?“. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to have more precious information, we will provide free help 24/7.

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