How Long Does Dental Implant Take? Dental Implant Technique Using Medical Standard 2024

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How Long Does Dental Implant Take? Dental implants are a technique for reshaping missing teeth that can be said to be the most perfect today. Both aesthetics and implementation time are much better than other methods of denture implantation. So how long does a dental implant take? What does this time depend on? How does the dental implant technique meet medical standards? Let’s find out with Bedental right below this article!

What is tooth implantation like?

How long does dental implant take?
What is tooth implantation like? How long does dental implant take? How to shorten implant implant time?

Dental implants are a remarkable innovation in dentistry with the goal of replacing lost teeth. Thanks to implant technology, the fear of losing aesthetics when losing teeth is no longer a scary problem. Implants are a way to replace one or more lost teeth with aesthetic shaping and excellent chewing function.

Implant technique is a method where the dentist will use titanium posts to create artificial tooth roots that are firmly embedded in the bone. The goal of this is to use abutment to support the crowns to create an aesthetically pleasing shape.

Only when the tooth post is suitable for the jawbone can the process of wearing a porcelain crown or bridge be carried out. Therefore, implants are suitable for most situations, from losing one tooth, many teeth to the entire jaw.

How long does dental implant take?

How much does teeth whitening cost 51
What is tooth implantation like? How long does dental implant take? How to shorten implant implant time?

How much time does it take to get a dental implant is a question asked by many customers. Because most people think that the longer the procedure takes, the more pain there will be. So how long does dental implant take?

Depending on many things, how much time an implant takes. Normally, it takes about 30 – 60 minutes to implant an implant. However, the waiting time for integration into the jaw bone is required to wait up to 6 – 14 weeks, or even longer depending on the current state of each of our dental health.


6 factors that directly affect how long it takes for an implant

How long an implant takes depends on many factors. As follows:

The skills of the doctor performing the implant

The dentist is the main implant practitioner. Therefore, the length of time it takes to implant dental implants depends on the skill of the dentist.

If dental implants are performed by a highly qualified and skilled doctor, the time will be much shorter than with a less skilled dentist. The reason is because they are so familiar with performing implants that all movements are extremely precise, limiting unwanted risks such as placing the post in the wrong place, misalignment, not being tight, etc.

Implant technology and supporting machinery

Whether or not implant placement is fast or not depends greatly on the infrastructure where it is performed. With the help of modern equipment, implant positioning will be faster and more accurate.

Thanks to modern dental implant technology and equipment, it also supports absolute safety for customers. A sterile post-operative room will avoid infection and cross-spreading to patients.

The patient’s oral health

How much time an implant takes depends on each patient’s oral health. The reason is because if you have dental disease, the grafting period will certainly last longer than for people with healthy teeth. Such as tartar, periodontitis, gingivitis, etc. More time will be needed for complete treatment to ensure the best results after implant placement.

In situations where teeth have been lost for a long time, it is very likely that the jawbone has been destroyed. It also means that the thickness is not enough to meet the conditions for a stable dental implant. At this time, the dentist must perform jaw bone graft surgery. Later, wait for the jawbone to stabilize before performing dental implants.

The ability to integrate the jaw bone of each body

How long an implant takes depends on the ability of the jawbone to integrate, depending on the customer’s constitution. Each customer will have a different integration time. It’s normal for some people to integrate quickly and for some to integrate slowly. Even though it’s the same type of post, some people have had it firmly established for two months and been able to have porcelain teeth installed. In addition, some people need up to three months to continue getting dental implants.

Type of implant used

There are many types of implants on the market that people can choose to use. Each type of abutment will have a different ability to integrate bone after grafting.

You need to consult a dentist to choose a suitable implant. Both to limit costs, ensure compatibility with today’s dental phenomenon and also to minimize implant placement time.

Oral care regimen after implant placement

Since getting a dental implant, you should pay attention to how you take care of your teeth. Follow your dentist’s instructions to avoid adverse changes that could cause the implant to be rejected. You need to remember to abstain from alcohol and drugs because it can prolong the implant placement time, as well as increase the possibility of implant rejection.

How to shorten implant implant time?

How much does teeth whitening cost 53
What is tooth implantation like? How long does dental implant take? How to shorten implant implant time?

The time for dental implant placement can be shortened assuming you apply the following:

  • Create oral hygiene habits according to the standards recommended by dentists since the dental implant is completed.
  • Choose highly rated dental clinics with a team of talented dentists and infrastructure to help promote dental implant progress.
  • Using a genuine, valuable and outstanding implant must suit your dental condition at this time. You should not use poor quality implants, even if they are of unknown origin, because if used conservatively, it will not be easy to escape the risk of infection, rejection or even prolong the implantation time.
  • If possible, dental implants should be placed after tooth extraction. You should not leave the empty space left by missing teeth for too long because it may cause the entire jaw to become misaligned and the jawbone to disappear. At this time, to have dental implants or implants, other techniques are required, and the implant placement time is prolonged.

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How long does the dental implant procedure take? Steps to implant dental implants according to medical standards

How much time does the implant technique take is what most customers are concerned about. Because you have to go through the steps of inserting the implant and then putting on the porcelain crown, it cannot be completed in one treatment.

Normally, the dental implant procedure and completion will take about 1 – 3 months depending on the type of implant chosen by the customer. In addition, the time it takes to add the jawbone to the implant will also directly affect how long the implant takes.

Below is the specific implant placement time for each time period in the implant placement method:

How much does teeth whitening cost 52
What is tooth implantation like? How long does dental implant take? How to shorten implant implant time?

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Step 1: Examination and planning for dental implants

The way to implant implants according to medical standards is for dentists to conduct extensive examinations. It can be an x-ray to explore and evaluate the thickness of the jawbone, and at the same time check to see if there is any dental disease. Examination time only takes 20 – 30 minutes.

  • Note:
  1. If the patient has tooth decay or gingivitis or a lot of tartar, the dentist will prescribe tartar removal and treatment of inflammation and decay before the implant placement. This will help prevent infections from occurring.
  2. If the teeth are misaligned due to tooth loss, or have receded deeply into the lost tooth position, the dentist will require oral reshaping to change the bite before the dental implant can be placed.
  3. If the jaw bone is greatly reduced, the dentist will request a jaw bone graft. Then wait until the jaw bone is added to the required thickness before the dental implant can be placed.

Step 2: Plan dental implant placement

Once the dental disease has been identified and treated, if any, and the patient meets the conditions for dental implants, the dentist will develop a specific strategy. Planning time will take 2-3 days. Next, we will discuss specifically with guests. If the patient agrees, the contract will be signed and the implant will be placed.

Step 3: Proceed with implant placement

To place an implant, the dentist will surgically place the implant into the jawbone. It will take about 20 – 45 minutes per pillar. How long the implant process takes will depend on the dentist’s skill.

At Bedental, the team of dentists is not only talented, but with the help of technical equipment, it will help shorten the grafting practice time. In just about 20 minutes, an implant was successfully inserted.

After inserting the implant, you should relax for about 30 – 60 minutes before returning home. After that, about 7 – 10 days later, you will return to the medical examination and treatment facility to accurately check the healing and integration of the jaw bone with the implant.

Step 4: Take an impression of the dental implant to make porcelain teeth

After placing the implant, the dentist will take a tooth impression to make porcelain teeth of the most standard size. The process of taking tooth impressions is relatively quick, but will depend on the waiting time for the implant to fit into the jawbone. If you are quick, after 1 month of placing the implant, you can proceed to take tooth impressions and make porcelain teeth.

Step 5: Attach the porcelain teeth and complete the dental implant process

Since the jawbone has integrated with the implant, the dentist will do the final job of implant placement by attaching the porcelain tooth to the implant. The time to attach porcelain teeth is relatively quick, only taking about 15 – half an hour per tooth.

How long after dental implant can I eat normally?

After having a dental implant, many people are concerned about when they can eat normally. In fact, implant surgery is just a minor surgery and will not affect eating much.

However, to protect safety and minimize unwanted adverse and risky changes, you should pay attention to the following issues:

– You should drink plenty of filtered water after implant surgery.

– Do not chew or mash food at the site where the implant is placed. The reason is because food is likely to get into the graft area, causing inflammation.

– If food is stuck in the newly inserted implant, remove the stuck food with dental floss, water pick, etc.

– You should avoid enjoying hot and spicy foods no more than the first 1-2 days after implant placement. This will help avoid reactions and swelling at the site where minor surgery was performed.

– If you have multiple implants in a period of time, you should eat porridge, drink milk or soft foods for the first 2-3 days. Only when the wound has completely healed can you use other foods.

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Where to get safe and quality dental implants?

Everyone knows that implant placement takes a lot of time, depending on the dentist’s skill and the help of technical equipment. For that reason, going to an oral health care center that is highly rated for its quality is extremely necessary.

Proud to be a valuable implant address with officially imported implants, Bedental is a dental clinic that many people value. The team of dentists are all good individuals, directly performing dental implants for many people. For that reason, the craftsmanship is very precise, leaving absolutely no room for any mistakes.

Before the dental implant procedure, the dentist will prescribe a general examination of oral health. This is an essential thing that cannot be missed to see if you should have dental implants at the present time or not. Therefore, everyone who had implants at Bedental achieved satisfactory results, with no complications.

In addition to professional service, Bedental also wins points with customers thanks to preferential pricing policies. Implant prices are publicly announced on the website, you can refer to them.

The above article has helped you answer the question: “How Long Does Dental Implant Take?“. Because it is almost impossible for children’s teeth to grow back, you need a suitable dental care regimen to best support your child. Contact Bedental if you want advice on appropriate methods to care for tooth decay in children, we will provide free help 24/7.

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