Why do I need stitches after tooth extraction?

Why do I need stitches after tooth extraction?

Why do I need stitches after tooth extraction? The problem of tooth extraction without removing dental floss is always a concern for many customers. For a number of subjective and objective reasons, you may forget to cut the dental floss when removing your wisdom teeth but it will take a few days to remember.

Don’t worry, the article below will help you find the answer: When should the stitches be removed to remove wisdom teeth? If you forget to cut the stitches, what’s wrong? We invite you to consult.

Why do I need stitches after tooth extraction?

Why do I need stitches after tooth extraction?
Why do I need stitches after tooth extraction? Are dental sutures safe? Is cutting dental sutures after tooth extraction painful?

We all know that abnormal growth of wisdom teeth leads to countless serious consequences. They have no aesthetic effect or chewing function. However, the existence of tooth number 8 has many potential risks leading to a series of dangerous oral diseases. Therefore, minor surgery to remove wisdom teeth is necessary and should be performed early. Wisdom teeth are also the largest teeth in the jaw, located in a difficult and tight position. Therefore, removing them will not be as easy as regular teeth. The dentist must make an incision large enough to completely remove this tooth.

Because the wound is quite large, it will take a long time to heal, increasing the risk of infection, so the dentist is forced to sew it up with specialized medical sutures.

Suturing the wound after tooth number 8 is necessary. Sealing the wound not only helps you eat and brush your teeth more easily, but also prevents external influences that cause hematoma to protect the tooth socket. Simply put, suturing after tooth extraction is a safe way to help prevent infection after wisdom tooth extraction.

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Are dental sutures safe?

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Why do I need stitches after tooth extraction? Are dental sutures safe? Is cutting dental sutures after tooth extraction painful?

If it is necessary to suture an open wound after wisdom tooth extraction, the dentist will use medical sutures. Currently, there are two types of dental sutures commonly used: absorbable threads and regular threads. Both types of threads are thin and small, absolutely safe and do not cause unusual allergies to the body.

However, there will be quite a big difference between these two types such as:

  • Regular sewing thread: is a type of sewing thread made from nylon, synthetic fibers, silk,… so the price is quite cheap. The only disadvantage of this type of dental suture is that it will take a lot of effort to remove the thread once the wound has healed.
  • Absorbable suture: is a type of suture made from synthetic animal materials, proteins or synthetic polymers. The advantage is that self-dissolving stitches can disappear on their own without having to be removed like regular threads. Mechanically, after contact with the body, biologically active enzymes of the human body can break down the self-decomposing structure. Therefore, the stream will automatically disappear without any further intervention. The disadvantage of dissolvable sutures is that they cost more than regular dental sutures.

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Is it necessary to remove sutures after tooth extraction?

Many customers are afraid of not knowing how to remove their wisdom teeth, so they forget to cut the dental floss because if they use regular dental floss, the doctor will regularly schedule an appointment to check and cut the floss. However, due to the fear of pain, many customers are still hesitant about whether or not they should remove the stitches after tooth extraction. However, if you only use self-dissolving medicine, you can rest assured and relax. Because according to their mechanism, the thread dissolves on its own and will disappear completely after a certain period of time. Just eating, drinking and resting scientifically is enough for the wound to heal quickly.

But if you use regular sutures, you need to have them removed on the same day. Because if you remove wisdom teeth and forget to cut the arch wire, there will be unpredictable dangers such as:

  • The wound heals quickly and fills up. But because the sutures cannot be cut and do not dissolve on their own, the extraction will be difficult to complete as usual because the gums are caught in the sutures.
  • Unfilled gums will affect neighboring teeth.
  • The chewing force of the entire jaw is affected, making the eating process a bit difficult.
  • Sutures are usually not biodegradable. However, the environment in the mouth will only cause it to break down in the form of inflammation, causing pain and odor.

Therefore, if you use regular dental sutures, remember the thread removal schedule. If you only use personal expenses, it is not necessary.

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How long does it take to remove wisdom teeth before dental sutures are removed?

After wisdom tooth extraction, the doctor will give you very detailed instructions on care regimen and examination time to remove dental sutures. 

On average, about 7 – 10 days after tooth extraction, the doctor will schedule the patient to come back to have the sutures removed. However, each person’s healing speed is different, so the time to remove the dental sutures will not be the same.

For those who adhere to good oral hygiene, a nutritious diet will help wounds heal quickly. Therefore, in about 1 week they can proceed to remove dental sutures. On the contrary, for those who are lazy about cleaning, leading to infection and slow wound healing, the stitch removal time will be a little longer. But depending on how long it takes to heal, the time after tooth extraction will not exceed 2 weeks. You can completely feel for yourself when to remove the stitches.

Because usually after the first 2-3 days, pain and sensitivity when tooth extraction is unavoidable. When touched, the level of sensitivity is more pronounced. About 7-10 days later, when the wound has completely healed, you will feel the previous pain disappear. At this point you can go to the dental clinic to have the stitches removed.

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Is cutting dental sutures after tooth extraction painful?

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Why do I need stitches after tooth extraction? Are dental sutures safe? Is cutting dental sutures after tooth extraction painful?

Besides the problem of removing wisdom teeth and forgetting to cut dental sutures, the worry of not knowing whether to cut dental floss or not is also of concern to many people.

Practice shows that our wounds have a self-healing mechanism after 7 to 10 days depending on the condition. At this stage, the wound is no longer painful or swollen, unless there is an infection. Removing dental sutures does not cause pain. The doctor will use specialized scissors to cut medical sutures, gently cut them and pull them out.

In addition, because the dental sutures are thinly designed and the wound is small with only 2-3 stitches, the process of removing the sutures after wisdom tooth extraction will not be as painful as you think. With highly skilled doctors, you will not feel anything when the wire is pulled out. There are also some cases where you just feel a slight tingling feeling like someone gently poked your gums with a toothpick.

Does cutting dental sutures after tooth extraction cost extra money?

Does cutting stitches after tooth extraction cost extra? When wisdom teeth are extracted at a hospital or private clinic, doctors will make an appointment to remove the sutures. Before removing the stitches, the doctor will do a general examination to see if it is time to remove the stitches or not.

Most dentists do not charge for thread removal after tooth extraction. Therefore, you will not have to worry or incur any other costs. If stitched with regular threads, you only need to practice oral hygiene, eat healthy and go to an appointment to have the stitches removed. What can be done to speed up the wound healing process?

Wisdom tooth extraction requires an extremely careful process. Divided into stages, you will have separate diet and oral hygiene regimens.

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What should you do to help the wound from tooth removal surgery heal quickly?

Wisdom tooth extraction requires an extremely careful process. Divided into stages, you will have separate diet and oral hygiene regimens.

Wound care after tooth extraction before stitches are removed


After wisdom tooth extraction, eating may be difficult. In addition, the diet should also clearly divide food groups that should and should not be eaten. You should eat the following food groups to help the wound heal quickly after tooth extraction:

  • Nutritional porridge: Porridge is the first choice after tooth extraction. You can add eggs, minced meat, fish, vegetables, etc. to avoid boredom and ensure adequate nutrition.
  • Soup: easy to digest and easy to swallow. The soup is rich in vitamins and minerals, very good for wound healing. You can eat crab soup, pumpkin soup, potato soup, etc.
  • Water consumption: is a great source of nutrients, not only delicious but also nutritious, helping the health recovery process faster.
  • Fresh milk: After tooth extraction, you can drink milk instead of your main meal.
  • Yogurt: It is a protein-rich food that helps heal wounds very quickly.
  • Fruits: you can eat bananas, apples, avocados,…
  • Smoothies: Fruit smoothies are very good for bodies with wounds.

In addition, you need to be careful to avoid the following food groups because they will slow down the healing process after tooth extraction:

  • Hot spicy food: causes pain and irritation.
  • Brittle and fragile foods: can get stuck in the extracted tooth socket.
  • Hard and rubbery foods: put a lot of force on the jawbone, not good for the healing process.
  • Alcohol: causes irritation, swelling, pain and reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Oral hygiene regimen

After tooth extraction, the doctor will ask you to keep a specialized gauze pad on for about 1 hour. When the anesthetic wears off, you will experience mild pain and light bleeding that may last for a day or two.

During the first 24 hours, you should not brush your teeth or rinse your mouth. After 1-2 days you can use a brush to clean it but be very careful. Brush gently and avoid touching the wound area.

In case of blood clots, use folded sterile gauze to apply to the wound. Then squeeze firmly for about 15-20 minutes for a new blood clot to form, but if there is still heavy bleeding, you should go to a dentist for treatment.

Wound care after tooth extraction when sutures are removed

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Why do I need stitches after tooth extraction? Are dental sutures safe? Is cutting dental sutures after tooth extraction painful?


After the wire is removed, it means your wound after tooth extraction has almost completely healed. You don’t need to follow your previous diet too strictly. Eat nutritious foods to feel full faster.

However, you should always avoid eating foods that are too hard. Or when chewing, avoid pushing food toward the newly healed wound.

Oral hygiene regimen

Once the wound has healed, get into the habit of rinsing your mouth with saline water every day. Oral hygiene after tooth extraction is important to your oral health, so don’t be subjective.

In addition, when brushing your teeth, always be careful to avoid rubbing hard on the newly healed wound. You can use dental floss to remove food stuck between your teeth that a toothbrush cannot remove. At the same time, regularly visit reputable dental clinics to check your oral health.

BeamDental – The address for painless wisdom tooth extraction, using self-dissolving thread

If you are afraid of removing wisdom teeth but forgetting to remove the stitches, which can lead to dangerous complications, then register for a wisdom tooth extraction appointment at BeamDental. At BeamDental, you will become familiar with the use of absorbable sutures to close wounds. Therefore, you will not have to worry too much about wisdom tooth extraction and forgetting to cut dental floss. Besides, it also eliminates the worry of removing stitches causing pain or wasting time going to the dentist periodically.

In addition, choosing BeamDental to remove wisdom teeth also brings countless advantages such as:

  • It is possible that the doctor is good at extracting teeth.
  • Consider carefully from the beginning. From examination and consultation to the tooth extraction process, everything happens quickly.
  • The application of painless wisdom tooth extraction technology helps the extraction process be faster and more accurate.
  • Anesthetics are imported from abroad, ensuring safety and leaving no complications. After tooth extraction, the dentist will give you detailed instructions on how to clean your teeth. Then schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure the best recovery process after tooth extraction.
  • Free cost of cutting dental floss after tooth extraction in case of tooth extraction

The above article has helped you answer the question: “Why do I need stitches after tooth extraction?“. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to have more precious information, we will provide free help 24/7.



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