Why should you get braces? What is the age to get braces?

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Why should you get braces? Braces are an effective orthodontic measure, helping to improve teeth defects such as buck teeth, thin, broken, misaligned teeth… However, many people wonder what age they should get braces and why they should get braces. Try to find the answer from the information below!

Why should you get braces?

Why should you get braces?
Why should you get braces? Can I get braces at 40 years old? What is the age to get braces?

Braces are a method of using dental appliances to help correct the defects of buck teeth, underbites, gaps, crooked teeth… helping to make the teeth even, beautiful, with a standard bite, bringing confidence to the patient.

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What is the age to get braces?

The best time for fixed orthodontics is within 2 years after puberty begins because this is the age when the body is still developing and the jawbone is not yet fixed. Dentists advise patients to get braces early, the appropriate age is from 12 to 16 years old.

Braces for teeth

Orthodontics is one of the most popular treatment solutions for buck teeth today. This is a physical way of using brackets and wires that are attached to the teeth. These brackets and wires will be modified to stretch and guide the teeth into the correct growing position.

Sparse braces

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Why should you get braces? Can I get braces at 40 years old? What is the age to get braces?

Orthodontics with automatic metal braces: this type of braces has a remarkable change compared to old solutions. At that time, rubber bands were replaced by automatic latches. This pin has an assigned job no different from tying elastics, helping to stabilize the archwire in the bracket groove.

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Braces grow misaligned, crooked, and crowded together

Crooked teeth are a condition in which teeth grow together on the jaw, criss crossing each other, causing loss of aesthetics. In addition, crooked teeth also affect chewing and swallowing, and oral hygiene also becomes more of an obstacle.

This leads to tooth decay and gingivitis in the long term, leading to tooth loss. The important thing is that crooked teeth have a great impact on the patient’s mood, making them always feel self-conscious in conversation.

Currently, there are many methods of straightening crooked teeth that you can learn about such as:

Metal braces

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Why should you get braces? Can I get braces at 40 years old? What is the age to get braces?

Metal braces are a way to shape your teeth using appliances including metal brackets and wires. These appliances will apply force to each tooth and bring them to the correct position on the jaw, helping to have beautiful teeth with a harmonious bite.

There are two types of metal braces: traditional braces and automatic metal braces. In there:

  • Traditional braces: this type of braces will have a common wire system to fix the wire in the bracket groove. This is a commonly used type of braces, providing good oral shaping results.
  • Automatic metal braces: this type of braces has a remarkable change compared to old solutions. At that time, the elastic band was replaced by an automatic latch. This pin has the same assigned task as the elastic band, helping to fix the archwire in the bracket groove.

Underbite braces

Underbite is a common misalignment and can be simply corrected with braces. No matter which braces method you choose, the most important thing is to choose a reputable braces location and a highly skilled doctor to ensure the best results.

Braces for open bite teeth

What is an open bite? Or what is an open bite? These are common questions that patients have researched since being examined and determined to have committed this condition. Because in reality, very few people understand and have clear information about this disease.

An open bite, also known as an open bite, occurs when the upper and lower jaws of the teeth cannot touch the front or back of the mouth when the jaw is fully closed. This often creates gaps in the structure between the teeth, including making the tongue more visible even when the jaw is at rest.

According to experts, an open bite can be treated and changed. However, patients need to be accurately diagnosed with the phenomenon, progression of open bite and the cause. This helps the dentist come up with the most reasonable and effective treatment solution.

The period when an open bite forms

During this time, the dentist will make an assessment about the reason for the open bite. From there consider directions for improvement. Such as:

  • Children with bad habits will suggest improvement solutions or support methods that parents can use for their children.
  • If an open bite is made up of bone, the dentist may prescribe the use of jaw extensions to help widen the jaw and help the two jaws close together. When the open bite has formed

Based on the ongoing phenomenon of open bite, the dentist can offer the following clear treatment options to the patient:


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Why should you get braces? Can I get braces at 40 years old? What is the age to get braces?

Braces with metal brackets will be put into use and need to have 3 real goals:

  • Wide enough for the incisor arch of the upper jaw.
  • Collapse of molars.
  • Helps to extrude the front teeth of both the upper and lower jaw. Normally, metal braces will help increase tightening force and straighten the teeth. From there, creating a perfect bite without creating negative effects on tooth structure and affecting the patient’s physical condition.

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What age is most suitable for braces to achieve satisfactory results?

In particular, the golden time for the best braces effect is from 12 to 16 years old, when permanent teeth have just been completely replaced and the teeth are in the stage of development and maturity. This golden period not only gives satisfactory braces results but also helps shorten the braces time.

Orthodontic braces for children from 6 – 11 years old

The trainer alignment function (trainer alignment) is a type of dental guidance device, used during oral shaping for children from 3 to 15 years old, helping to treat early bite and bite errors. teeth in children (including in the period of baby teeth and mixed teeth).

The method of shaping the mouth with a trainer jaw is really effective when it can prevent harmful effects of the lips, cheeks, and tongue on the growth of the teeth; thereby preventing misalignment of the teeth in the future and guiding the teeth to grow in the correct position.

Wearing a trainer jaw is said to be a pre-step in shaping a child’s teeth, helping to shape the child’s teeth in the future more smoothly and in all aspects, limiting tooth extraction and helping the child adjust to repetitive actions. negative effects on teeth.

12 – 16 years old is the best time to get braces

Dentists advise patients to get braces early, the appropriate age is from 12 to 16 years old. When children are in the stage of replacing baby teeth, stabilizing permanent teeth, the body is developing smoothly for molding, giving quick results with the maximum shortening of braces wearing time.

17 – 35 years old can still safely get braces

However, because in adults, the bones and teeth are no longer soft and the bones are fully developed, so the effectiveness of braces may not be as perfect as when they were teenagers. However, today the issue of age is no longer so important due to many modern technologies and orthodontic techniques.

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Can I get braces at 40 years old?

According to today’s perspective, the appropriate age for orthodontics is 6 – 8 years old. However, if due to financial reasons you cannot get braces early or are just now seeing the impact of straight teeth, or simply want to makeup your teeth and gain self-confidence in conversation, You still have the opportunity to have orthodontics when you are older.

Notably, when you have entered the u40 threshold and want to change the aesthetic appearance of your teeth with orthodontics, it is still possible as long as the tooth support structure is still good, that is, the jawbone and gums meet strong conditions to teeth change according to the dentist’s schedule.

For people over 40 years old, it requires 3 or 4 times more patience than younger people. Because at present, the jaw bone structure is sustainable and complete. Therefore, with orthodontics, changing the tooth roots will be more difficult and time-consuming compared to orthodontics at a young age.

Benefits of determining the age of braces and getting them done early

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Why should you get braces? Can I get braces at 40 years old? What is the age to get braces?

When starting braces early, the doctor will promptly affect bone development so that the child has a balanced and deformed facial skeleton. In addition, getting braces early also increases the chance of achieving an ideal bite, and all dental problems can be improved if treated early.

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In order to confirm that the orthodontic age is appropriate, choosing a highly reputable dental clinic to organize dental correction and braces is extremely important. If the dentist is not good, it is likely that the oral reshaping effect will not be as aesthetic as you expect. Beamdental is proud to be one of the many areas that highly appreciates the value of aesthetic orthodontic practice. 

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