Where to get dental implants in HCMC?

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Where to get dental implants in HCMC? If you are facing tooth loss or serious tooth damage and have been advised by your dentist to apply the dental implant method, but you are still confused and do not know how to prepare, let the dentist Doctors at Bedental share the information below. We have a team of dentists with extensive experience in dental implants and dental implants in Ho Chi Minh City, and we guarantee the reputation and quality of the service. Where can you get a reputable dental implant? Come to Bedental!

Experience with dental implants: Dental implants should be placed as soon as possible

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Where to get dental implants in HCMC? Where is a Reputable Place to Get Dental Implants? Experience after completing dental implants

Tooth damage can occur at any age. There are many medical conditions that cause teeth to be extracted. However, if teeth are lost for a long period of time, it can affect the chewing function, have an aesthetic impact and cause jaw bone loss.

In the case of implants, if the jawbone has been dissolved, this process cannot be done immediately but must begin after a period of treatment and restoration of the jawbone. This means more costs and time for the patient and a greater likelihood of encountering complex problems. Therefore, according to the advice of experts, when you lose teeth, you should get dentures quickly.

Choose dental implants and crowns

Nowadays, implant posts at dental facilities are imported from Europe, Korea, Germany, Sweden, etc. A standard implant will be provided with packaging, labels, result information, warranty card, etc. Therefore, when choosing an implant, you need to pay attention to these factors.

For porcelain teeth placed on top of implants, they will be created directly at the center or at leading porcelain tooth laboratories. Each customer can request different sizes and ceramic materials, this helps create uniqueness and variation, not just a single size model. Currently, there are two types of porcelain teeth that are widely known: all-ceramic teeth and titanium porcelain teeth.

  • All-ceramic teeth: 100% ceramic material, no black gum lines after a period of use, good chewing force, warranty up to 10 years
  • Titanium porcelain teeth: The outside is covered with aesthetic porcelain, the inside is titanium alloy, the price is cheap, but the teeth are all porcelain, but after a period of use, the gum line is likely to blacken.

In short, before choosing implant posts and porcelain teeth, you should learn more and consult with dentists who have many years of experience in implant implants. They will help you choose the type of implant suitable for your dental condition and budget.

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Choose a reputable dentist with a team of experienced doctors

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Where to get dental implants in HCMC? Where is a Reputable Place to Get Dental Implants? Experience after completing dental implants

One of the important experiences when getting implants is choosing a highly trusted dental center with highly experienced and specialized dentists. Because the dental implant procedure is a complex technique, after implementation, some minor surgery may be required.

Therefore, dentists need to have an understanding of dental surgery and a clear understanding of each patient’s adaptations to apply accurate, precise and effective treatment methods. Furthermore, the equipment needs to be modern and effective to ensure the dentist performs the implant process successfully.

Prepare financially for dental implants

Before performing an implant, you need to prepare the amount of money you need to pay in advance. However, there is no specific amount of money given for an implant treatment because each person’s dental condition is different.

There are situations when a patient wants to have an implant but experiences periodontitis or the jawbone is too thin. In this case, the dentist is required to perform treatment before implantation, which can increase costs.

However, to know exactly, during the first health check-up, the dentist will clearly explain your dental condition, treatment method and type of implant suitable for you.

At Bedental, during the health check-up, dentists will publicly disclose the fee to the patient, and only when both parties agree on the cost will we proceed with treatment and commit to not having any problems. any additional costs. In case the patient does not have enough funds to make a one-time payment, we can also provide an installment plan if necessary.

You should call your doctor or go to the dentist for specific advice

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Where to get dental implants in HCMC? Where is a Reputable Place to Get Dental Implants? Experience after completing dental implants

If you cannot come directly to the dentist, you can contact the hotline by phone for advice in advance. Please describe your current dental condition and wishes, the dentist will help you determine the basic direction or arrange an appointment to go to a medical examination and treatment facility for a more detailed examination.

Don’t be shy because dentists will usually be dedicated and use their best efforts to answer you about the treatment process and costs. However, if you avoid or do not provide clear information about treatment costs, you should reconsider your dental address.

Arrange your time and rest properly

When performing the implant process, remember to schedule time to relax. Before performing minor implant surgery, you need to be physically fit and mentally comfortable. Please inform your dentist about any health problems you are having such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, blood clotting problems, etc. to get advice on whether you are suitable for the implant process or not.

After minor surgery, you will likely experience some minor damage, swelling and bleeding in the cheek area and the implant site. During this time, you should create conditions for your body to rest more. In addition, the implant also needs time to completely heal after being implanted in the jawbone, so avoid strenuous activities in the post-operative period.

Since receiving the implant, you need to maintain a positive and calm spirit, avoid too much stress or overwork that affects the wound healing process. These are important experiences that you should pay attention to after the implant process.

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Experience after completing dental implants

Follow your doctor’s instructions exactly

Since you have minor implant surgery, your dentist will instruct you on how to care for your teeth at home. Follow the instructions they give closely to minimize any adverse changes after the implant procedure and help the wound heal quickly, reducing pain and sensitivity.

In many cases, patients did not pay attention and did not comply with the dentist’s instructions, leading to infection, implant removal, and other consequences. This has pushed the implant process to become more complicated, costly in terms of money and subsequent treatment time.

Eat scientifically and appropriately

Nutrition plays an important role in minimizing wound healing time after implant placement in the jaw bone. After minor surgery, patients are encouraged to consume liquid foods (for the first 1-2 days) and soft foods that are easy to chew and swallow.

Avoid consuming foods that are too hot or too cold, and avoid eating foods that require a lot of force to bite. You need to supplement enough vitamins and minerals, so eat lots of green vegetables and fruits by making smoothies every day! In particular, avoid applying force to the implant area and keep your oral hygiene clean.

If you have any signs of dental abnormalities during this time, immediately go to the dentist at the implant facility for timely examination and treatment if necessary.

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Where is a Reputable Place to Get Dental Implants? – Criteria for choosing a reputable address for dental implants

Where to get dental implants in HCMC? Where is a Reputable Place to Get Dental Implants? Experience after completing dental implants
Where to get dental implants in HCMC? Where is a Reputable Place to Get Dental Implants? Experience after completing dental implants

Where is a good place to get implants in Ho Chi Minh City? This is a question asked by many patients who want to have implants, who are living and working in Ho Chi Minh City at the present time. If you are close to Bedental dental clinic, you can contact the dental department to request a health check and consultation immediately. However, if you are in a more remote area, please rely on the following 5 criteria to choose a highly reputable area for implant placement:

Operating license

All units need to have a work license issued by the Department of Health, to avoid situations where the dentist works illegally and spontaneously will not commit to a stable level when the patient has a health check and treatment there. Second, the license clearly states that the dentist has the right to organize implant placement for patients.

Because dental implant placement is a difficult technique and the process requires minor surgery, it is essential to have it inspected and approved by the department before implementation. Third, dentists must have degrees and certificates proving specific and clear professional qualifications. That way, people will have confidence to accept implant surgery and treat themselves.

Team of Doctors

Dentists play an important role in choosing whether a patient’s implant surgery will be successful or not. On that basis, in addition to the licenses and certificates mentioned above, implant placement also requires a dentist to have many years of experience.


The implant place is highly trusted and has modern infrastructure and equipment for treatment. Specifically, the dentistry has a unique treatment room, a separate small surgery room, and has advanced equipment such as: implant surgery machine, 3D cone beam CT machine, simplant application, etc. Contributing to help check the health of the patient. health, taking photos, producing porcelain crowns, etc. Thanks to these equipment, the patient’s implant process will be much faster, more stable, and more accurate.

Genuine Implant head

Implants grafted into the jawbone will have a direct impact on your health if they are not reliable in quality. Therefore, working with dental clinics that use cheap posts of unknown origin or without origin labels is considered a potential risk and patients should stay away to avoid losing money. and get into trouble later.

Reasonable and transparent costs

Reliable and valuable dentistry always discloses treatment costs to patients so that patients can prepare themselves financially in advance and especially without any additional costs appearing during the treatment process. treat. Only when the patient agrees will we proceed with treatment, without pressuring or forcing the patient to pay or choose a solution they do not want.

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Where to get dental implants in HCMC? – Bedental serves dental implants for all subjects

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Where to get dental implants in HCMC? Where is a Reputable Place to Get Dental Implants? Experience after completing dental implants

Young age customers

Since its operation, Bedental dentistry has realized that many patients under the age of 18 also suffer from diseases or face events that cause tooth loss. Although implant implantation is considered the best method, it has a relatively high cost and the safety of the jaw bone also needs to be considered, especially for young people. On that basis, for situations where people are middle-aged, Bedental dentists will answer those who wait until they meet the condition of 18 years old.

However, if the cost is not enough, Bedental dentistry can have a 0% interest installment financing package when implanting. Because Bedental dentistry understands that, if tooth loss persists for a long time, it will likely bring about the risk of jaw bone loss.

In addition, at a young age, body shape is extremely important, so one way or another, dentists of dentistry really want to shape teeth for as many people as possible as quickly as possible, so that patients can Be 100% confident with your smile.

Middle-aged customers

Compared to young people, the majority of customers who come to Bedental and choose dental implants are middle-aged and have been treated successfully by dentists.

After many dental implant cases, dentists feel that if the patient comes for a health check-up and receives treatment as quickly as possible, the treatment period will be shortened and the results will be much better. So if you are facing dental problems, come to Bedental dentistry to check your health and receive advice from the dentist now.

Old age customers

Older people often lose teeth, so the requirement for dental implants is relatively high. Before performing treatment, dentists at Bedental center will carefully question the patient about diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, etc. Because they clearly understand the patient’s physical health before treatment. Dental implant placement is a key standard for Bedental dentists to create the most effective and best treatment plan, especially when the patient is an older person.

Bedental accepts all 5 standards for a highly rated implant area. Dentists are highly specialized, have long been in the profession and have treated many successful implant cases for patients of all ages with the help of modern equipment, helping to save implant time. of the patient happens quickly, accurately and effectively.

For that reason, Bedental believes that it is always a place worthy of patients’ trust and treatment options to restore the beauty and function of molars.

Hopefully, through the information shared about the dentist’s implant experience, everyone will have more useful knowledge. From there, you can prepare your knowledge and standards for selecting highly reputable implant areas!

Reference price list:


  • IM01 Implant Price Implant – Dentium (USA) (1 post) 18,000,000
  • IM02 Implant Price – Dentium Implant (Korea) (1 post) 15,000,000
  • IM03 Implant Price – Osstem (Korea) (1 post) 15,000,000
  • IM04 Implant Price – Tekka (France) (1 post) 23,000,000
  • IM05 Implant Price – Humana (Germany) (1 post)
  • IM06 Price of Bone Graft for Implant (1 unit) 5,000,000
  • IM07 Price of closed sinus lift (1 unit) 6,000,000
  • IM08 Price for open sinus lift (1 unit) 10,000,000

To ensure safe and effective results in the process of restoring teeth with dental implants, choosing a reputable location is extremely important.

Where to get dental implants in HCMC?” This is a question that many people are interested in and should be researched carefully before deciding. An important factor is finding a reputable dental clinic, with a team of experienced professionals and using advanced technology.

If you are looking for a reputable dental implant location, learn about dental centers that are highly rated and have a good reputation. Reviews from patients who have undergone the dental implant process there can help you get an overview of the quality and satisfaction with the service.

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