When should I get braces? 8+ effects of braces

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When should I get braces? When to get braces and whether braces are really the right decision is a concern for many customers who are in need of orthodontics. Although braces are a highly effective method, there are important things to pay attention to before using them. So when is the most appropriate time to get braces?

When should I get braces – Should I get braces?

Should orthodontics be done? Is orthodontic treatment good or not? This is a headache for many people before getting it done. In addition, let’s see what orthodontics can do below to get more orthodontic inspiration for yourself:

  • Increase facial aesthetics and sharpness
  • Orthodontic solutions help change the phenomenon of crooked teeth, protruding teeth, underbite teeth, etc. In addition, it also helps change teeth to the correct position, without creating gaps between teeth together.
  • Improve the phenomenon of teeth with malocclusion: Orthodontics can help improve the phenomenon of teeth with malocclusion very effectively. Thereby, the assistant crushes the dish easily and quickly. We will not have to worry about tough or hard foods like before.
  • Ensuring oral safety from the influence of bacteria that cause dental diseases: An extremely key benefit that orthodontics brings is to help protect the teeth from the influence of bacteria.

Because if your teeth are crooked or have a misaligned bite, cleaning and taking care of your teeth during orthodontics will be extremely difficult. This allows bacteria to increase, causing bad breath, tooth decay, and gingivitis. Therefore, orthodontics brings many benefits to the teeth, notably a brighter, brighter smile.

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What effect do braces have?

Braces help treat dental conditions such as overbite, underbite, gaps, and misalignments, helping to improve oral aesthetics and chewing function. After finishing the braces process, you will have a balanced bite, regular teeth and a confident smile.

Increase the aesthetics of the entire jaw

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When should I get braces? How do braces change the face? Can braces help make the nose taller?

Since orthodontics, you not only have beautiful teeth and a self-confident smile, but your face also becomes more harmonious, harmonious, slimmer and more delicate.

Improve chewing function

Orthodontics helps improve bite errors such as open bites, cross bites, opposing bites… Therefore, since braces are completed, chewing function has improved quite a lot, we can easily pound food, Helps absorb nutrients easily, limiting gastrointestinal diseases (stomach pain).

Oral care and hygiene is easier

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When should I get braces? How do braces change the face? Can braces help make the nose taller?

With straight, even teeth, we can easily remove plaque on our teeth and prevent oral diseases such as bad breath, gingivitis, periodontitis…

Say no to dentures

If you are missing a few teeth, orthodontics can help close the spaces without needing to make dentures. The enjoyment of chewing on a set of teeth will definitely be more complete than on dentures.

Prevent dental diseases in young children

With beautiful teeth, we will feel more confident and comfortable when smiling and communicating with people. For young children, early orthodontics will help make the orthodontic time when they grow up more comfortable, limiting their anatomy. The highlight is avoiding children being timid, feeling guilty or having a stinging feeling in one arm.

Braces improve digestive disorders well

Teeth are the first part of the digestive system, with the ability to bite, chew, and break down food before moving on to the next parts. Orthodontics helps correct misaligned bites and misalignments, helping to enjoy chewing more conveniently and best.

Improving pronunciation helps you communicate confidently

Speech is affected by the lips, teeth and tongue. Teeth that are uneven, crowded or misaligned also affect the voice. Therefore, when orthodontics shapes our teeth so that they grow straight, we will be more likely to pronounce correctly.

Change facial appearance

When should I get braces?
When should I get braces? How do braces change the face? Can braces help make the nose taller?

If you have ever encountered the situation of buck teeth, underbite teeth and names like: “Enjoying papaya does not have to be with a spoon, the teeth go first, the person gently follows… “will disappear when you have orthodontics.

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How do braces change the face?

Does orthodontics change the face? This is also a question that many customers follow. Orthodontic surgery to change the face is an inevitable problem. Although orthodontics will change the face, it will be for the better. Having beautiful teeth and a shining smile will make you successful in life.

Before treatment, the patient’s face will have a protruding lower jaw, concave upper jaw, and there may even be cases where pronunciation is impaired. After braces, the upper jaw will be brought out, the lower jaw will be pushed back in, causing the face to change significantly, the nose will look higher, the lower jaw will be slimmer, the corner of the nose and lips will not be obtuse but will become more pointed.

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When should I get braces? How do braces change the face? Can braces help make the nose taller?

How does the face before and after braces change for each specific case?

The face before and after orthodontics will change the face. Usually, orthodontics makes the face smaller and more harmonious, so we will find the answer to the question of whether we should have orthodontics or not. For each tooth defect, orthodontics will change the face in a different direction.

Changes before and after braces in case of underbite

When viewed from the side, the face appears concave. When closing the mouth, the lower jaw will cover the teeth of the upper jaw. The changes before and since orthodontic treatment have caused specific changes to the face. The bite becomes better after braces, the face will look slimmer and more beautiful

Changes before and after braces in cases of buckling or buckling

Changes in the face before and after orthodontics are most likely in the lips. For example, in people with buck teeth, the upper teeth move forward, causing the lips to become protruding, and the lip position in the canine area also expands, causing the lips to lack definition. During orthodontics, pulling the upper and lower jaw back helps the lips stop being upturned.

Changes before and after braces in case of open bite

An open bite will make the face look long, notably the lower face is unbalanced with the upper facial layers, the upper lips are flared, and the smile line is often horizontal, making the smile look quite stupid. The front face and after orthodontic treatment will be aligned to the most aesthetic standards in addition to naturally closing the tooth gap.

Changes before and after braces in cases of misaligned, crooked, or crowded teeth

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When should I get braces? How do braces change the face? Can braces help make the nose taller?

Often the faces of individuals with many teeth and crooked teeth create the feeling of many teeth in the mouth.

After orthodontics will help narrow the jaw by pulling the teeth into the correct jaw. From there, the mouth becomes harmonious and no longer wide. At the same time, it helps the nose angle look more harmonious and slimmer.

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Answering some questions about cosmetic braces

Should I get braces if I have an underbite?

According to the dentists at the center, having an underbite can be corrected orthodontically. But actually, depending on the condition of the underbite, the treatment will be different. For example, if you have an underbite due to your teeth, orthodontics is an effective solution that your dentist recommends.

Can braces help make the nose taller?

According to oral shaping specialists at the global center, orthodontics does not affect the nose during oral shaping. Because whether the nose is high or low will depend on the rise of the cartilage. Therefore, whether orthodontics will make the nose escalate, the answer is no.

Where is a reputable, cheap braces address?

Close to the category of whether orthodontics should be performed or not, locating highly rated orthodontic areas also receives a lot of attention. Because if you choose the right dentist, it will help effectively with cosmetic and orthodontic treatments without pain, at an affordable cost, without any worries.

So where is the highly rated orthodontic place you can see the next part? You can contact beamdental for consultation. Nowadays, beamdental is a highly trusted and valued dental beauty facility with heart as its core. Not only does beamdental have a group of well-qualified doctors and dedicated personnel, but beamdental continuously changes and improves orthodontic equipment and techniques every day.

The price of orthodontics at beamdental will depend on the type of orthodontics you use. Not only that, with many incentive programs, you also receive many discount opportunities, helping to lower orthodontic costs to record lows.


Thus, the question “When should I get braces?” was answered in detail and clearly. Deciding to get braces is an important decision and should be discussed carefully with your dentist. Some situations where braces may be considered include bite problems, gaps between teeth, and jaw-related problems.

However, there is no quick rule for deciding when to get braces, as each case has its own unique factors. The most important thing is to listen to your dentist’s advice, discuss with your family and consider carefully before making the final decision.

Braces can give you a great smile and confidence, but don’t forget that the process also requires commitment and special care to achieve the best results.

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