Where should I get my wisdom teeth extracted?

Where should I get my wisdom teeth extracted?

Where should I get my wisdom teeth extracted? Basically, removing a wisdom tooth is much more complicated than other teeth. Therefore, if you have determined that you have to undergo extraction, you should find a reputable dental address to perform minor surgery.

So where to get wisdom teeth extracted that is both cheap and good? Should wisdom tooth extraction in a hospital or clinic be the best option? Don’t rush, in the article below we will help you find detailed answers to choose the most reputable and quality address for tooth extraction number 8.

Is it really necessary to have wisdom teeth extracted?

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Where should I get my wisdom teeth extracted? Should wisdom teeth be extracted at a hospital or dental clinic? Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

To date, whether wisdom teeth should be extracted or not is still controversial. One side believes that wisdom teeth are just existing teeth in the body. You don’t necessarily have to cut it out, but you have to be patient and abstain for many days. The other party has experience or scientific knowledge and knows that wisdom teeth pose too many potential risks, so they support early wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom tooth extraction is necessary to avoid the risk of dental diseases.

Wisdom tooth extraction is necessary to avoid the risk of dental diseases

Most of us will have at least one wisdom tooth in our lifetime. If you want to know whether tooth extraction is really necessary, you can see a good dentist for advice. Or take some time to learn more about the 5 reasons to remove wisdom teeth early that BeamDental shares below:

Wisdom teeth can destroy the bone and teeth around it

After eruption, wisdom teeth often have a fairly narrow emerging area. Therefore, they always tend to grow obliquely, growing horizontally to neighboring teeth. This causes other teeth to lose their roots, become loose and eventually decay or lose teeth. More dangerously, when not detected and treated promptly, it can lead to infection. Then it spreads to areas other than the oral cavity such as the nose, ears… At this point, dangerous health effects are unavoidable.

Wisdom teeth grow irregularly, causing misalignment of the entire jaw

They are called wisdom teeth, but they have their own way of working and do not follow any rules. Therefore, we cannot know when this tooth grows, where it grows and what shape it has. It is not until the pain, swelling and X-rays are gone that you are “surprised” to realize how abnormally this tooth is growing. Although it is the last tooth to grow, this number 8 tooth can push the teeth next to it. A wisdom tooth can crowd 2 molars, 2 molars and 1 canine. If not detected and treated promptly, the front teeth will also grow crowded. Therefore, it destroys the entire previous tooth structure, causing extremely serious loss of aesthetics.

It is one of the causes of persistent bad breath

If wisdom teeth grow crookedly, the formation of gaps is unavoidable. These gaps are often filled with leftover food. In addition, because it pushes deep into the innermost part of the jawbone, the cleaning process is even more difficult. This will lead to poor oral hygiene, the appearance of many bacteria that cause bad breath and in the long term can lead to complications such as tooth decay.

Wisdom teeth make the jaw weak and brittle

Around the wisdom tooth is considered by experts to be a place with potential risk of developing dangerous oral diseases such as: dental cysts, cellulitis, jaw bone loss, etc. Most of these diseases reduce bone strength. It also affects the inherent chewing function of the jaw.

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Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

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Where should I get my wisdom teeth extracted? Should wisdom teeth be extracted at a hospital or dental clinic? Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

Wisdom tooth extraction has become an obsession for most customers. Previous wisdom tooth extraction methods were often harsh, invasive, and painful for a long time. However, with today’s modern technology, wisdom tooth extraction is no longer too painful.

You should look for reputable wisdom tooth extraction locations that use many modern machines to perform the procedure. For example, Coc ultrasound machines, laser machines, etc. help remove wisdom teeth faster and minimize pain.

With the skills of a good dentist, cutting gums and removing wisdom teeth is no longer an obsession. The dentist will numb the tooth during the extraction process so you will not feel any pain. After the anesthetic wears off, you can still relieve pain by taking prescription antibiotics.

In addition, today’s wisdom tooth extraction also minimizes the step of thread removal. Most doctors use self-dissolving threads so you will not have to feel pain and discomfort on the day of stitch removal like before.

Where is a reputable place to have wisdom teeth removed: Criteria to help you make the most objective assessment

Customers’ need for wisdom tooth extraction is increasing day by day. In addition to the desire for a cheap location for wisdom tooth extraction, quality and safety criteria are also top priorities. So where should you choose to have your wisdom teeth extracted? Below are 6 criteria to help you evaluate the quality of dental services in the best and most objective way:

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License to operate dental services

The first requirement to help you determine a good and reliable location for wisdom tooth extraction is that the facility must have a business license from the Department of Health. Usually, underground dental clinics will not have a business license. And this is also where many potential dangers lie such as: poor quality dental equipment, less sterile operating room, high risk of complications,…

Therefore, you should learn carefully about the dental clinic where you intend to examine and extract teeth. If necessary, ask them for a business license so they have more confidence in their choice.

The dental team must be good and have solid expertise

Oral and maxillofacial doctors are the team that directly performs dental examinations and extractions. Therefore, prioritize addresses that are highly appreciated for the expertise of their dental team.

The heart of what makes a good dentist is: solid expertise, a bachelor’s degree in dentistry, many years of experience, learning a lot about treatment methods,…

Choose a place with a good dentist, you won’t have to worry too much about tooth extraction. The entire process is gentle, painless and minimizes risks.

The dental clinic is fully equipped with modern machinery and equipment

Currently, dental machinery has greatly contributed to making the treatment process simpler, faster and more accurate. If you want to know where is a good place to have wisdom teeth extracted, you can check whether the facilities, including machinery and equipment, meet standards or not. Thanks to machines, dental examination and assessment are much more accurate. If necessary, the excision procedure will be positioned in the right position for a quick, painless surgery with few complications.

The examination process must be standard

Most reputable dental clinics follow the standard approval process, with fewer steps. Because the process of examining and checking medical history and health status before tooth extraction is extremely important. They help analyze and evaluate whether to extract or not, which extraction method is best, and avoid unforeseen risks. Therefore, you should find a dental clinic that still follows the standard review process to provide a treatment regimen suitable for each person’s condition.

The dental address must ensure sterility

Sterility is a prerequisite for the medical industry. Sterility ensures hygiene and prevents cross-infection. Therefore, to ensure safety during the extraction of tooth number 8, you must choose a dental clinic that performs well with equipment, tools, machines and even a small operating room.

Prices are listed and transparent before work

The last thing that helps you know where to get cheap wisdom tooth extraction is whether their service price list is clear and transparent or not. Most underground, low-quality dental units always have ambiguous behavior regarding prices. After the tooth extraction, they give an estimate and the customer has no choice but to pay a very high cost compared to the market. But when choosing the right quality dental clinic, the price for wisdom tooth extraction will be determined specifically before the procedure.

Should wisdom teeth be extracted at a hospital or dental clinic?

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Where should I get my wisdom teeth extracted? Should wisdom teeth be extracted at a hospital or dental clinic? Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

The decision to have wisdom teeth extracted at a hospital or dental clinic is also a matter of concern to many customers. There are mixed opinions that hospital extraction is both cheap and good. But there is also an opinion that tooth extraction at a private dental clinic is safer because there are many modern machines to assist. So where can you get quality and cheap wisdom tooth extraction?

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Advantages – Disadvantages of having tooth number 8 extracted at the hospital


Wisdom tooth extraction at the hospital is an option chosen by many customers because:

  • According to Vietnamese psychology, medical examination and treatment services at the hospital always bring peace of mind. Regardless of serious complications, hospitals also manage outpatient services better.
  • During the tooth extraction process, when a dangerous incident occurs, the medical staff of the departments will provide timely support.
  • In some cases, there are underlying diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hemophilia, etc. Wisdom tooth extraction in the hospital will be safer. Because often in these cases, the dentist will consult another specialist and find a suitable solution.
  • The cost of tooth extraction outside the hospital is cheaper than at a private clinic. If you receive additional health insurance benefits, the cost of wisdom tooth extraction will be cheaper.


  • Wisdom tooth extraction at Maxillofacial Hospital or Wisdom Tooth Extraction at University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital is one of the reputable dental hospitals with reasonable costs that you can refer to.


Although it brings many benefits, wisdom tooth extraction at the hospital also has some disadvantages, specifically as follows:

  • If you have a tooth extracted at the hospital, you will spend a lot of time waiting and waiting.
  • The wisdom tooth extraction process at the hospital is quite cumbersome with many steps.
  • You are not free to choose a dentist to directly perform your tooth extraction. The consultation process before tooth extraction is sometimes shallow and detailed step by step because of the overload of patients.

Advantages – Disadvantages of wisdom teeth extraction at the dental clinic


Wisdom tooth extraction service at the dental clinic is also chosen by many customers because:

  • Quick check-in procedures and appointment scheduling. You can consult, make an appointment online and go directly to the clinic to have your tooth extracted without having to wait long.
  • The tooth extraction process at the clinic is often meticulous step by step. This helps to monitor health and ensure a safer tooth extraction. Most dental clinics continuously update specialized machines and equipment to support the treatment and tooth extraction process more accurately, safely and quickly.
  • You can choose a dentist to have your tooth extracted.
  • The clinic also allows installment payments or insurance tooth extraction.
  • More enthusiastic care service.


The cost of wisdom tooth extraction at the clinic is often higher than at the hospital. However, the difference is not too big so you can consider it. In addition, you should go to reputable dental clinics such as: wisdom tooth extraction in Paris, wisdom tooth extraction at BeamDental,…

You can easily find many dental addresses. However, choosing the right dental clinic that is both reputable and reasonably priced is not easy. So where is the best place to remove wisdom teeth?

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Where should I get my wisdom teeth extracted?

Where should I get my wisdom teeth extracted?
Where should I get my wisdom teeth extracted? Should wisdom teeth be extracted at a hospital or dental clinic? Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

To extract tooth number 8 simply, quickly, painlessly and without complications, you can come to BeamDental. With many years of experience and a team of highly qualified dentists, BeamDental will definitely make you no longer worried and haunted by problems caused by wisdom teeth.

BeamDental has introduced modern machines and technology such as the new generation Dental X-ray Machine and the Piezotome painless wisdom tooth extraction machine to help customers feel comfortable and pain-free during the tooth sampling process. After the tooth extraction is complete, the doctor will advise you on post-extraction care to help the wound heal quickly and reduce pain.

The price list for wisdom tooth extraction at BeamDental is displayed on the website. You can also receive a specific price list when contacting BeamDental via Hotline.

The above article has helped you find the answer to where is the best place to remove wisdom teeth. What are the criteria for choosing a reputable dental address? As a wise customer, rely on experience to choose the right quality dental clinic to have beautiful and healthy teeth. Contact BeamDental immediately for more specific advice.

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