Wisdom Tooth Extraction Still Hurts After 2 Weeks

wisdom tooth extraction still hurts after 2 weeks

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Still Hurts After 2 Weeks: The problem of swelling, pain, and discomfort after tooth extraction is unavoidable. Normally, pain after tooth extraction only lasts 4-5 days. But there are people who still have pain after 2 weeks of wisdom tooth extraction.

If the pain lasts for such a long time, will it have any effects or dangers on health? How to reduce pain effectively and still safely? The article below will help you find the answer to the problem of swelling and pain after wisdom tooth extraction.

4 reasons why wisdom tooth extraction still hurts after 2 weeks

wisdom tooth extraction still hurts after 2 weeks
Wisdom tooth extraction still hurts after 2 weeks: How to overcome dry socket and how to overcome tooth sensitivity

Wisdom teeth are not like other teeth. Once removed, it causes swelling and pain that lasts for several days. Some people still have pain after 3 days of wisdom tooth extraction, while others still have pain after 2 weeks of wisdom tooth extraction. There are even cases where wisdom teeth are still painful after 1 month, causing countless inconveniences in diet and daily life.

Here are 4 main reasons why wisdom tooth extraction still hurts after 2 weeks:

The newly extracted tooth has an infection

After tooth number 8 is extracted, if not treated carefully, the wound will become infected. Once infected, you will feel pain that lasts forever. In addition to taking care of oral health, there are many other causes of tooth infection after extraction:

  • Tooth extraction tools are not sterilized.
  • Before tooth extraction, you did not have good oral hygiene such as: removing tartar, cleaning teeth before extraction,…
  • The dentist who directly removed tooth number 8 had poor skills. Or improper tooth extraction technique caused infection.
  • Improper eating and living habits after tooth extraction. Not carefully chewing hard food into the extracted tooth hole will break the blood clot and cause infection.
  • Vigorous exercise can also affect the stitches and cause infection.
  • Maintaining bad habits such as using stimulants, biting nails… increases the risk of infection.

Soft tissue injuries occur for many reasons

If wisdom teeth are still painful after 1 week of extraction, it may be due to soft tissue trauma. It is one of the common complications and makes the pain more persistent and difficult to stop. Usually after tooth extraction, the cheeks, palate or back of the jaw are the most vulnerable areas. To avoid this situation, you should go to a reputable dentist to have a good doctor remove your wisdom teeth skillfully and gently, with little impact on these soft tissue areas.

Nerves are damaged

Prolonged swelling and pain after wisdom tooth extraction may be due to nerve damage. This is a serious complication after wisdom tooth extraction, so you should not be careless or subjective.

Wisdom teeth are inherently located in a position running through many nerves in the body. Just a little neglect can affect the maxillofacial nerve in the area around the mouth. If the extraction process is performed incorrectly or post-extraction oral care is not guaranteed, the risk of damaging these nerves is unavoidable.

Depending on the level of impact and damage to these nerves, there will be different effects on health. Some of the most vulnerable nerves after tooth extraction are the alveolar nerve, mental nerve, and lingual nerve. If you are injured, you will feel a tingling sensation in your lips and chin. Or disorders of the involuntary muscles of the mouth.

In the most severe cases, when the nerve is severely damaged, it can be completely severed. This leads to loss of sensation accompanied by permanent pain.

There is a phenomenon of dry socket

All dentists, after completing the dental surgery team, will give detailed instructions on how to care for the wound. However, due to being subjective or not listening carefully, many of you have damaged the stitches, breaking the blood clot responsible for protecting the unhealed wound.

This is a favorable condition for harmful bacteria to enter and cause infection. You will feel constant pain, extending to the entire ear area. Some gum areas around the stitches are even swollen.

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Plan to overcome swelling and pain before complications after wisdom tooth extraction

If your wisdom tooth extraction is always painful after 2 weeks, no matter what the cause, you should contact your dentist for the best treatment plan. Depending on each case, the doctor will have an appropriate treatment regimen.

How to overcome tooth socket infection

An infected tooth socket is a complication that must be treated very carefully. When encountering this situation, the dentist is forced to give anesthesia. Then use specialized tools to remove pus and bacteria that cause infection. The patient then uses anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving antibiotics.

How to overcome dry socket

To treat dry socket complications that cause prolonged pain and swelling, the doctor will first clean the dry socket area. This step is extremely important, not only does it remove food and plaque, but it also prevents inflammation from forming.

Next, the doctor will apply pain medication using a specialized dental gauze pad. The gauze used in this situation is not normal sterile gauze. The compress contains pain-relieving ingredients to overcome persistent pain.

How to overcome tooth sensitivity

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Wisdom tooth extraction still hurts after 2 weeks: How to overcome dry socket and how to overcome tooth sensitivity

Tooth paresthesia is associated with damage to the maxillary nerve. Therefore, to solve the problem completely, the doctor will prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs and wait for the nerves to recover. In cases of serious complications, neurosurgery may be necessary.

Tell you safe and effective ways to relieve pain

In addition to treating complications, you can also apply the following safe pain relief methods when wisdom tooth extraction is still painful after 1 week to see if there is any improvement:

Apply cold compresses

Most of us know that ice can temporarily paralyze nerves when applied. Therefore, cold compresses have long been known as an effective method of reducing swelling and pain. However, to avoid frostbite, you can apply the following steps:

  • Prepare ice cubes and clean soft cotton towels. Then, dampen a cotton towel and wrap some ice in the towel. Then apply a soft compress to the swollen cheek area for about 20 minutes.
  • When you have pain after tooth extraction, this method is the most effective and safest. Whenever it hurts, you can use it to relieve discomfort. Or in the first 3 days after extraction you can apply a compress to reduce pain and swelling.


  • Should only be applied on the cheek area. When applying ice, do it slowly to let the skin adapt. Do not apply ice directly. You will feel the swelling and pain significantly improve when performing this method.

Apply hot compresses

  • Heat therapy is also a great way to reduce swelling and pain. You can combine hot and cold compresses to increase effectiveness when you feel too uncomfortable due to swelling and pain in the extracted tooth area.
  • The heat of the compress will help improve blood circulation. At the same time, it dissolves blood clots, reduces swelling and pain in the face, helping you feel more comfortable.
  • To do this, prepare a clean and soft cotton towel. Then boil the water at a temperature of 70-80 degrees Celsius. After getting the water, dip the previously prepared towel in hot water, wring it out and then apply it to the swollen and painful cheek. Repeat these steps after about 2-3 minutes of applying to your face. Do this 10 times continuously and you will feel more comfortable and your pain will also be significantly reduced.


  • In case of wisdom tooth extraction, you should only apply warm compresses on the 2nd day after tooth extraction.

Use pain-relieving antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor

Whether you are still uncomfortable 5 days after wisdom tooth extraction or 1 week later, you can still continue to use pain relievers as prescribed by your doctor. Prescriptions will be carefully prescribed by the doctor based on your medical condition and underlying medical conditions, if any. Therefore, to reduce pain, fight inflammation and help the wound heal faster, you should follow the exact dosage prescribed by your doctor.

Even if your pain does not improve, you should not arbitrarily take over-the-counter medications. To avoid other dangerous side effects or complications. You should always consult your doctor before use.

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Clean your teeth by rinsing your mouth with saline

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Wisdom tooth extraction still hurts after 2 weeks: How to overcome dry socket and how to overcome tooth sensitivity

Salt water has extremely effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, you can use physiological saline to clean your teeth. When the tooth is clean, you will also feel pain and swelling in the extracted tooth socket.

Note: After tooth extraction, you should not rinse your mouth immediately. Wait about 10 to 12 hours afterward to avoid affecting the newly formed blood clot. In addition, you should not gargle with homemade salt water because the ratio is wrong. Use physiological saline to rinse your mouth.

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These notes after wisdom tooth extraction help reduce pain, swelling and infection

Although we know that swelling is a natural reaction of the body, each of us feels extremely uncomfortable when the swelling and pain persist. There are even people who have had their wisdom teeth removed after 2 weeks and still have pain, directly affecting their daily activities and diet. To reduce pain and swelling, post-extraction care is extremely important. Keep the following in mind to help improve this frequent pain:


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Wisdom tooth extraction still hurts after 2 weeks: How to overcome dry socket and how to overcome tooth sensitivity
  • You should only eat soft, liquid foods such as porridge, soup, meat broth, smoothies, yogurt…
  • Add calcium from seafood to increase strength and help teeth recover quickly.
  • Eat lots of high-fiber vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, watermelon…
  • Avoid eating hard foods such as tendons, cartilage, etc.
  • Limit your intake of sweets because food can easily get stuck in space.
  • Avoid eating spicy foods, which can damage tooth enamel and open ulcers.
  • Do not drink carbonated drinks and stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, etc.

Resting mode

After tooth extraction, you should rest completely for 1-2 days. In addition, keep a comfortable mind to help your body recover faster. Because stress and anxiety are also one of the causes of toothache. In addition, you should also avoid using your tongue or touching to probe the extracted tooth socket.

Proper oral hygiene after tooth number 8 extraction

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Wisdom tooth extraction still hurts after 2 weeks: How to overcome dry socket and how to overcome tooth sensitivity

You should not be afraid of pain and ignore oral hygiene. Brush your teeth gently to avoid touching new ulcers. Get into the habit of starting your day by rinsing your mouth with salt water. At the same time, drink plenty of water and keep the mouth area warm to avoid infection outbreaks that cause long-term pain and swelling.

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BeamDental – Safe place to remove wisdom teeth, painless, with little swelling

Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?
Wisdom tooth extraction still hurts after 2 weeks: How to overcome dry socket and how to overcome tooth sensitivity

The dentist’s skill is one of the extremely important factors that determine whether wisdom tooth extraction is painful and reduces swelling and inflammation. Therefore, you should look for reputable dental clinics that are highly appreciated for their service quality like BeamDental.

Before performing a tooth extraction, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination and assessment. Only then can you decide whether or not to have your wisdom teeth extracted at this time. With our professionalism and many years of experience, BeamDental dentistry will offer you the safest wisdom tooth extraction solutions with the fewest complications.

In particular, BeamDental also uses a Piezotome ultrasound machine to help the tooth extraction process take place quickly and accurately. Thanks to modern technology and skilled hands, the tooth extraction process is precise, less invasive and painless after extraction. There are very few cases where patients have wisdom teeth extracted at BeamDental and still have pain 2 weeks after wisdom tooth extraction.

The above article has helped you answer the question of whether wisdom tooth extraction still hurts after 2 weeks, and at the same time provide safe and effective pain relief methods. To make tooth extraction no longer a painful obsession, contact BeamDental for help.

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