Are dental implants dangerous? 7 complications of dental implants

Are dental implants dangerous?

Are dental implants dangerous? When it comes to solutions for repairing severely damaged teeth by tooth extraction, dental implants are considered one of the most popular methods today. However, many patients worry about whether dental implants are dangerous? And what are the disadvantages of the implant method? Today, Bedental dentistry will answer these questions so you can understand better.

Are dental implants dangerous?

It can be said that implants are an aesthetic method and are often used in surgery. During the surgery, the dentist will attach the implant to the patient’s jawbone like a false tooth root. After the wound heals, they will install a denture for the patient.

After a few months, the artificial tooth root will integrate with your jawbone, so it can become sturdy without affecting the surrounding teeth. Unlike cosmetic tooth filling methods, after an implant is placed, if you take good care of it, the tooth can last forever.

Are dental implants dangerous?
Are dental implants dangerous? How to minimize complications when getting dental implants? What factors must be present for safe dental implants?

So are dental implants dangerous? According to experts, dental implants are stable and safe if we choose the right dentist. Dental implant medical centers are highly trusted with a group of highly qualified dentists with many years of experience in the profession. Unwanted effects of implants are almost non-existent due to the following reasons:

  • Implants not only improve oral health and aesthetics, but also do not affect other teeth. Thereby, implant recipients can restore basic functions such as tooth roots to the appearance of the tooth. A notable plus point is that this process does not cause aesthetic damage or affect the chewing ability of the entire teeth, while also reducing the risk of jaw bone loss and improving misaligned teeth.
  • The implant head is made from titanium, very stable and not dangerous. Unlike metal porcelain teeth that have the ability to blacken the gums, tooth roots made from titanium exist and act like a real tooth root, without affecting the patient’s jawbone or gums.
  • If you know how to preserve it, it will last forever in your jaw.

In short, dental implants will never be dangerous if we choose a trustworthy dentist to do it. This method not only restores chewing function and gives the patient confidence in aesthetics, but also does not cause damage to adjacent teeth and is likely to last forever.

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Are dental implants dangerous? What are the complications of dental implants?

Although dental implants have been proven to be a stable tooth shaping solution, after a period of implantation, performing a small surgery can cause certain adverse changes.

Prolonged bleeding after implant placement

After the first 1-2 days after implant placement into the jawbone, bleeding may occur at the implant site, and this is normal. However, if after several days the bleeding does not decrease and there are no signs of improvement, it may be because the implant area is infected or the graft is too thin. In this case, you need to go to the dentist where you had implant surgery for investigation and a treatment plan.

Swelling and infection

Because the dental implant area is not completely healed after surgery, there is a high risk of infection. Therefore, without proper oral care and hygiene, excess food can stick to the implant area and cause swelling, creating conditions for bacteria to grow and cause infection. Furthermore, if the infection persists, there is a risk of damaging the jawbone and making the implant post unstable.

Bone loss at the implant site

When such complications occur, the bone at the implant site will gradually disappear, exposing the implant and causing loss of oral aesthetics. Therefore, when there are signs of bone loss at the implant site, you should see a dentist for treatment immediately, avoiding prolonged time affecting the implant post, causing inflammation, bad breath and possibly affecting the implant. to other teeth.

Thus, it is possible to understand why some cases after implant implantation can cause bad breath and answer the question “Do implant implants cause bad breath?” ” .

The nerve at the implant site is damaged

During the process of drilling holes for implant placement, if the nerves are damaged too much, it can cause damage, paralysis, and a lasting itchy feeling. If these symptoms do not subside and continue to recur without signs of improvement, it may indicate that your implant was not successful. In this case, you should contact your dentist to get examined and determine the cause, as well as find appropriate treatment methods.

Damage to the jaw bone

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Are dental implants dangerous? How to minimize complications when getting dental implants? What factors must be present for safe dental implants?

In some situations, when the patient’s jaw bone is too thin or insufficient to meet the implant requirements, the dentist will have to perform a jaw bone grafting process before performing the implant. If jaw bone grafting is not performed, there is a risk of implant surgery causing jaw bone fractures and fractures, and leading to failure of minor surgery, affecting the final result and increasing the cost and time of treatment. 

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Implant placement in the wrong position can also cause complications when planting dental implants

Yes, having an implant placed in the wrong position can cause many major consequences. Pain when chewing due to food and tooth brushing touching the gums is one of the common problems when the implant is not positioned correctly. In addition, placing the implant in the wrong direction can increase the risk of infection and implant fracture.

Chewing force can also be affected if the implant is not properly positioned. When chewing forces are not evenly distributed between teeth, excessive pressure can be placed on a specific area, causing that tooth to endure constant overload. This can lead to problems such as damage, reduced implant life or even loss of the implant. Therefore, to avoid potential problems, it is important to find and choose a reputable and experienced unit to perform implant surgery.

In short, the success of the implant procedure depends on the skills and qualifications of the dentist performing the surgery, as well as your oral care and hygiene after the implant procedure.

How to minimize complications when getting dental implants

Regular dental check-ups

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Are dental implants dangerous? How to minimize complications when getting dental implants? What factors must be present for safe dental implants?

Indeed, regular dental health checks are very important not only when getting implants but also in everyday life. Dentists usually recommend dental checkups at least every 6 months. Periodontitis and related diseases can cause unwanted complications and problems after the implant procedure. Therefore, regular dental care and examination helps limit complications from the implant process and maintain oral health.

Determine health status

If you have a health condition, immediately notify the dentist who performed your dental implant surgery to prepare a treatment plan suitable for you. Because to perform implant surgery, everyone should commit to having a standard physical condition to be able to bring the most optimal results.

Take proper care of your teeth

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Are dental implants dangerous? How to minimize complications when getting dental implants? What factors must be present for safe dental implants?

Most complications from dental implants originate from improper hygiene and oral care. Thanks to that, you need to remember the important things that your dentist has instructed you to take better care of your teeth, such as brushing your teeth twice a day, using mouthwash, flossing, etc.

Eliminate bad habits

Although people often cannot avoid bad habits that can damage their teeth and jaw, once you decide to get an implant, it is important to gradually eliminate these bad habits. This includes avoiding chewing frozen ice, eating hard foods and not using tobacco, especially after implant surgery. By doing so, you will ensure the recovery process and success of your implant.

Choose a reputable dental facility and a good doctor

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Are dental implants dangerous? How to minimize complications when getting dental implants? What factors must be present for safe dental implants?

As mentioned earlier, choosing where to place the implant will significantly affect the results after tooth shaping. A highly skilled dentist, knowledgeable about the patient’s anatomy and jawbone condition, and performing the implant process properly will help minimize many unwanted complications such as implant placement in the wrong position. This also helps shorten treatment time.

In addition to dentists, equipment and tools also play an important role in ensuring stability and effectiveness after the implant process. They minimize adverse changes and facilitate the recovery process after implant placement.

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What factors must be present for safe dental implants?

Dental implanter

In order for the implant to be stable, the patient needs to commit to standards such as having good physical strength because the procedure involves minor surgery. For that reason, groups such as pregnant women, people with cardiovascular disease lasting many years, diabetes, and blood pressure will often not use implants to shape teeth. Second, the patient should have good oral health.

Therefore, before performing an implant, implanters are required to pre-treat diseases related to periodontitis such as gingivitis, tooth decay, etc. The third condition is the jawbone of the person who wants to have a dental implant. The implant must be sturdy. It is important that the patient’s jawbone has enough thickness and height, not too thin or concave.

If faced with the above situations, dentists will have to perform jaw bone grafting on the patient first, using human-made bone powder or autologous bone (bone taken from the patient’s own body, usually from other bone areas such as the hip bone, ribs, or kneecap) to lift and thicken the patient’s jawbone to ensure that it meets the conditions for implant placement.

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Dental facility

  • Doctor’s expertise

Are your jawbone and physical condition eligible for dental implants? Where is the right place to place the implant? These will be chosen directly by the dentist in charge of your implant placement. If the dentist is highly specialized and experienced in implant placement, along with a meticulous health check before the treatment process, your implant placement process will not only minimize the following adverse changes. surgery, but also achieve stability and rapid wound healing. This also helps reduce pain and discomfort during recovery, and shortens your recovery time.

  • Implant tooth abutment

You need to be careful with implants that do not guarantee quality, because they can cause bad breath, easily loosen, lose jaw bone, and can be rejected by the body, causing bleeding and affecting the teeth. next door.

The standard of stability and value for an implant post is to use material made of titanium, which has high durability, solidity, and good resistance to force and heat. The use of titanium is beneficial because it is highly biocompatible with the human jawbone, does not cause harm, and is not eliminated by the body. Currently, there are many implants used globally and are highly appreciated such as Straumann SLActive (Switzerland), Dentium Superline (Korea), etc. Don’t skimp on quality just to save money because there will be significant health risks.

  • Machine and equipment

Implant implants require extremely high precision, so the doctor’s skills alone are not enough without active assistance from equipment such as ultrasound, X-ray, etc. Thanks to the sites equipment equipment where the implant implantation period is accurately observed and processed by the dentist at the right time.

Where is it safe to get dental implants? – BeDental is a reputable dental implant address in Ho Chi Minh City

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Are dental implants dangerous? How to minimize complications when getting dental implants? What factors must be present for safe dental implants?

Maybe at this point, everyone understands the impact of choosing a highly reputable center when getting dental implants. Because this is a much more difficult technique than other ways to beautify teeth, not every dentist has enough confidence to practice it.

Bedental is currently a highly regarded unit, specializing in outstanding tooth shaping and implant placement for patients in Ho Chi Minh City. When implanting teeth at the center, patients will be examined and treated by highly qualified and experienced dentists who have performed many implant cases for patients.

Furthermore, Bedental also has a global standard medical examination and treatment facility with state-of-the-art equipment, private operating room, sterilized environment, etc. Patient protection. With a team of friendly staff, willing to guide patients through health check-ups and dental care at home to ensure stability.

Through the above information, everyone can answer the question “Are dental implants dangerous?“. If you want to know if you can do this method or if implants are suitable for your current dental situation. Please contact Bedental dentistry to receive dedicated advice from dentists!

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