How to remove tooth gems and what to keep in mind when doing so

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How to remove tooth gems? Putting stones on your teeth is currently a popular trend in recent years. Sticking stones on your teeth will help give you a radiant and attractive smile. However, after setting the stone, there may be some cases where the stone comes off or people want to remove the tooth stone. So is it possible to remove dental gems? How to remove tooth gems and what to note?

Besides wondering if it is possible to attach tooth stones at home, many people also wonder if it is possible to remove tooth stones at home? So let’s find out the above information with Beamdental through the article below to find answers to the above questions!

How to remove tooth gems and things you should know when doing it – Why do dental crowns come off or pop?

How much does teeth whitening cost 17 1
How to remove tooth gems? Is it difficult to remove tooth gems? Should you remove dental implants at home?

Whether or not tooth gems become dislodged or fall depends on many different factors, mainly from the main causes such as:

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Oral care regimen after stone placement

Oral care after stone placement includes brushing your teeth properly, rinsing your mouth, using dental floss to clean your teeth, etc., which is very important because it will help protect your teeth and the beauty of the stone. However, if your oral care regimen is not performed well and you regularly eat foods that are too hot or too cold for a long time, it may gradually reduce the bond of the gemstone glue to your teeth. In addition, the impact from brushing your teeth too closely and strongly will also cause the stone to become dislodged or dropped.

The type of glue that attaches stones to teeth

In addition to choosing quality tooth stones, in the process of attaching tooth stones, if you use cheap, low-quality, substandard stone glue, the stones attached to your teeth can only be maintained for a short time. may be dislodged. In the long run, it will also lead to the stone peeling off or falling due to impact or temperature.

Installing stones with teeth using glue is usually the most popular choice today, however, to maintain long-term beauty and durability, you should choose a reputable place to do it and use specialized, standard stone-setting glue.

Due to the technical level and skills of the doctor

Although the process of attaching dental stones is quite simple, it requires a high level of technical expertise and a lot of experience to be able to perforate and attach stones without damaging the dentin and pulp of the tooth. tooth.

For dentists with poor skills, if the procedure is not carried out properly and is not professional, it will cause the stones to be unstable, easily peel off, fall, and affect the durability of the teeth. can cause a feeling of sensitivity, worn tooth enamel, weak teeth and signs of looseness.

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Is it difficult to remove tooth gems?

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How to remove tooth gems? Is it difficult to remove tooth gems? Should you remove dental implants at home?

We all know about the process of attaching stones to teeth, but no one talks about how to remove them. In fact, removing dental gems is extremely simple and does not take much time, usually only about 10 – 15 minutes. However, once removed, the stone can be scratched or broken, so it usually cannot be reused.

As for the teeth after the gems have been removed, the doctor will perform cosmetic fillings on the teeth studded with gems by drilling holes in the teeth and polishing the position where the gems were attached to restore the tooth’s intact shape. teeth as before. As for teeth using the stone-setting method without drilling holes, you only need to clean and polish the stone-setting position.

If from the beginning, the customer applies good stone setting technology, the doctor’s skills are technical and professional, and does not invade the real teeth, then removing the tooth stone will be much easier.

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How to remove tooth gems?

Just like attaching stones to teeth, removing tooth stones is just a fairly simple step. However, we rarely hear people mention information about how to remove dental implants. So how is tooth stone removal done?

Step 1: General dental examination

Just like attaching stones to teeth, before removing the stones, the doctor will do a general dental examination to see if there are any dental problems and whether or not they are qualified to remove the stones.

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Step 2: How to remove tooth stones

If the teeth do not have any serious problems, the dentist will proceed to remove the stone from the attached position, then perform cosmetic filling if the stone is attached using the technique of drilling a hole to return it. intact condition of the teeth.

Step 3: Polish the tooth surface

After filling the teeth (if any), the dentist will polish the surface of the stone-attached area and let the customer clean their teeth again after the stone is removed.

Step 4: Complete

The final step is to check whether the stone removal has been completed or not and instruct the customer on how to take care of their teeth after removal to avoid being harmed by bacteria or causing damage to the teeth.

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Should you remove dental implants at home?

How to remove tooth gems
How to remove tooth gems? Is it difficult to remove tooth gems? Should you remove dental implants at home?

The process and method of removing tooth gems is quite simple and quick, only taking about 15 – 20 minutes, so people think that they can do it themselves at home. However, dental experts have said that removing dental implants at home is not recommended because it does not ensure absolute safety for your teeth.

The importance of seeking professional dental care for the removal of tooth stones cannot be overstated, as highlighted by Beamdental’s insights. Attempting to remove these stones at home poses various risks to oral health and aesthetics.

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When tooth stones are attached by drilling a hole, their removal can leave behind unsightly marks resembling cavities. These marks not only compromise the aesthetic appearance of the teeth but also indicate potential damage to the enamel and underlying structures. Neglecting to address these issues through proper dental intervention can lead to severe consequences, including bacterial invasion and the development of dental diseases affecting the dentin and tooth roots.

Even if tooth stones are affixed with adhesive, the removal process still requires professional expertise to prevent damage to the enamel and ensure thorough cleansing of residual glue. Failure to remove excess adhesive can mar the smile’s aesthetics and compromise the integrity of the enamel, leaving teeth vulnerable to decay and other complications.

Therefore, the safest and most effective approach to tooth stone removal is to seek the expertise of a reputable dental clinic. Professional dentists possess the necessary skills and equipment to perform the procedure safely, preserving both oral health and the aesthetic appeal of the smile. By entrusting the removal of tooth stones to trained professionals, individuals can safeguard their dental well-being and enjoy the confidence of a healthy, radiant smile.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “How to remove tooth gems?“. While the removal of tooth gems is a specific aspect of dental care, addressing tooth decay in children requires a comprehensive and proactive approach. By partnering with Bedental, families can access expert guidance and support to ensure the optimal dental health of their children, fostering healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

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