Do braces cause pain? 5+ Things need to notice

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Do braces cause pain? The pain of braces is never a concern for people before starting the orthodontic process. And in fact, during orthodontic treatments you will not be able to avoid pain and discomfort. So do braces cause pain? What will the pain feel like when wearing braces? And which stage of braces is the most difficult?

Do braces cause pain?

The answer is yes. However, the pain felt during braces is sensitivity and tightness and it usually only appears in the first few days after braces. Depending on each person’s tolerance level, the pain can be more or less.

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At what stage is braces most painful?

How much does teeth whitening cost 25 3
Do braces cause pain? What is the worst stage when getting braces? 5 stages when performing braces
  • The stage of placing the elastic is separate

This is probably the most painful stage of braces. Because at this stage, the doctor will create an open area on the tooth so that stitches can be attached to help the tooth move. Placing a 2mm elastic band for 5-7 days in the gap between two teeth will make you feel rough and uncomfortable.

  • The stage of attaching the elastic separates the gaps

Separating elastics, usually about 2mm thick, are placed in the gap between two teeth to create space to help teeth move during braces. There are many ways to separate teeth, such as separating them with elastic bands is quite common. Interdental elastics placed on the teeth will be retained between the teeth to create space between the two teeth.

  • Tooth extraction stage to create space for teeth to move

Extracting teeth to create space is something we all know. Extracting teeth helps create space in the jaw, helping to improve the condition of buck teeth and crowded teeth. The space left empty during tooth extraction during the braces process will be closed so that the teeth can fit tightly and bring about the desired results.

  • The stage of attaching archwires and brackets

As everyone knows, braces are an effective way only for those who want to correct the disadvantages of their teeth. There are two main ways to straighten teeth: braces with braces and braces without braces.

And the archwire is truly a key tool in orthodontic braces. The structure of the archwire is long and thin, made from luxurious materials, stable for the body and securely mounted on the bracket groove. placed on the crown of the tooth.

During the treatment period, the dentist will continuously apply pulling force to the archwire in order to straighten the teeth to the desired position. The arch wire will be trimmed to fit the length of the wearer’s jaw to avoid discomfort and limit damage to the surrounding soft tissue area.

  •  Stage of tightening the bowstring

Teeth tightening is the practice of moving teeth to desired areas to help align teeth better by changing the wire for the patient so that it is tightly tied to the tooth according to the changing trend of the tooth.

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When will braces not be painful or uncomfortable?

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Do braces cause pain? What is the worst stage when getting braces? 5 stages when performing braces

In essence, the process of oral shaping occurs without any invasion of the jawbone, gum tissue and teeth, except in special situations such as pulling impacted teeth. Therefore, when asked whether braces hurt, the answer is yes, but within everyone’s threshold of tolerance, it never hurts as horribly as people say.

Choose the appropriate braces

There are many types of braces on the market for you to choose from. With the current state of our teeth, each of us has different types of braces suitable for each person.

If you choose regular braces, which have elastic bands fixed in the brackets, their elasticity is less likely to hold for a long time. Meanwhile, the decrease in elasticity will cause the archwire to put more pressure on the teeth, causing hot pain.

You can choose metal braces, transparent braces, lingual braces, ceramic braces, etc. Depending on your oral health condition, a good dentist will help you choose the appropriate type of braces, minimizing Pain is reduced to a minimum

Braces are performed by a good dentist

Not all dentists who complete specialized dental courses and work in dentistry make good dental surgeons.

Moreover, this is not a simple dental technique, so to be a good orthodontist, one must at least meet three standards of knowledge – qualifications, practical experience and dignity. job

The patient’s bone base and teeth are good

If the client’s bone base and teeth are strong, they will be able to accept the pressure from tooth traction during orthodontics. At the present time, we will not feel too much pain. 

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How long does it take for braces pain to go away or gradually decrease?

So how long does it take for the pain to go away after braces? Normally, the feeling of pain during orthodontics will last from 7 to 10 days. However, the pain is only really greatest in the first 2-3 days. In the following days, as the body gradually adapts to the pressure exerted on the teeth, the level of pain will gradually decrease and stop completely.

5 stages when performing braces

Do braces cause pain?
Do braces cause pain? What is the worst stage when getting braces? 5 stages when performing braces

Cosmetic orthodontics takes a long time to be effective. For every orthodontic case, you should go through the following 5 stages:

Stage 1: Pre-orthodontics

In the pre-oral orthodontic period, the dentist will stretch the ligaments around the teeth by attaching them without intermediaries to the teeth, brackets and archwires with elasticity. Next, to create leverage to shape the pulling force so that the teeth are more likely to change, the dentist should sew braces between the teeth to create distance. In situations where the distance between two teeth is too close, it is necessary to install interdental elastics.

Stage 2: Evenly spread teeth

The dentist will replace the previous braces with larger sized brackets and wires to rotate the tooth axis and flatten the dental arch evenly. This period usually takes 2 – 4 months.

When teeth change, we will be less able to perceive them with the naked eye. If it is difficult to change the tooth axis to the correct jaw arch, it is necessary to extract or cut the teeth.

Stage 3: Closing the space in braces

The dentist will pull the canines and incisors to fill the gap of missing tooth number 4 based on the archwire sliding solution. At this time, the dentist’s ability is most clearly demonstrated because poor skills can cause the tooth root to eject from the jawbone.

If you do not need to have your teeth extracted, just correct the misaligned teeth and move on to the next step.

Stage 4: Correct the bite

The process of straightening teeth into the correct position will cause the bite to be misaligned, so it is necessary to correct the bite during the orthodontic process.

The dentist will adjust the bite of the upper and lower jaws so that the chewing force meets standards and is more evenly distributed. That is also the reason why orthodontics not only helps shape your teeth but also repairs the jawbone, making your face much more harmonious and harmonious. .

Stage 5: Fixation and removal of braces

The dentist will remove the wires, brackets and trays from your teeth. Next, perform a thorough cleaning and polish your teeth for bright, healthy teeth. If you face a dental condition after braces, you need to treat it immediately.

Since the orthodontic removal, you still need to wear a retainer to ensure that your teeth do not move back to their original position, affecting the orthodontic process. In the beginning, you should constantly wear a retainer. Next, you can reduce the number of times based on your health check and your dentist’s instructions.

What is the worst stage when getting braces?

It’s easy to see that the third period – space closure in orthodontics is really the worst period. The vast majority of people find that talking and eating are difficult because the braces are stuck and stuck in the mouth. Even, there are situations where you are hurt, your cheeks are sunken, your temples are sunken.

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Pay attention to oral care after braces

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Do braces cause pain? What is the worst stage when getting braces? 5 stages when performing braces

Proper oral care and hygiene is important for all customers, whether they are wearing or have had braces removed. However, many customers do not comply with these rules, leading to yellow teeth and oral health problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis…

To have bright white and healthy teeth after removing braces, you need to note the following:

– Continue to use a toothbrush with thin, soft bristles to clean both the inside and outside surfaces of your teeth, to remove food particles on your teeth.

– Follow your doctor’s instructions to brush your teeth properly, focusing on cleaning the outside of your teeth by rotating from top to bottom to remove remaining food particles.

– Use dental floss to clean between teeth, with a compact design that helps you reach and clean plaque between teeth.

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