Is dental implant painful? 9 things you should know to ease the pain

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Is dental implant painful? Always a question of countless patients. Loss of teeth or broken teeth, if not treated promptly, can lead to very serious effects such as receding gums, jaw bone loss, or the possibility of weakening other teeth.

To improve the phenomenon of tooth loss, there are currently many treatments, including dental implants – one of the most promising ways to improve this condition. Let’s find out information with Bedental below in this article!

Is dental implant painful?

During surgery

Is dental implant painful?
Is dental implant painful? Factors affecting whether dental implants are painful? How long does the patient experience discomfort after implant placement?

Before performing implants, dentists were forced to remove teeth that were located at the implant site. During the tooth extraction process, the patient will be injected with local anesthetic so they will not feel pain.

During the surgical process of implant placement, you will also be given local anesthesia, holes drilled, and screws screwed into the jawbone, which sounds very painful, right? But don’t worry too much. Thanks to the anesthetic, we won’t feel any pain. It’s just that when the titanium post is inserted into the jawbone, you may feel a little hardness at the implant site.

If you have had a tooth extracted before or lost a tooth in the past, you may no longer be able to feel pain because the nerves around the tooth root have almost completely disappeared.

So is dental implant painful? The actual process from anesthesia, drilling, implant placement into the jawbone will be exhausted by the dentist easily and quickly, even after a period of only 20 – 30 minutes. Therefore, patients do not have to worry about long and persistent pain but only feel a little soreness in the dental implant area. But only about 2-3 days later, the feeling of numbness will no longer exist.

That’s why dental implants are the preferred way to improve tooth loss because they not only limit pain, but also heal faster after treatment. The patient does not have to remove and put them back in, but can function like regular teeth at the same time. Highly aesthetic because it is difficult to notice.

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After surgery

It can be assumed that during the surgical process of installing dental implants, we will not feel pain due to local anesthesia. However, when the anesthetic runs out, there may be a feeling of discomfort, pain in the chin, cheek area, etc. Or bruising and a little bleeding at the implant site.

Because this is a very normal phenomenon for many people affected by dental implants inserted into the jaw bone, you do not have to worry too much. This uncomfortable feeling will gradually disappear after 2-3 days, during this time you should take care of your teeth according to your dentist’s instructions.

Not to mention, to help patients reduce pain during surgery, dentists will prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medications for patients, etc. At the same time, they will thoughtfully advise you on solutions to care for your teeth at home. . So you should be careful not to arbitrarily buy pharmaceuticals outside, remember the do’s and don’ts from the time of implant placement to help the wound heal quickly.

Note: In a situation where the pain persists and shows no signs of improvement for 2 days, you should go to the place where the implant was placed to be re-examined immediately. Don’t be resigned or arbitrarily buy pain relievers from outside to limit infection and impact on the body.

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Factors affecting whether dental implants are painful?

How much does teeth whitening cost
Is dental implant painful? Factors affecting whether dental implants are painful? How long does the patient experience discomfort after implant placement?

According to dentists, implant placement can cause quite a few problems. The following are typical points:

Number of teeth requiring dental implants

For people who only have 1 tooth implant, the pain and soreness after surgery will be less, it usually only takes about 1-2 days for the pain to be almost gone.

However, for patients who have multiple implants implanted at the same time, pain that lasts longer than patients who only have one implant is an unavoidable problem. Therefore, patients should have a thorough health check before implant placement so that dentists can advise you on how many implants you can have at one time, because each of us’s health and pain tolerance will be different.

Which tooth is the implant location?

It can be assumed that, if your tooth has a dental implant that is located close to a nerve, there will be a clear feeling of pain. On the contrary, you may feel less pain

The doctor’s skills affect the pain of implant placement

If the dentist performing your dental implant surgery is highly skilled, has a long career, and has many years of experience, your dental implant procedure will be more effective. From the step of helping the implant to be in the right position, shaping the teeth correctly helps the patient regain the beauty of their teeth.

In addition, after dental implant surgery, the patient does not suffer from long-term pain and does not experience adverse changes, especially when the implant is not accepted by the body and is removed. Therefore, the dentist’s skills are considered very important and determine whether your implant procedure will be successful or not and whether the implant will be painful.

Equipment and machinery also affect whether dental implants are painful or not

Effective tools for dentists when carrying out the process after a period of implant placement for patients are actually machinery and equipment. If the equipment is modern and advanced, tooth implantation will be faster and more effective. The implant process is a process that requires precision and effort. Therefore, combining a dentist with professionalism and experience with modern machinery will help patients feel less pain and feel more secure.

How long does the patient experience discomfort after implant placement?

From the time of dental implant surgery, the patient will notice pain, especially in the first 2 days, and on the 3rd day, the pain will be less. But the feeling of discomfort in the face and jaw due to swelling will take about ten days to completely go away because the body also needs time to adapt.

However, in situations where dentists prescribe pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medicine, it can save you time in pain. Normally, after 14 days, all uncomfortable feelings will be completely gone. If after 14 days you still feel pain or swelling, go to the dentist immediately for a re-examination because it may be a sign of infection at the implant site, so you need to see a dentist for immediate treatment.

As mentioned above, skin bruising, swollen gums, and minor bleeding are completely fine since the dental implant was placed. Maybe after surgery, you can ask the dentist at that medical center or facility to prescribe pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory medication.

To reduce pain in the first days, you can apply an ice pack to minimize swelling, and wash with warm salt water to relieve pain. Thus, from the time the dental implant is placed until the pain completely stops, it takes an average of about 14 days for the patient.

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Implant procedure at Bedental 

It can be assumed that the time it takes to implant and install dentures for the patient will take quite a long time, depending on each patient. Usually it will go through the 5 steps below:

  • Step 1: Health check, answers, take photos to investigate jaw bone structure
  • Step 2: Hypothesize dental implant areas using specialized applications (invivo5, 3shape, implant studio, …)
  • Step 3: Plan treatment and choose an implant schedule
  • Step 4: Surgical implantation of dental implants into the jawbone
  • Step 5: Short-term shaping while waiting for the wound to heal
  • Step 6: Attach the porcelain tooth to the implant and order a follow-up examination

Especially during the surgical process of implanting dental implants into the jawbone, dentists will make a small incision in the patient’s dental implant gums, then place the implant and sew up the incised gums. Within 3-6 months, the wound will heal, and the jaw bone will form around the pillar.

During the waiting period, the patient can have short-term porcelain crowns placed to ensure aesthetic safety and other benefits such as enjoying, drinking, etc. But, when the implant has healed and the denture is completed, the patient is forced to return to the medical center to have porcelain teeth installed.

How to care for teeth and reduce pain after implant placement

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Is dental implant painful? Factors affecting whether dental implants are painful? How long does the patient experience discomfort after implant placement?

As mentioned, pain after dental implant surgery is inevitable, especially since the anesthetic has just worn off. Below are some effective ways to help limit pain and how to care for teeth after implant:

Use pain relievers as prescribed by your doctor

Normally, after the dental implant surgery is completed, the dentist will prescribe you some anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing medications, making your pain less painful when you return home. What you need to do is follow your doctor’s instructions, dosage, and time and date of use.

Definitely do not arbitrarily buy medicine to reduce pain or inflammation from outside because the pharmaceutical seller will not understand and directly perform the surgery for you, so they will not clearly understand your condition.

If we arbitrarily use pharmaceuticals, we may experience unwanted effects. If there is anything, please come back for a check-up and see the dentist who directly operated on you to get answers and find a satisfactory solution to improve and reduce your feeling of discomfort.

Apply ice to the painful area

Applying ice is a manual method, but it can help you reduce pain immediately. Use a clean ice cube or ice pack, put some ice inside and apply it to the cheek area where you feel pain and leave it on.

Feeling the cold makes you feel less pain. In addition, you should only apply it for 20 minutes, then take out the old ice and replace it with a new one. Using ice and pain relievers prescribed by your dentist may make you more comfortable. But, during the day you need to apply a warm towel to help blood circulate easily.

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You should only eat soft foods, preferably liquid

Liquid foods and soft foods are stimulating foods that can be used when a dental implant has just been placed. When enjoying them, they will help you limit pain because they do not necessarily affect chewing force and jaw muscle movement too much. Along with that, to quickly heal wounds, you need to add new substances such as calcium, vitamins, etc. Often found in foods such as butter, fruits, yogurt, etc.

Especially during this time, you need to avoid eating greasy, hard, chewy foods. . Because it can increase pain and make your wound heal longer.

Drink enough water

Drinking water in large quantities is recommended by dentists during this time. In addition, you need to keep your mind free and not necessarily worry too much to avoid mental impact.

Keep your teeth and mouth clean

Maintaining neat and hygienic oral hygiene not only helps you limit dental problems but also stands out during the period when you have just had a dental implant, helping to limit infections. Besides brushing your teeth, you can use dental floss to clean your teeth after eating to remove leftover food that is more likely to cause tooth decay and wound infections.

Regular check-ups

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Is dental implant painful? Factors affecting whether dental implants are painful? How long does the patient experience discomfort after implant placement?

Since the dental implant procedure is complete, remember to have regular check-ups as scheduled by the dentist so that the dentist can monitor your oral health, not only the implanted tooth but also other teeth. in your jaw cavity, ensuring they are all healthy. If something goes wrong, dentists can help you get treatment right away.

Use salt water to help clean bacteria

7 days after surgery, you can use salt water to limit pain and help kill oral bacteria, limiting infections caused by bacteria accumulating in the oral cavity.

Do not use tobacco

CO2 gas in cigarette smoke will reduce the amount of oxygen used to care for healthy tissues at the dental implant site. In addition, tobacco use can break blood clots, causing bleeding at the implant site. Heavy, continuous bleeding can lead to inflammation and slow down your wound healing process. For that reason, under the advice of dentists, you need to abstain from using tobacco for 15 days to 1 month after receiving dental implants.

For 48 hours after surgery, do not exercise vigorously

The reason is that vigorous movement can increase pain and vibrate newly implanted implants because they have not yet healed, so they are not yet fixed and sturdy.

Address for painless dental implants – BeDental Dental Clinic

Bedental is always a reputable dental implant place, trusted by a large number of customers because of the following:

A team of doctors with extensive experience in dental implants

The group of dentists at Bedental center are highly specialized and have many years of experience in the profession, especially improving the state of tooth loss and dental implants. When you come to Bedental, dentists will give you dedicated advice and answer questions about whether dental implants are painful or not. Everyone can feel completely secure and confident in the dentist’s qualifications. After a period of time, your implant placement will take place quickly and effectively.

The most advanced technology and machinery today

The current equipment at Bedental center is modern, advanced and highly accurate equipment. From cameras, projections, and porcelain crowns, all are accurate down to the millimeter, sponsoring dentists to perform implants after a period of time for patients without too much pain and in less time.

Use genuine implants with clear origins

Choosing an implant abutment is extremely important. The implants at Bedental center used to implant patients are all sourced from big names, made by FDA, CE, officially imported and have up to 20 years of warranty. When installed with high quality posts, patients will feel less pain and their lifespan will also be more secure.

Ensure absolutely sterile

The environment for practicing the dental implant process at Bedental center ensures thorough sterilization, helping to maintain stability and avoid infection for patients during surgery.

International standard implant procedure

The health check and treatment process, notably the implant planting process at the center, always complies with stable rules and global standards only for dentistry. Highly professional style, good solutions, thoughtfulness, professionalism and high quality, helping patients believe in themselves with oral beauty is the goal that Bedental dentistry wants to aim for.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “Is dental implant painful?“. Because it is almost impossible for children’s teeth to grow back, you need a suitable dental care regimen to best support your child. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to care for tooth decay in children, we will provide free help 24/7.

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